Moon musings… New Moon in Gemini.

May 26th

New Moon in Gemini

Gemini is an air sign that can teach us about balance, and also communication. Entering this Honey Moon it’s important  to watch out for mood swings, confusion, unbalanced feminine and masculine energy, and being too much of a ”gossip girl”.

With this Moon I feel we are entering summer and leaving spring behind, at least in my part of the world. Life energy is truly waking up and shining, the scent of lilacs is in the air, the days are longer and brighter, and our clothes start to come off! This is Moon month that might bring out the need for fun and games, and a bit of intimate fun too.

But don’t lose your head! Don’t make it all about the drinks, parties, and skimpy outfits. Your Soul is still yearning for a spiritual practice and being fed soul food to stay healthy and balanced.

Cards drawn for us with this Gemini New Moon energy in mind


Four of Pentacles + Two of Swords
How do you feel about the word responsibility? Are you sometimes tired of being a ”good adult”? Do you miss those days in your early 20’s when life didn’t really demand much from you? We’ve all been there, wanting to run away from all responsibilities, wanting to let our heart lead the way and only think about ourselves 100%…

But hey, some things are actually meant to stay a daydream, isn’t that so? We’re all into mindfulness these days, staying present in THIS moment… But at the same time, if we act irresponsibly never planning for the future we’re just going to mess it all up. Are you ready to sacrifice what you’ve built for years just to go nuts with a shopping spree? Kiss the night away with a hot latino guy without your husband knowing? Burn all your belongings to free yourself from materialism? Maybe start with one step at a time, don’t just throw the baby out with the bath water, eh? Heart and mind. Not always easy to balance, but that’s part of this funny human journey…

Medicine for the Soul

Rabbit – Reminds us to let lose in the Sun!

Citrine – Brings in the sunny energy into your Soul.
Carnelian – Amplifies creativity and creative passion.
Petrified wood – Grounds you when you’ve let loose a bit too much.

Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot – Perfect deck to bring out in the Sun and to the first beach visit of the year.
Animism Tarot – Connects us to fun animal energy.
Serpentfire Tarot – To bring in some magic from desert landscapes and bright, bold, masculine colors.

Journal prompts:
In what situations do you feel torn between your heart and your mind?
How can you act in a more balanced way when the above situations occur?
What are you passionate about right now and how can you bring more of that into your life?

Do you want to know more about working with Sister Moon? I recommend these courses: Lunar Flow by Moondaughter, and Moon Energy by Laura.

Tarot Thursday Three – Round 19!

For this round of Tarot Thursday Three I sent in three questions to Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot. I’ve been thinking about deck collections lately and I’m excited to see how other people answer these questions!

What feelings and thoughts does the concept of a ”tarot deck collection” evoke in you?

Mostly happiness! I’m a person that is rarely bored, I can basically entertain myself just sitting down in a sofa and daydream lol, BUT I do tend get bored with things and hobbies. I feel like I need a variety to stay interested – so for me it has nearly always felt natural to own more than one deck. In the beginning I mainly used the Goddess Tarot, RWS and Robin Wood. All three are kind of similar, but still add to the variety that I enjoy so much.

But I must say I sometimes get a slight feeling of guilt when I think about my deck collection. I have around 50 tarot decks and 30 oracles. And I can sometimes be like “Do I really need that many?” and I will feel guilty about not being able to use them all on a regular basis. Okay, we’ll get to that below…

Is there such a thing as owning too many decks, or not enough decks?

I can see two sides of this coin, especially when it comes to owning too many decks. I mentioned this above, is it a problem to not be able to use all of them on a regular basis? Honestly, no. If you have the space for them at home then it’s not a space issue. The decks don’t care if you use them or not so that’s not an issue. If it doesn’t financially cause a problem then it’s not a money issue either.

I think the problem can be a psychological spoiled need and craving for new decks. I think many people look for that “soulmate deck” and therefore acquire deck after deck always ending up disappointed. That’s not healthy if you ask me. Other people have a need for a new, shiny, fun things to keep their interest up, and after a few honey moon weeks they need something new to not get bored. Also not the best idea if you ask me, and especially for a beginner it can hinder learning tarot.

But really “too many decks” or “not enough decks” is an individual choice. For me, if everything I own somehow disappeared, I would go out and buy myself a RWS Centennial deck and it would probably take me a long time before I started to re-purchase decks in my current collection. I don’t NEED my 50 decks, I just find it fun to have that variety. Just like I don’t need a copy of my 10 favorite books, but I still have them in case I’d want to read one of them in 10 years or so.

The biggest problem is if someone cannot pay rent or buy food because all their money is spent on decks! Now that’s truly problematic.

But something that needs to stop is how some people imply that if you’re “truly spiritual” you have X amount of decks (whether this is 1000 decks or 1 deck). That’s just bullshit and dogmatic beliefs that does no good in the community.

Do you think the prevalence of deck images and sharing online creates a desire for more decks? Are you affected? How do you handle it?

I see two trends when it comes to this, and it also ties into question number 2. On one hand you have the people who will be loudly offended if someone brings up the subject of consumerism + big tarot collection. They will do the grumpy child/Donald Trump/Eric Cartman thing, stomping their feet, shouting “It’s MY money, I do what I want! No one can have opinions about what I do, it’s MY life and MY choice!!” and so on.

On the other hand I see people really bringing up the subject of how hard it feels to be tempted and enabled to buy more decks in some groups and forums. They long for less consumerism in the groups.

I guess I’m somewhere in between… Consumerism when it comes to anything is a big problem in this capitalistic world where we value things more than lives, and where some people think that spirituality means manifesting a fucking car or pool.

I do want to live in a modest way, I make a choice to not go by plane very often, use my bike, buy locally produced food, recycle trash, and don’t shop too much. I can honestly tell you that I, a 29 year old woman, own FOUR pairs of shoes. But I do have a big love for tarot decks and books, so the money I choose to spend does often go to those two things. I do try to stop myself from mindless deck shopping though. For a while I’d buy any deck that was pretty and I had seen two cards from, and I found that wasn’t healthy for me. It did not feel right.

I used to look through plenty of reviews of decks before buying them, but now I find that pointless. Someone else’s love for a deck won’t say anything about how well I will connect with it. So I put the videos on mute and just study the images myself before I decide if it’s worth my money/energy. I try to ask myself “What do I think and feel?” and I think everyone active in the tarot community should work on doing that more often instead of buying into what the tarot celebs on YouTube say.

I like seeing people share and gush over decks, but I find the purely consumerist comments to be off-putting. In some groups I’ve seen people who own tons of decks say things like “Oh no I have nothing new coming in the mail! What do I do?! Any suggestions on what deck to get? Hurry!”, and “Shit my wishlist only has 10 decks on it! I’m worried it will be empty soon!”. I find that very problematic and unhealthy. That’s not tarot love, that’s a shopping addiction.

Opinions, hate, and you get what you give.

The spiritual world is full of different authors, deck creators, public speakers, and so on and so on… Especially the ones that are viewed as celebrities get the biggest pieces of the cake. Well, the cake of success, money, fame, love, and also hate.

People wonder why Doreen Virtue gets so much “hate” online. Well, do you know why? First of all, because she is one of the most famous new age authors/deck creators out there! If you walk into an esoteric little shop, I bet you will see at least one deck or book by her, and that’s something that cannot be said about every author/deck creator out there, right?

She really does reach out to a big crowd, and I acknowledge that she has been meaningful to a lot of people out there, because otherwise her books and decks would not be sold in such large quantities! But it also makes her a target, because she is “everywhere”.

And the second reason she receives “hate” is that she is herself a very opinionated person. If you watch some of her videos you will notice that she herself has strong opinions about certain subjects. She has bashed other deck creators for making ”negative” decks, said that her tarot decks are the ONLY safe tarot decks, and very recently she even said that card reading is not approved by Jesus and encouraged people to get rid of their decks (the video was later deleted).

And I have to say: If you’re gonna dish it out you’re also gonna have to take it!

Look at Alana Fairchild and Colette Baron-Reid, they’re almost as famous as Doreen Virtue, but they don’t get half the “hate” that she does. Huh?

My theory is that it’s because they don’t voice their opinions the same way she does. Doreen is eager to say that tarot is not safe, or not good, because of this or that and Jesus and bla bla… She also has other controversial opinions, if we look at her recent controversies we see this clearly, we see her saying that Jesus doesn’t approve of working with ascended masters – but apparently faeries are okay?! For someone who is a fan of Doreen, or a Christian, this is quite a controversial and strong opinion to share out there – so naturally it will be met with questions and critique!

Butthurt people out there get upset when I openly say that I would never recommend a Doreen Virtue deck or book to anyone, saying that I am “not familiar with her work at all” and I’m only “judging and making assumptions”. Hehe. Now that’s an assumption though, isn’t it? That I haven’t researched her enough…? But okay, what is enough? I have watched through quite a few of her videos, as you notice above I know what she’s been preaching, but if someone means I need to spend MONEY on her courses, books and decks to voice an opinion? Umm no, of course I won’t do that! I’m not going to financially support a person I can tell by her free content does not appeal to me and my beliefs. I’m not swimming in money ya know.

I’m not out to bash Doreen Virtue, but this subject gets discussed sooo freaking often so I just had to share with you why I think she receives a lot of “hate” (sometimes it’s real hate, other times it’s just differing opinions). I understand that the big fans get offended sometimes, but I’m gonna say it again: If you’re gonna dish it out you’re also gonna have to take it.

Strong opinions will always be met with other strong opinions. And I think you’re underestimating Doreen if you think it hurts her to see people negative towards her content, I suspect she expects it and can handle it really well. So have some faith in her, people…

Learning tarot – guidance from within.


When we are beginners and just starting out with a new hobby or whatever it might be, we are often very insecure and unsure of doing it right. I bet we’ve all been there… Learning an instrument, learning how to drive a car, learning a new language…

And of course learning tarot can make anyone doubt themselves! 78 freaking card meanings?! And spreads? And symbolism? And numerology? Whoa!

But in a tarot group I’m a member of on Facebook I’ve been seeing so much doubt and fear lately, and I’m a bit worried. The tarot is a tool that is VERY versatile and can be used for tons of different things… But I do think most of us can agree that it’s a tool meant for us to tap into our intuition and psyche. So the irony is that people get a tool for tapping into their intuition – and start out asking everyone but themselves how to handle the cards!

Irony, I tell ya.

So why is there so much doubt for people when they’re told to use their intuition? Why are they so afraid they will “do it wrong” when there are no scientific instructions that come with a tarot deck?!

I mean, I know, one problem is that a bunch of whack jobs run around spreading myths and superstitions. I can’t tell you how many people have me on their block list just because I’ve told them off when they’ve spread stupid shit like “You need to follow the instructions!”, “You MUST connect with spirits!”, “You can NEVER buy your own deck!”, “Only you must touch your own deck or the magic dies!” etc etc… I just can’t with those people.

So okay, listening to those crazies is a big problem… And that’s something I really think we need to be more careful about in this day and age. Again, please remember that the tarot is a tool to get in touch with your own intuition! So why not start using that intuition as soon as you get your first deck?

Does it feel right to sage each card, clear the deck with 10 different crystals, sleep with it under the pillow, wrap it in silk and talk to it before the first reading? Then do it!

Does it feel right to just open the box, give the deck a good shuffle, and then try out a 3 card spread? Then do it!

You will yourself feel if something isn’t comfortable and feels wrong for you. Trust that feeling, it is what will teach YOU the beautiful language of the tarot. Eventually if you keep doing things that feel wrong you will either get sick of it and throw your deck away (and sadly miss out on the true healing and guidance that tarot can bring!), or you will feel like you can’t fake it anymore, start doing it the way your intuition calls you to, and you’ll need to change everything you’ve forced yourself doing for many years.

Don’t waste your time – Your Soul knows what the tarot is and how you can be tuned in with this beautiful tool. Trust yourself, you’re wise beyond words – don’t let anyone make you doubt that.

Moon Musings… Full Moon in Scorpio.


On the 10th of May, Wednesday, the Full Moon will be lightening up our night sky…

We associate The Moon with water, and Scorpio is also associated with water. So this is a Full Moon that might get your emotions amplified!

I’ve found Scorpio to be a very fiery sign despite having its roots in the element of water. Dramatic, intense, passionate, and magnetic… But at the same we need to keep that water in mind! So a balanced Scorpio also brings qualities of being perceptive, resourceful, therapeutic, and loyal.

You might not automatically notice that your intuition is sharper during this Scorpio Full Moon, but know that it is, and make use of it. It’s a good time to dig into new spiritual territory, or go deep into meditation, journaling and of course; shadow work.

Cards drawn for us with this Scorpio and Full Moon energy in mind


Queen of Rods + 13 Death
Why do you tell yourself that your emotions are not real? Not true? Not worth expressing? Throw away those harmful thoughts, please! It’s time to step up your game of self-love. It’s time to step up simply being YOU.

Let this Full Moon cleanse you, charge you up, encourage you to really get out of your insecure shell and show the world who you really are. Let their IDEAS of you die, let their assumptions and shit talk die, and just let their words echoing in your head die. You are the one living your life, and if you let someone else control it – then you’re hardly living at all… Seriously, it’s time to shine and stop hiding. The Full Moon in Scorpio marks the first day of your new life.

Medicine for the Soul

Horse – Strong will and seeking freedom.

Clear Quartz – Opens up the Crown Chakra.
Selenite – Connects you to The Moon and Source energy.
Smoky Quartz – Protects and gives you a feeling of mystery.

Ludy Lescot – Dramatic scenes and all about the shadows.
Vision Quest – Healing imagery, and brings out the shamanic qualities in you.
Sacred Rebels Oracle – To help you tune into yourself.

Journal prompts:
How can your ego be balanced during this Full Moon?
Think of a recent moment you’ve been moody or lashed out on someone. What transformation is needed to deal with a future similar situation in a better way?
Where is your energy overflowing and where is it better needed?
Who can you connect better with, and how?

Sharing my journey…

As you know I have been going back and forth on what I want my ”online presence” to look like, for me to feel comfortable and also a bit more organized. I’ve done some thinking and this will be my intention with my social media platforms:

Etsy shop
Well, obviously my shop where you can see what readings I offer. Pretty basic hehe.

I will continue making videos on my channel, but the focus will be to talk about and show cards, and keep it kind of light-hearted. I’ve noticed I am comfortable sharing deeper spiritual insight, and personal stories, in written form, but not on video. So I’m thinking I’ll be sharing seasonal decks, current favorites, and tarot tags on my channel.

This blog
I love writing, and I love sharing insights about life and spirituality. So the blog will be the place where I do this, without censoring myself much. Here you will see me write about everything from rants, poetry, spiritual insight, personal thoughts and opinions, and so on… The focus will be on spirituality, so there won’t be like food posts or similar, but I will keep this kind of open for anything that might pop up in my head when I feel like writing.

I will keep sharing photos of my morning draws, spreads, pretty cards, and other spiritual tools. What’s new is that I want to start sharing intuitive insights prompted by a card draw. I will use the cards as a muse or prompt to share whatever comes through at the time. So it’s not really meant as a reading for someone/everyone, more as a message I’m called to share. To separate it a bit from my other posts on Instagram I want to find a little name for these posts, so we’ll see what I come up with…

So there we go, that’s the plan! For the deeper stuff and if you feel like reading, come see me at the blog. For the more light-hearted card stuff go see Instagram and YouTube. And for a reading go see my Etsy shop (I have a coupon code that is active until 20th of May: SPRING2017 so don’t forget that if you want to save a little bit when purchasing a reading).

We are not born teachers, we become teachers by LIVING.

I see so many people living in fear around me. Fear of life. They sometimes choose to project that fear onto me, bringing up “mistakes” I made many years ago, calling them “stupid” or saying I “wasted time”.

I just laugh. Or sigh. How can they not see that life is made up of those situations that might seemingly look like mistakes?

Who would I be if I had never made a mistake during the almost 30 years I’ve been in this body, in this life? If I had been afraid of taking a leap of faith? If I had not followed my heart? If I had never been hurt?

I can tell you because I know: I would’ve been a stupid child.

Immature. Childish. A bit spoiled. Confused. Shallow. That was me before all those ”mistakes”.

That ex of mine they laugh at and make disgusted faces at asking “Oh he was such an asshole, and ugly {because that matters…?}, how could you stand him for 6 months?!” – he hurt me in so many ways. But that relationship taught me how strong I am. That I can heal, even when my body, mind and heart have been shattered. He taught me boundaries and I taught him boundaries in return – all because of a situation where I was the victim and he was the perpetrator. The Power of our roles were almost switched many moons later when he apologized. Yes, he did for real actually, and I could forgive. And I could move on, knowing how it feels to be the victim of, and later forgive, sexual assault.


That career I let go of in 2011. They see it as failure and think I should’ve persisted and kept trying. Huh, to completely burn out and destroy my mental health I had worked so hard on restoring? To end up on sick leave for years? Stepping out of that destructive occupation taught me how important my health is, and how important my happiness is. And that I really don’t give a fuck about money.


That man I broke up with two years ago. Oh he was so good on paper! Tall, blue eyes, dark hair, proper, well-educated, and made lots of money. “All couples end up just being friends sooner or later! You won’t find someone better you know!”… Oh dear. Again I was taught about how happiness, love, and a true bond is on the top of my list. Again any mention of money would make me think “Fuck off with the money crap!”.


So yes, there are so many moments in my life that someone might see as mistakes or failures. Someone looking in from the outside. But the thing is; I look out from the inside. I know how my inside has been filled up with wisdom, knowledge, healing, guidance, enlightenment… I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

And is anything truly a mistake if you would not want to be without it?


Tarot Thursday Three – Round 17!

Do you have certain decks that you only use for specific purposes?

Hmm. No, not really? There are decks I tend to use more often for a specific purpose, like the Ludy Lescot that I mostly use for shadow work and inner child healing, but I can definitely use those decks for other purposes too.

During very rare occasions I will do what you’d call spells, and so far I’ve stuck with my good ol’ RWS for that. It has a magical feel to me, and knows me so well. But I use that for any kind of reading too so it’s not only when working with “magic” or rituals.

There are some decks that I find it very unlikely I’d use when reading for someone other than myself though. Nicoletta Ceccoli, Mary-El, Tarot of the Sidhe come to mind here… But for the longest time I thought I’d never use the Starchild for someone else, but then I offered an online friend a reading, and since she loves the Starchild and uses it a lot herself it kind of made sense to try it out on her. And it worked beautifully! So sometimes it’s worth a try.


When reading for another, in person, do you have them shuffle the deck at any point? Why or why not?

Yeah, sure! I don’t often do face to face readings, but when I do I like them to shuffle. It’s not super important though, some people are very uncomfortable with how big tarot cards are and don’t want to mess up the deck lol. But I do insist they cut the deck in whatever way they want before I start to draw the cards.

As a reader, what would make you (or why do you) seek intuitive services of another?

I have on several occasions purchased readings from other readers online. There are many reasons for this! I want to support the community and small businesses, I want to learn from others (you can learn a lot by seeing someone else read for you!), and I find it important to come out of my own head/heart sometimes, especially when it comes to certain subjects.

I think I purchased my first online reading 3 years ago (I had done exchanges before that though of course) from Kelly-Ann Maddox. And since then I’ve done it every now and then. I had kind of an uncomfortable reading experience a while back though, so I can admit I’m a bit turned off trying new readers at the moment. I have a couple I’d go to if I really needed a reading from an outside perspective, but yeah, right now I feel like I want to rely only on my own intuition and Soul.

Breaking up with greed.

They are visualizing, drawing and painting artwork showing their ”dream life”. Putting notes with their money plans in special jars. Making themselves turn blue in the face from mentally working so hard on believing that they are deserving of more money.

Often they disguise this as a strong self-loving act. If you love yourself you see yourself deserving of that fancy car, right? Or that paycheck from the last month working only part time but still getting 5 000 dollars, eh?

No effort, but lots of money.


That’s the dream.

You’d think I’m describing the average random person out there in the western world. Well, I’m not. I’m describing a lot of people in the so-called spiritual community. They claim to be healers, true lovers of all humans, and lightworkers wanting to spread good vibrations all over Mother Earth and her creatures.

They pop vitamins to stay vegan because they love ALL creatures THAT much. They post daily reminders of how we must take care of everyone and everything on this planet. They create cute memes to show this off inbetween advertising for their overpriced courses and services.

But at the same time… They crave money, so badly. They want to travel the world, relax on warm beaches, with a pretty mala in one hand and a drink in the other (no alcohol of course! That’s almost as unethical as eating cheese, ya know.)…

And I wonder how this works out logically in their own confused minds? If you’re flying all over the world in planes dumping crap all over our Mother Gaia you’re not doing anyone a favor. If you spend hours wishing for, and dreaming about, cold hard MONEY… Is that time well spent? Really?

How dare they try to disguise it as self-love and “for a good cause” because every now and then they heal someone through a reading?!

If you have an apple and you’re three people having to share it for a meal. How do you make it so that everyone gets a whole apple to chew on?

You can’t. Because it’s impossible.

You need to split it in three for all three people to get as much apple. If you only give them one tiny slice each and take the rest, their pieces will not grow out bigger magically. They just won’t, you know this.

And that’s how money works.

If you have a wallet that is overflowing with money, it means that your fellow sisters and brothers are getting less of it. If there are rich people in a town, in a country, in the world – it means there are also poor people in that same place.

Cold hard money. Cold hard facts. Cold hard truth.

Stop hiding behind self-love and self-care, and “deserving” this or that, and “filling your own cup first”. Are you filling your cup with clean water to live? Or with champagne to get that luxurious feeling?

I stand by that manifesting more than you need is pure greed. And I’m NOT talking about working hard to get more clients and thus make more money, or charging for your services. I’m talking about sitting around doing spells and manifestation work to gain more money while doing basically nothing, while thinking you deserve it. There’s no exchange of energy there, it’s just manipulating The Universe and its laws into bringing your lazy ass fancy gifts.

I just cannot agree that this would be a lifestyle of someone calling themselves lightworker, healer, a lover of people. It just doesn’t make sense. It harms others, indirectly.

I made this video a while back, being skeptical towards the Law of Attraction and manifestation. But with this blog entry, a couple of months later, I now completely wave goodbye to those methods/philosophies. I don’t want to be associated with it in any way because it doesn’t stand for how I live my life and who I am.

Manifesting a better YOU is an amazing thing to work on, just like manifesting money if you need it to stay alive, to keep the roof over your head, to keep yourself fed while going through whatever crisis it is causing you to have no money… I even recommend that form of manifestation, for growing your soul, for surviving.

But manifesting cash because you want a prettier car, or to afford a cool birthday party, is bullshit.

I will start unfollowing people who do this, who stand for this, and I’ve slowly started already. And yes, I realize some people might feel offended by this (please ask yourself WHY this personal decision offends you, you can learn a lot by answering that…). But I cannot care about that at this point, because I feel so strongly about it. We should surround ourselves with good vibes, and I don’t want the greedy vibes. If I offend you, please remove me, and if you offend me, I will remove you. It’s simple logic.

I feel like me and the greedy world of manifestation/LoA were on a short break after a weird first date. But I’ve now come to the conclusion that it will never, ever, work out between us.

I feel good, I feel clean, I feel relieved. I feel authentic. I wish the same for you, whatever path you choose to walk on.

Tarot Thursday Three – Round 16!

Oops a bit behind again… Oh well, some interesting questions regarding cards and dreams for round 16 by Julia från Spiral Sea Tarot. Reminds me that it would be fun to start analyzing more dreams with the help of tarot/oracles… 🙂

Do you/have you ever used tarot for dream interpretation and if so, do you have a go-to spread?
Yes, but only very few times. I usually just need to sit and think about/analyze the Dream for myself to find out the messages. So no go-to spread for me. But if I remember correctly there were some good dream interpretation spreads over on Pinterest that I have tried.

Have you ever had a strange dream about the cards? Share your wildest/weirdest one!
I very rarely dream about the cards which is actually weird since I use them on a daily basis! I remember that a couple of weeks before the release of the Divine Circus Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, I was seeing some card images online and felt like “Nah, not my thing”. But then I had a very vivid dream when I was invited into the process of how the deck was created, and saw the “circus people” preparing for posing for the deck. It was kind of fun, and made me really interested in the deck, so of course I ended up getting it haha!

Do you keep cards or other tools close to your bed? If so, do you believe they have any impact to your sleep experience?
I nearly always sleep with a crystal under my pillow. I try out different ones to see how they affect me. I have insomnia since many years, and I am a light sleeper, so I’m looking for ones that are calming and help me sleep! Moonstone has been surprisingly calming and nice to rest my head on. Amethyst, ametrine, howlite, and blue chalcedony are also great in my experience!

Sometimes a deck ends up on my nightstand, but no I haven’t noticed any effects of that.

Oh and every night I drop some lavender essential oil on a porcelain small seahorse on my nightstand, since it’s a lovely scent before going to sleep. So comforting.

Haha ah man, can you tell I’ve been looking to improve my sleep?