Tarot Thursday Three – Second round!

Another round of Tarot Thursday Three with questions by the lovely Spiral Sea Tarot! Yay! I’m a bit late this time, but hey, better late than never? Hehe.

What do you do with a deck you don’t connect with?
Most of the time when I discover I don’t instantly click with a new tarot deck – I take a break. I let it sit on a shelf until I’m drawn to it again, and give it a second chance. I am actually a bit hesitant to get rid of decks I haven’t had for a long time, because it has happened many times now that the timing simply has not been right for me and a deck! I’ve let it rest for a couple of months, and then I’ve come back to it again suddenly getting readings that make sense and give clear messages, and I’ve started to adore the deck!

I really believe we’re sometimes not ready to receive a certain deck’s lessons, and subconsciously we know this. I don’t get stressed these days if a new deck isn’t giving me “accurate” readings, because it can take many months before I am ready to accept that decks messages. One of my favorites, The Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot, did not click with me instantly, but after we did I think we will be working together for maaaany years!

At times I will connect better if I study a deck, as in reading the guidebook or posts online about it, to understand the artwork and perhaps the creator’s thoughts behind it.

How long do you give yourself to connect with a new deck?
Hmm. It really depends on what feelings the deck gives me. I quickly got “yucky” feelings from the Wisdom of the Oracle by Baron-Reid, and just knew it was not a deck I was meant to work with, ever. So after a few readings I quite quickly traded it. I’ve had a few decks for almost a year now, and I’m yet to connect with them well. But it is also a question of having the time and energy for it! I have quite a big collection (50 tarot decks and 30 oracles), so sometimes I just don’t have the time to work with a brand new deck until my schedule calms down a little, and that of course prolongs the process of connecting with it.

What consecration ritual(s) do you use with new divination tools?
I have no set rituals. I know many people spend a lot of time and energy on saging, interviewing, blessing, full moon bathing, etc their decks… But I’m not one of them. I can be a bit of a non-woo woo person when it comes to this lol. In the end I don’t see my decks as alive (they hold energy yes, but they do not have a personality, feelings or opinions), I think the “magic” happens inside of me when I read with the cards, so I don’t feel the need to consecrate them since they are simply tools for my soul, subconscious, and my connection with Source. It’s more useful for me to sit and meditate or to sage myself, instead of the deck, before starting to get to know a new deck.

I have done the occasional deck interview and saging though. Simply because I felt like it! These days I do infuse my decks every now and then with Reiki energy, simply because I find it to be such an amazing energy to put in anything really, and I’ve liked how it has charged and programmed my crystals.

Everytime I get a new deck I do look through it though, to get some first impressions, and to see that no card is missing or is damaged.


The tarot closet…

Sometimes I think about the famous tarot closet. And where I stand; in it or not?

I have slowly started to come out of the closet, but I can admit that my family doesn’t know anything about me using tarot and oracle cards. Would they mind? To be honest, I think some of them would be curious and want a reading. Would anyone freak out and yell “That’s Satan’s cards!”? Hehe. No, I’m very sure that would not happen!

So why do I keep it a secret?

Simply to avoid nosy questions. Not all families are super tight, share everything, and talk for hours on the phone every day… We keep our distance, and we like it that way. So I choose to let my cards be my own little private thing.

Could they find out by googling? Yeah, probably. Do I care? Obviously not since I have chosen to reveal my real name and my face to the tarot world! It would be easy to just go by an alias and not say anything private, but I really find I’ve bonded so much better with the community since I let my real persona and identity come out, and I just love that.

When it comes to coworkers and friends I actually let the secret out fairly easily these days. Thankfully it’s rare in Sweden that people would judge a tarot reader to be a devil worshipper, evil, or similar. The only judgement I’ve noticed is that some people might view a tarot reader as one of three things: Gullible, plain stupid, or a scammer who does it to become rich.

When I tell people about my tarot hobby I keep it simple and actually do quickly add “I don’t see it as fortune-telling, I don’t believe everything in life can be predicted, but I think it can give good advice, connect me with something bigger and my own soul, and it’s also a great psychological self-development tool.”. It can be positive that Swedes often don’t know that much about tarot really, so usually they just nod and go “Oh okay, cool”.

I’m hoping that the people I tell see me as a normal, smart, person and understand that tarot isn’t something super out there and weird. That’s something to think about when coming out of the tarot closet – maybe it will help others understand the concept better!

My dream would be to rub off on a friend and get her to buy a deck and start studying the cards… Sigh. But it probably won’t happen. My friends are either Christians, huge skeptics, or honestly only interested in clothes/make-up/shoes/chick TV-shows… I might be one of few tarot readers who actually is glad to hear a friend want a free reading!

How much out of the tarot closet are you?

Tarot Thursday Three

The lovely Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot just started a fun blog exercise I’m definitely gonna be following in the future, she will post three blog post prompts every Thursday. I honestly find it a bit difficult at times to think of blog topics, so this is excellent! Here’s the first round:

How do you know when to stop shuffling?

Intuition haha! It usually feels like the deck all of a sudden gets much easier to shuffle, and then that last shuffle just comes naturally. I almost wish I had learned a certain amount of shuffles, and then stopped, because sometimes I feel I take too long shuffling the deck… And I don’t even like shuffling! I am the worst tarot card shuffler EVER, I swear. I often have several cards flying across the room and down on the floor sigh… Some people say they shuffle to calm themselves and they find it comfortable – I admit, I do not!

Have you ever had a spooky or supernatural experience while working with the cards? 

Hmm. To be honest I’ve sometimes found it a little bit spooky when the cards have been extremely accurate about a certain specific situation. Many years ago I predicted that a friend’s friend would make a woman pregnant, and about a week later he found out this was indeed true (well, technically she was already pregnant when the reading took place, but no one knew, not even the woman herself), and two weeks later told me about it. I don’t exactly strive to predict situations or uncover “secrets” so to speak, but sometimes the cards have a message that will come through anyway, so what do ya do?

I know some people say they feel like spirits live in their deck, or that faeries hide their decks, etc… But I’ve never had anything like that happen to me.

Is there a card that you still struggle to interpret at times (maybe even dread when it pops up!)?

Hmm… In certain readings I can have trouble with Judgment. It has a quite abstract and big meaning for me. The Five of Wands and Seven of Wands can feel quite similar to me, so seeing those two next to each other throws me off a bit.

Since most of my readings are written via e-mail I don’t get nervous if I don’t instantly understand what a card means in the reading. I just sit with it and make sense of it in my own time, eventually it always ends up making sense, especially after connecting it with surrounding cards and the question the reading revolves around.



Passion versus boredom.

As a child I would become obsessed with certain activities. Learning to play an instrument, to paint, take dance classes, take horseback riding classes… For at least a year or two in my teens I was seriously trying to convince my parents we could 1. Afford owning a horse. 2. I would definitely not lose interest in taking care of the poor creature!Thankfully, my parents knew my pattern… No horse was purchased and thank God for that! It would’ve taken a year or less for me to lose interest – I’m sure of it.

I was quite mad at them during this time, and same thing a couple of years earlier when I wanted to play the flute and they refused to buy me one and they let me rent one instead. I was a bit disgusted, who RENTS a flute? (Silly kid, as if they aren’t cleaned…)

Looking back, again… What a relief they did not buy me that God damn instrument! It was fun for a year. Then I was completely sick of it.

I’m sure many people grow out of this restless behavior that is quite typical to a lot of children, but I actually did not, at least not fully… I am still super passionate about something for a while, then I grow tired of it. Sometimes it lasts for a year, sometimes only for a couple of months.

The other day I was happily looking at my new Medicine Cards, and reading the introduction to the wonderful companion book. All of a sudden it hit me: What if I get sick of tarot, oracles and spiritual rituals? I glanced over at my hmm maybe 20 books about meditation, spirit guides, chakras, cartomancy… I thought of my +50 decks I have collected… My crystals and essential oils… “What if I sit here in two years, not the least bit interested in tarot or spirituality? And I think back at the money I have spent, and the TIME I have spent…”.

That thought scared me. Especially the part about time. Time is so valuable because unlike money you can’t get any of it back by selling your collectibles…

Eventually I did calm myself down. By remembering that NOW is all I have. I might be dead tomorrow. I might be a Jehovas Witness in a year (okay, probably not…). I might be single in two years. Or I might have three children in six years (oh Lord please, no!). I might just celebrate my 105th birthday one day… I simply cannot know – And isn’t this ironic considering that some people think that tarot readers can predict everything about the future? Hehe.

But really: If it’s meaningful today, and I am passionate about it right now, then that’s all that matters.

With that said, I would like to avoid losing my interest in tarot and spirituality just because I’m lazy and often look for “new and shiny” (not things, rather ideas and philosophies)… And consistency is probably key here. I’ve already had breaks from tarot and I remember my excuses of how “life got in the way”. Sometimes yes, life truly does get in the way, but often that is a story we tell ourselves when we would rather take a nap than do important soul work.

But what fuels and heals the soul in the long run?

If we only turn to tarot, ritual or prayer whenever it feels easy and fun to do so, we stop creating healthy Daily habits. Taking care of body, mind and spirit, should always be a daily focus point and each day should contain what is truly important for us(that’s true self-love).

That means sometimes having to be our own mother, and our own therapist. We need to be that mother saying “Okay, c’mon, you did commit to 100 days of meditation, and why would you let yourself down now that you’ve come so far? Just do it, and afterwards be proud of your own willpower! And have a cookie.”. And we need to let our inner therapist say “Why do you keep letting yourself down? You want to be the best version of you, and you have yourself decided that the best version of you meditates every day. So why are you not fulfilling your own wishes when you so easily can? Why are you hurting yourself like this?”.

I know for sure this is something I will be working hard to overcome in the near future. It really needs to be dealt with once and for all. And you know what actually motivates me? Looking back at my recent 3 years of intense tarot passion. Sure I had a break before that (and even one before that!), but I came back more passionate than ever before, and since then I have actually managed to stay consistent with my interest and growth regarding tarot, and I am damn proud of that. I know I can do it, and now it’s time to integrate it into other parts of my life.

Making tarot plans, pros and cons…?

In September I made a video about what decks I planned on using during autumn 2016. I felt it was really well thought out and well planned. And now I look back, and I admit… I used about half of the decks! Oops?

Some of the ones I did not feel very drawn to work with:
Impressionist Tarot
Steampunk Tarot
Hudes Tarot
Cheimonette Tarot
Tarot of Transformation
Native Spirit Oracle
Journey of Love Oracle

I adore most of them, but I just weren’t in the mood. One thing to consider is that I had an accident on September 15th, and I fractured my collarbone. One might think being in bed for two weeks equals lots of tarot studies, tarot readings and reading books… But hell no! I was in so much pain most of the time that I couldn’t concentrate on reading anything. All I did was watch old episodes of How I Met Your Mother, while half asleep… When I was on pain killers (ugh I hate pills) I was so off that again I could not concentrate… So a lot of my usual tarot study time did not happen for around 6 weeks actually, because I was in pain and the little energy I had went to surviving work and physiotherapy! So that was a bummer.

Now, the decks I actually did use a lot:
Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Goddess Tarot
Tarot of the Sidhe
Starchild Tarot
Divine Circus Oracle
Ceccoli Oracle

The two that stand out for me are the Starchild and the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. It’s almost been a year since I got my Starchild Tarot in the mail and I am still really surprised that I have come to love it as much as I do! It is a lot more versatile than I first thought. I’ve actually started reading with it for clients and friends, and I always imagined it would be one of those personal decks I’d save for my own reading. But no, it reads beautifully for others!

The Tarot of the Hidden Realm has been a lot more nurting, comforting, and healing than I could ever imagine. When I’ve felt down, hurt, stressed, hopeless, I’ve turned to this wonderful deck, and every time it has given me such important messages. Not fluffy and sweet, definitely not, but it delivers messages in a way that makes me feel like I have the power in me already and I just need to bring it out, it gives me that little push so that I’m able to do so.

I’m now working on a list for winter, since December is fast approaching! And it will be fun to see if I work with all of those decks…

I love making lists, and I love planning, but I for sure never force myself to follow these lists like a slave. During november I have felt very drawn to working with traditional/basic decks, so even though there is no RWS or New Palladini on my autumn list – they have been my main reading buddies for 3 or 4 weeks.

It’s fun to plan things, but anything can happen (like a fracture sigh…), so I always make sure I really go within to decide on what deck I need to work with. I’ve tried before to stick with one deck for a week, or even a month, and just… No. I can’t! As soon I decide ”Okay, now for a week I will ONLY use the Steampunk Tarot.” I’m instantly drawn to another deck! It’s like my own psyche is resisting authority from myself… Go figure… So plans, yes, but rules, no!


A scared tarot reader is not a good tarot reader.

I used to buy into almost everything the different associations, books, blogs and God knows what spread about tarot ethics (see my previous post for further ranting about this).

But then I stumbled upon Camelia Elias’ bad assery that is expressed in her book ”The Art of Reading” (and her blog Taroflexions) and she completely sticks out among most public tarot readers/teachers. One thing that really struck a chord in me was that she mentioned that we should not be judging our clients. When we say to them ”No, you can’t ask that.” we are judging them and their intentions, and the bond is immidately hurt between reader and seeker. And not to mention:

You are not their teacher. Not their mother. Not their judge.

Something that makes me cringe nowadays is hearing tarot readers say ”I don’t read on cheesy, childish, subjects like ’will I marry him?’ and such”. Again we see crystal clear judgement. Who are you to say it’s not important to have love and passion in life? Who are you to decide how much your client should care about her ex-boyfriend or not? Who are you to decide it’s childish to be hurt by the one thing that has inspired thousands of the best poets, artists and musicians: LOVE?

Ask yourself who you are to judge others, please do. Actually, ask your tarot cards, they might give you an interesting answer, eh?

While we’re on the subject… Do you even trust your tarot cards? I’m serious, ask yourself that. If you don’t – How can you charge money from others for something you don’t believe in? Now that’s an interesting discussion on ethics, isn’t it?

Trusting the cards is key in my practice. I would not feel okay charging for something I felt ”works sometimes. Maybe.”… Not that I pull the old BS about ”I give 99% accurate predictions!” of course, and I certainly don’t believe that anyone can interpret tarot cards correctly all the time, they’re simply too complex for that to be possible… But I trust that tarot gives good advice, healing, and guidance. Because I’ve experienced it myself, and witnessed so many others with that experience as well.

I see people saying they wouldn’t do a reading for a woman who is being abused by her partner. That’s both judgemental and distrusting of the cards. What are you afraid the cards will tell her? Do you really think they will say ”He’ll change soon, just hold on a bit longer!”? It’s seems as if many readers are afraid of not giving good advice if they use their cards to read on serious matters.

Most of us readers believe that the cards’ messages are connected with the collective conscious/subconscious, spirit guides, Divine Source, Goddesses, Gods, the Light, angels, the client’s soul, the mind… (Well, beliefs vary so I don’t know if I included it all…) But I don’t know anyone who believes that the messages come from a clearly evil place? A place that would encourage seekers to choose a situation where they get hurt?

So why so scared of actually asking the cards?

I participated in Elias’ class ”Cards and Magic” about a year ago and I am so happy I did, because she helped me leave a lot of fear behind.

A reader who does not trust the cards, who is afraid of not getting ”good” advice from the cards – well, that’s not a safe tarot reader. That’s a tarot reader who will start talking in clichés and pull stuff out of her/his own mind. This can of course be useful and good, but it’s not tarot reading, it’s closer to counseling or so-called life coaching. Do it if you want to, but don’t call it tarot reading. It is what it is.

I encourage everyone to expand their tarot practice, to let it grow, to let go of fear, and truly go for a tarot ride! You will not be disappointed.

Let’s end this post with one of my absolute favorite quotes from Camelia Elias, from her book ”Towards the Art of Reading”:

– In reading cards, the only rule is this: Pay attention to what the cards show you right here and now. Period. Demonstrate that you can actually see what stares you in the face. That’s all it takes.

You’re not ethically superior.

Ethics – a hot potato in the tarot community, isn’t it?

I support how a lot of groups and readers are trying to bring tarot into the mainstream eye, spreading information on how it works, and throwing away all those old myths built on fear. I love how it’s now more common to understand that tarot can be a very transformational tool, helping you grow internally, without letting the cards’ advice be in complete control of your life. The realization that tarot does not predict a fixed future and is rather a guiding light is now spreading, and that makes me a very happy tarot reader!

At the same time I’m seeing a new kind of fixed ethics spread around that rubs me the wrong way. Ethics being forced on every tarot reader out there, and if you DARE breaking them, you don’t have an ethical business or whatever…

To put it simply, right out there on the table: You do not tell me how I may or may not use my cards.

You create your ethics, go by them, swear by them, print them out and put them all over your office… But you do not push them down someone else’s throat.

It is simply rude and inappropriate.

There are no universal ethics, please understand this. What makes you cringe, makes me smile, and what makes me cringe, makes you smile… Sometimes that is how different two individuals can be.

Let me share two things many readers find unethical, that I will gladly do:

– Not read the cards for someone with a psychiatric problem

To me this ”rule” sounds built on fear of what is unknown to this person, and pure discrimination. People with psychiatric disorders are NOT little children that cannot take care of themself! They are independent individuals who should never be shut out of spirituality. As a person who in the past has suffered from insomnia, depression, self-harming, and an anxiety disorder, I can tell you one thing: I wish I would’ve turned MORE to tarot and/or oracle cards during these moments of difficulty!

I wish I would’ve met a wonderful tarot reader who read the cards for me, giving me loving advice on how to step out of my negative thoughts, and my worry about the future and things I had no control over. And you know what for sure would’ve made me sad and upset during this time? A tarot reader saying to me ”Oh you have been diagnosed with depression? Sorry, I can’t do anything for you, it wouldn’t be ETHICAL.” as if I was a danger to work with, as if I was a person without a functioning brain. Now, that would’ve made me go home and cry for several days. Not a tarot reading that is done in a healthy way (a healthy reading to me means a self-reflective, guiding reading, not one of those old school doom-and-gloom-readings)…

Second point that annoys the hell out of me:

– Faking not reading the cards for any third party

See, there’s a reason I write ”faking” this, and that is because it’s really hard to read the cards and not get into a third party situation, if you’re actually doing a thorough reading for an hour or so. Why? Because: No man is an island.

If we live a ”normal life” we will have so many people influencing us. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, maybe a partner or a date, an ex, a partner’s children, steph siblings… We’re surrounded by people in life, we interact with someone else almost every day of our life. So how do you even do a thorough reading on someone’s life (covering love, career, home situation, etc) without mentioning someone else? Please, tell me, because I find it ridiculous, if not impossible.

And when you go around yapping about how you are ethically superior because you ”do not do third party readings” you are lying and trying to trick others. How ethical is that? 

Let’s say a part of the spread deals with ”Obstacles”. With a court card and a minor crossing it you understand someone in your querent’s life is upsetting them. How can you bring this up without making it a third party reading? How can you help this person solve his/her issues with this person if you don’t look for clues on why this person is being difficult towards your client? Because let’s face it, we’re all there quite often, not understanding why someone is being rude. I mean, subconsciously we usually do understand it, but on a conscious level we might need some help to get it to the surface…

When is the line crossed? Can you tell your querent ”It seems like your co-worker has been verbally sharp around you and now you’re avoiding her, thus making the whole office suspect you two are not getting along”? BAM! You’ve got quite a few people involved there, don’t you?

Stop pretending. Stop faking. Let’s all admit this: No man is an island. No man.

(And the man who IS an island will damn sure not consult a tarot reader)…

For more information on this subject I recommend ”Towards the Art of Reading” by Camelia Elias. Wonderful book!

A crooked alien path…

At times when life has been rough for me, and there have been many moments believe me, I have wished that my dreams and aspirations were of a more simple nature.

I’ve seen friends dream about a 9 to 5 job with friendly co-workers, a husband who treats them well and let’s them be a stay-at-home mom for a couple of years, and a cute little house that is just the right distance from the city. They dream of two children, a son and a daughter, with big smiles and clean clothes on them. And maybe a playful golden retriever that makes the family laugh daily.

For the longest time I felt like an alien for not sharing that dream with ”everyone else”. Approaching 30 I roll my eyes at people asking if it isn’t my turn to be pregnant soon. Or to buy a house. Or stay at a job for more than a year…

I’ve been resisting my path for so long, just waiting for my soul to catch up with everyone else and for my so-called biological clock to start ticking. Waiting for myself to feel so at home with a job that it doesn’t bother me to spend more than 8 hours there every day. I’ve been switching careers and changing appartments as often as others change sweaters… ”A restless soul” they say.

All along not wanting to admit to myself what I’m truly meant to do. But clarity is coming over me. I’m feeling a strong calling to heal myself, heal others, develop my spiritual gifts, writing and journaling, to share the wisdom the Universe shares with me regularly…

Perhaps that’s why I had a sudden urge to wake up this blog that has been resting for a while now. Sometimes it doesn’t fit neither YouTube nor Instagram. Sometimes it’s just a quick, simple, word document that does it.

I’m not a fool. I won’t quit my job. I won’t burn myself out spending nights and weekends doing readings and other spiritual work, I won’t move to an ashram in India, and I’m for sure not gonna start wearing tie-dye…

But I have realized that I must somehow accept this calling. I must take further baby-steps towards a life more aligned with my spiritual needs, or I will always wonder why I didn’t take the chance. Again, this isn’t mainly an outer shift, it’s an inner shift. My life looks the same on the outside, but I will start sharing more with you, not only what is going on with tarot and oracle cards, but also other parts of my spiritual journey, and I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve already started a little on my YouTube channel, sharing some thoughts about working with the moon recently…

An inner shift can be just as powerful as an outer shift, that’s a lesson I’ve learned recently.

Top 12 beginner decks – Ania style!

When it comes to a ”beginner deck” there are a lot of tips and opinions out there. I actually believe there are basically no wrongs or rights here. A lot of the recommendations revolve around RWS clones or decks that closely resemble the RWS, and that’s fine, but what if you fall head over heels in love with the Mary-El Tarot? No other deck makes you gasp like it does, and you just MUST have it… Should you still go for the good ol’ RWS?

If you ask me – Maybe. Maybe not. Hehe.

If you aspire to become a professional tarot reader, if you think you will want to work with many decks in the future, and if you want to get to know tarot and its whole history and system more than ”just” reading with the cards – Then I’d say you really do need a more basic deck than the Mary-El Tarot (at least to study it . In that case you will want to read many tarot books, and a lot of them are based on the RWS.

But if you want to work strictly with yourself, develop your self-knowledge, analyze your soul and mind, heal yourself through tarot, get daily inspiration for your life – Then go ahead. Buy the Mary-El and start connecting with it and exploring the deck and yourself.

A lot of the ”best beginner decks!”-lists do come from personal taste, of course. And I can admit I sometimes cringe at the choices, only because my own taste in art differs so much! This applies to everything in life. If you’re born in the 80’s like me, you will remember the little girl fights we used to have about say, Backstreet Boys! ”Omg Kevin is so cute!”, ”Nu-huh! He’s ugly! Brian is the cute one!” etc… And it’s the same thing with tarot!

Two choices I cringe over are the Hanson-Roberts and the Morgan-Greer. I find them flat out butt-ugly! The colors of the Morgan-Greer hurt my eyes and brain. The weird proportions of the Hanson-Roberts make me laugh. Not to mention the multi-lingual borders – My biggest pet peeve of all when it comes to tarot decks! And this one isn’t even trimable… Ugh! I actually own the Hanson-Roberts, but I could NOT read with it, ever. (Does anyone want it? I’ll send it for free, just pay the postage, ok? Seriously, just let me know!)

So let me show you MY list of decks that I own or have owned that I consider good beginner decks. To me a good beginner deck is a deck that resembles the RWS, shows clear scenes (I have issues with portrait-style images for tarot…), and is appealing to eye (again, a matter of taste). A good beginner deck can also be a deck that might not follow the RWS tradition that closely, but has a really good guidebook! Not saying everyone even needs a guidebook, but it can help for a lot of people, and it helps you start somewhere and not get completely overwhelmed.

Please note that I have not included decks that are out of print, it seems unfair to do…

RWS (or its clones)
Well, DUH! Obviously this one must be on the list. I own the standard yellow-box RWS, and the Universal RWS, and I love them. There are more great clones, where the colors have been changed a little and such. If you get one of these you’re safe! There are literally hundreds of books out there for you to study. But I only recommend this if you actually like the artwork! If you hate it – Don’t bother. I personally have always found this deck beautiful, but I do know a lot of people think it’s horribly ugly.

Crystal Visions Tarot
Feminine, pretty, non-threatening, and stays quite close to the RWS. I really like that the suits all have their own color, so it’s clear when one of the suits is dominating in a bigger spread.

Fountain Tarot
Now, I haven’t used this deck much at all, but from what I’ve seen it’s a good beginner deck simply because it shows clear scenes and again, stays close to the RWS. Many people like its modern look.

Goddess Tarot
This was my first deck, so maybe I’m not so objective now hehe. It’s great for a beginner who also likes or works a lot with goddesses. It’s pretty, it’s RWS, and it has a great guidebook.

Housewives Tarot
Might seem ”out there”, but really isn’t, when looking at each card you will see that it follows the RWS tradition. In some cards I find it depicts the meanings even clearer than what the RWS and many other decks do! The court cards are really good!

Mystical Cats Tarot OR Cat’s Eye Tarot
This is for the cat lovers out there! These decks are quite similar. They make a couple of little changes to the card names and such, but they’re quite subtle, otherwise they stay close to the RWS. Both have great guidebooks (Cat’s Eye is an LWB, but a good one!).

Robin Wood Tarot
Aah a classic! A classic I actually like hehe… Some cards do feel very dated, very 80’s, but not as much as other decks from that time… It’s pretty, easy to read with, and any book based on RWS will do.

Shadowscapes Tarot
At first glance it might seem very different from the RWS, but looking closer it’s not really. The colors are lovely and it has a very dreamy feeling. It has a bit of a fantasy vibe going on, so someone who likes fantasy could really enjoy this. I think there is a guidebook out there…? I don’t have it myself though.

Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell
A great guidebook comes with this deck! It draws you in and I really enjoyed it, and I rarely like guidebooks to be honest. The deck looks beautiful. I can’t really wrap my head around what ”steampunk” is, but oh well, I love the people in this deck, the court cards are fantastic!

Sun & Moon Tarot
This is a strange deck because it’s said to follow Thoth tradition… But I don’t see much of that? Except that the cards all have titles that match the Thoth. But I find this deck clear, easy to read with, and has a nice happy vibe to it. It has one of my all time favorite Moon cards! (see photo above)

Tarot Mucha
I’m yet to use this, but based on what I’ve seen this is a great beginner deck for anyone drawn to the art style. It follows the RWS but still has its own personal flair.

Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels
This is for the vampire lover, or someone who enjoys darker art. It’s very well done and beautiful, and the guidebook is fantastic so no beginner should be able to feel lost with this one.

Vanessa Tarot
Girly, simple, and modern. I personally don’t read so well with this, not sure why, but it should be an easy deck to use because the images and scenes are very clear and follow the RWS basics. This is a great deck for someone who wants to use tarot in a more fun way (yeah, I don’t mind that, tarot IS fun!) and for divination more towards the fortuneteller-style.