Defensive tarot collectors and the triggers behind it.

Through the years I have seen many discussions regarding the following similar subjects:

Spending too much money on decks and other spiritual tools

How many decks do we really need?

When does deck collecting become a problem?

I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to go online and comment on blogs, videos, Instagram posts to say “You have too many decks, you spend too much money on decks, and it’s bad/greedy/evil of you!” or similar. I believe that an adult is responsible for her own choices regarding collecting decks, and it’s no one else’s business to decide when she has went overboard. If someone feels triggered by another person’s deck collection they need to unfollow/click off, end of story. You can never know what goes on behind the scenes of a video/blog/photo anyway.

But what I have noticed is that some people seem to be quick wanting to defend their deck purchases when the discussion is not even about them – which makes me wonder why? What’s the trigger?

I recently saw a post where someone said they intend to slow down on purchasing decks, because looking at how much money had went into that interest/passion of theirs in the last years, it just felt a bit too much. There were no severe financial problems, just simply someone wanting to not mindlessly spend money on decks anymore. We can assume this person already has quite a few decks right? So to me it makes sense they could easily save some money while still having tons of fun with plenty of decks in their collection. Saving money when you can isn’t a bad idea, is it?

But it’s obvious some are provoked by this choice, which in no way really affects them. Quite a few people responded in a defensive way, something along the lines of:

“I don’t go to restaurants or smoke so I don’t see why I could not spend my money on my only interest that makes me happy!”

“Other people are addicted to drugs or buying shoes or taking huge loans to buy cars so my tarot collection is pretty harmless really!”

“Well at least I am not an alcoholic!”

”No way, treat yo’self! I won’t feel guilty  for spending MY hard earned cash!”

Nowhere in the post had the original poster stated that it was wrong to spend tons of money on decks, or that everyone should follow along with the same choice, but still the defensive comments kept coming in. Interesting, isn’t it?

I am wondering if “spiritual people” (for lack of a better word!) are more inclined to defend their consumerism and materialism because their interest/passion is not as “shallow” as having a collection of shoes? Most of us see tarot as a tool to become better people, grow, connect with Source or similar, while a shoe is an accessory that makes your feet and legs look pretty.

Many people in the community are vegans and buy second hand clothes because they believe it will help the climate changes that are ruining Mama Earth right now. But talking about less consumerism regarding decks and crystals seems to be a sensitive subject these days.

Are we in a bit of denial?

A deck is made of trees (cardboard) and has chemicals on it (ink) and will have to be shipped from the printer to the seller and then to the buyer (fuel). OF COURSE tarot decks are in no way the biggest threat to our environment lol but at the same time it isn’t fair to completely ignore the effects of any kind of materialism and consumerism, in this day and age when the environmental threat is seriously no joke.

Is it time for us tarot addicts to get off our high horse and admit we aren’t that much better, or worse, than those people going out to restaurants or loving their shoes?

{Additional notes:
–Having the audacity to pick on people with a disease (addiction) is a post on its own, so I won’t even go there today…
–In the last year I have myself slowed down on purchasing new decks, and I intend to continue doing so. Not because I am ashamed or feel guilty or have financial problems, simply because I want to be mindful when purchasing anything new, and really savor the moment when I get a new deck. I do not judge others that intend to buy 1500 decks this year. This post is just my reflection on why some tarot collectors get so defensive about their purchases, and often seem to want to look superior to someone that spends money on X or Y.}


You don’t need a guru who lets you down. Your Soul alone will do.

Oh my, the tarot/spiritual community is buzzing about Doreen Virtue and her latest announcement of not using those evil tarot cards anymore, now that she is an Episcopalian Christian. I’ve written a little something about DV before by the way, click here if you missed it.

But I’m actually going to take this moment and stay positive and let myself be inspired by her. Now, you all know I don’t give a shit what DV does or does not do, I wouldn’t touch her products with a 10 feet pole, and I have on several occasions said “Thanks, but no thanks” when someone has tried to give me her decks… So I have zero feelings about her recent announcement.

But I understand and honor that her fans are sad, disappointed, angry, hurt…

And I want to take this moment for us to find inspiration in DC and her new path. When reading what I am saying below we need to assume that DV is sincere, honest, and for real this time around when finding the right path… I can’t read her mind so I don’t know, but let’s assume this is actually what is true and right for her, okay?

What she is showing us is the importance of dancing to the beat of your OWN drum. She’s listening to what is going on within her, what deity is guiding her to do, and she’s decided that no matter how many fans she loses she will follow her heart and truth.

Isn’t that what we all should be doing?

In this community we see so many teachers, gurus, mentors and leaders selling expensive (often over-priced) courses to others, promising them a new life, to let them in on “the truth”, and teach them how to communicate with their Soul, guides, angels, Source, how to manifest, on and on and on…

Sometimes I can see a bit of “fast food mindset” there. Instead of doing research online, reading books, going into meditation to see for yourself if your Soul says yes or no to a new teaching, we take the easy way out with an 8 week course where everything is served up and we just have to swallow it.

I’ve myself been a bit of a course junkie every now and then, but I am really realizing that my truth is only to be found in me. If I want to “level up” spiritually I need to DO THE WORK. I can’t sit back just eating up everything some guru says, we can’t be spoon-fed wisdom, inner peace, and deeper spiritual connection. This is not like studying chemistry or mathematics in school – it’s so much bigger, it’s a lifestyle and a journey into the Soul and things that really cannot be explained.

(Quick note: I am not against courses per se, there are amazing ones out there, and I mention some in this post. But some moderation is needed, right?)

People have spent hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dollars on courses that DV now deems “bad” and “untrue”. She has certified people as ”angelologists” and ”faeryologists” as if she is the all-knowing queen of angels and faeries… Of course fans are now sad and upset! Their certifications aren’t worth anything when the queen no longer approves of them.

Now imagine if those people had sat down at the library instead, and for free researched angels, and spirit guides, whatever DV teaches… Then went home, with new knowledge, sat down and meditated and tried out for themselves how to communicate with angels, how to be guided by them, and taught things by them. Cheaper for sure! And their new-found spiritual practice wouldn’t rely on what one woman says is true or untrue, it would be their own truth and their own journey.

In the long run it would’ve saved them more than their money, right?

Let’s go within. Let’s listen to what is going on in the inner realms of the Heart and Soul. Let’s meditate in nature. Let’s listen to what is being said when no human is talking to us.

Find your path, and don’t let it rely on another human being anymore. You will enjoy it so much more, I am sure of it.

Trading, buying, selling… 12 years later.

In 2005 I started to trade decks over at the wonderful Aeclectic forum. A new world opened, since a lot of decks were hard to get a hold of in Sweden during that time. As an example: Llewellyn decks were not sold in esoteric shops or online book shops! And on the other side of it, the Jolanda/Swedish Witch Tarot was very sought after in the US, while I could get it anywhere for under 20 USD.


The beauty of trading is that our unloved and unused decks can once again be loved by someone else, instead of put in a basement or even in the trash. For a while I was going to throw away my Universal Waite, because I do not like it anymore, and it was quite worn with scruffy edges. But I figured, hey, maybe someone wants it for free? And someone did! And I am super happy I could give her a deck I was almost about to throw in the trash can. I’m sure she’s happy with it too because hey, she didn’t pay anything.

But you know that I don’t like to just stick to the happy, pretty, unicorn stuff… And recently I’ve experienced quite a few problematic trades and sales (quite odd, because before this year I only had great experiences!). I do not want to throw crap at anyone specific, seriously, but I do want to give you some examples (I have changed details for privacy reasons of course) of how a trade can become a headache, instead of something fun and pleasant.

I have noticed that shipping times can really vary! One time it took 8 weeks before a deck arrived in the US! It usually takes maybe 10 days… After like 4 weeks I offered to pay the girl for the deck she had sent me, thinking it was lost, but this lovely person just said ”I trust you, it’s not your fault, we’ll just let it be.”. And yeah, 8 freaking weeks later she had her deck!

Someone else decided to send me daily (!) messages like ”No deck here yet… Oh I wonder if it is gone…”. I kept saying that it can take like 2-3 weeks sometimes, but still the person kept messaging me, and then of course after like 2-3 weeks the deck had arrived in the US. Lots of energy and time wasted there…

I bought a very expensive deck from someone in a group, that arrived smelling pretty bad. After a few weeks the smell was gone, but I felt a bit annoyed having paid soo much for something that was not mint condition…

My biggest disappointment was a trade where I traded an OOP, mint condition, deck for an OOP deck I had looked desperately for for months. And when it arrived – It was not the right deck! It was a deck I already owned! My heart sank so low after unboxing it. And I did not have the heart to complain, since I really think it was an honest mistake mixing up deck titles, that would’ve not happened if I had just asked for photos. Sigh… Headache, eh?

I also had someone write the wrong address which has lead to me waiting more than 5 weeks for a deck that would’ve arrived in less than a week from Book Depository. But again, I have not complained, because honest mistake so what good does that do?

Most recently I sold a deck half priced because it was modified, otherwise hardly used. I sent photos, put the deck in order, and didn’t notice anything wonky about it really. The person chose to ruin my weekend by messaging me about being unhappy about some, to her, uneven blackened edges. Seriously? That’s why it was half off and obviously would not look like a brand new copy of it!


Maybe I’m a bitch that did not refund this person (I was never asked too), but to be honest I don’t feel bad. If someone is picky about a deck looking brand new, maybe a second hand/used deck is not the best idea? In the last 2-3 years I have gifted (to strangers online) perhaps 5 or more different decks, not accepting any payment for shipping costs. So I am not really a greedy person making money from trading and selling decks! I could’ve sold my Servants of the Light, Jolanda first edition, or Golden Rider for 100 USD each, but I chose to trade them for decks worth perhaps 50-60 USD.

Plenty of people have messaged me offering to pay for shipping when I have gifted decks, or sold them very cheap (which I often do), and plenty of people have said ”Omg you should not have charged so little, this one is not even used, it’s like brand new!?”.

But I am happy about this beautiful community and gifting decks or selling them for only the shipping cost is something I enjoy doing as a big thank you.

I’m a bit bummed having had these problems lately, and someone making me feel as if I tried to trick them for money. As an empath and HSP that sort of complaint really stings.

When it comes to decks I don’t want anymore in my collection I think I will simply be gifting them now, it seems less problematic and it’s always nice to see someone happy with a gift, right? But right now there is a bit of bitterness in me, to be frank, and I can say I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would message me complaining about a deck I sent them for free sigh…

I feel a really long break coming up when it comes to selling/buying/trading used decks now. I’ve sold/gifted a few decks I have been trying to get off my hands for a long time now, and I am very happy with my collection. I think I’ll just do what Avalon’s Apothecary does – Keep all the decks! 😉 Haha! I mean, I don’t really lack the space so might as well save myself the headache of dealing with people.

(With that said I gotta say that I am OF COURSE over the Moon and super happy about the beautiful trades that have been successful for both persons involved! I am so grateful for the people making it possible for me to own the Serpentfire, Fallen Angel Oracle, Hoi Polloi, early print Golden Tarot, Prisma Visions, vintage Aquarian, Medicine Woman Tarot + book, Silhouettes Tarot, and many more…)

Are we really manifesting or running errands for the capitalists?

A while back I wrote this blog post about not wanting to be involved with the hardcore Law of Attraction crowd. But I notice I keep going back to discussing this subject time and time again, because I am not afraid to speak up about my own beliefs on the matter, and I notice others are also passionate about it.

The other day I posted an excerpt on Instagram from a fantastic book I have just finished reading: The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook:

“I know we can make a good world. I trust in the divine plan. Yet, I see too, that people can pick up from writings such as these which emphasize a positive ’you can have it all’ attitude that this means they can and should have every frivolous fantasy and wordly tinket. This is not the case. For every thing you take without thought of the giver whether that be person or planet, you perform an act of greed. Greed destroys you and this planet.”

So eloquently put and so needed in this capitalistic world. I think a lot of people enjoyed the quote, but some questioned it a bit (in a respectful way, thankfully!), so I thought, perhaps it’s time to bring this up again?

First of all I must say I personally don’t believe that anything and everything is possible. People keep saying that, that your mind can achieve ANYTHING. Okay, so there’s no limit? At all? Can I manifest Michael Jackson to come back to life and create new music? Can I manifest all weapons in the world disappearing into thin air? Can I manifest pregnancy without any involvement from a man and his semen?

I just honestly wonder if people think that is the case, because I personally think there are limits, otherwise we’d see a lot more crazy stuff going on in the world, wouldn’t we?

I’ve said it before; you can manifest a new you, but as soon as other people get involved (which they are in this global era!) things get tricky.

What I can’t shake when it comes to the “you can manifest anything!” is the victim blaming that naturally shows its face. Why are you poor? Homeless? Raped and beaten? Why aren’t you manifesting a better life for yourself? That’s when it gets ugly if you ask me.

I was shown this fantastic article by a lovely woman on Instagram: Why White Lady Sisterhood Needs to Evolve. Here is one of my favorite parts:

”There’s also a military fuckton of Law of Attraction stuff that’s basically repackaged Christian Prosperity Theology for new agers without critical thinking skills. […] It’s an entitled orientation towards the extraction of resources because ‘I deserve it and the Universe is waiting to bestow wealth upon me’ with little regard for how those resources were accumulated and are distributed. Wealth is de facto proof of being ‘in alignment with your soul’s purpose’ irrespective of how grossly stratified wealth actually is.”

The spiritual/new age community has by tradition always been anti-capitalistic in the past. The hippie movement in the 60’s was about minimalism, enjoying life instead of working your ass off for a big corporation, living in tune with nature, taking care of Mother Earth, and so on…

But where have we landed today? White privileged people preaching about being in alignment with The Universe since they have a “6 figure soulpreneur business”, looking down on anyone with a “regular soul-killing office job”.

To simplify both the Christian Prosperity Theology and the new age Law of Attraction cult, this is what they are saying:

New age privileged person: If you are successful, meaning that you have a lot of money, you are in alignment with your Soul’s purpose, and manifesting this with the help of the Universe that wants you to be happy (rich…). If you’re not successful then you’re doing it wrong – you have psychological blockages, you are lacking faith, you have self-doubt and self-hate.

Christian: If you are a good Christian – going to church, praying a lot, and truly believe in and love God then God rewards you with wealth and success (money). If you’re not successful then you’re not doing it right and you need to pray more, love God more, etc etc…

It’s the same thing, just a different package. Privileged people patting each other on the back, without feeling guilty for how they’re abusing Mother Earth’s resources, since after all, “God/Universe gave me this, so you can’t question it!”.

I ask you to go search your own heart for answers when it comes to these money matters. Do you think you deserve more wealth than others? Why? Why are you desiring a mansion, two cards, and a crazy fat pay check? Do you really think your happiness will overflow once you’re rich and have a “6 figure heart-centered soulful business”? Do you think if everyone just subscribes to the Law of Attraction that everyone worldwide will be rich? And Mother Earth can then magically handle everyone living the same luxury life as rich Western people do today?

I strongly recommend you sit down and read the before mentioned article. I will end with some wise words from it:

“Can we look hard at how our magic has been colonized, how our hearts beat for the sensation of owning things that have not been freely given but have been stolen from others and from the land — crystals, ceremonies, superfoods, words…that the very land we stand on was stolen? Can we imagine doing more with less?”

Tarot Thursday Three – Round 23!

Julia brings on the deeper questions this week for Tarot Thursday Three and I fell even more in love with tarot answering these!

What is the greatest lesson tarot has so far taught you?

Oooh… Hard to answer! Especially since I’ve worked with tarot for more than a decade.

But two important lessons come to mind:

Balance: In the tarot there is a lot of symbolism showing us the balance between light and dark, masculine and feminine, doing and being etc. And that is definitely something I have struggled with through life, as have many of us! As humans we tend to be success-driven and we tend to get obsessed with DOING, and I have received countless messages from the cards (both in readings and during studies) showing why (and how) this needs to be balanced to live a harmonious life.

Soul connection: Again, as humans we are so busy with the external world because it’s so tangible, and we’re taught to ignore “woo woo” stuff like meditation and journaling. But listening to, and connecting with, our inner world is key for a joyful life. We can do hundreds of pros/cons lists and listen to hundreds of teachers/gurus/therapists – But what truly is needed for us is to listen to our own Soul. Going inwards, tuning in with the inner truth, with our TRUE desires, wants, needs, dreams, dislikes, yearnings… So important if we want to feel “whole”. And tarot has always encouraged me to tune in and listen to myself. Not that I have always followed that piece of advice hehe… But overall I find tarot to be a tool that brings us closer to the Soul and further from outside pressure, influence, and chaos.

What is the biggest way tarot has so far changed your life or added to it?

It has definitely brought me closer to my spirituality. And what I mean by spirituality is belief in a higher power, that there is meaning to being on Earth, that my life and my Soul matter and are really meant to be here. It has helped me explore healing practices/tools/methods and thus explore myself and my Soul further. It has helped me get to know myself and that is a huge deal.

I grew up in an environment that wanted to change me drastically from a very young age. At the age of 5 I was told I had to be thinner, I was too fat, and forced to go on a diet. At the age of 6 I was told I had to be more social, I was too introverted, and was forced out of the house to talk to other kids. I was often laughed at and made fun of and you can imagine what that does to a natural empath! Around the age of 20 I started to realize that I for years had tried to cover up my true self, had forgotten my true self, and had become whatever they wanted me to be. Tarot has helped me remember my identity and personality. I can’t say how grateful I am that I came across such a deep and healing tool.

On a lighter note I also feel tarot is so much fun to have in my life since I rarely can make hobbies and interests stick. I often grow tired of it all and stop doing it, but tarot has now been around for many years and I can’t see myself ever getting rid of all my decks. It’s a fun and important part of life now.


What keeps tarot interesting and fresh through the years (or months if you’re a newer reader)?

I have gone through months when I have not touched my cards, I can admit that! And it’s okay, it’s important to remember that tarot is only ONE tool for healing, self-development, etc. There are many more ways we can connect with Source or our Soul. It can even be healthy to try other methods and take a break from the cards sometimes. So I don’t fear those times I find tarot redundant or boring.

But of course, I have to say as a bit of a tarot shopping addict, that sometimes a new deck can really spice up your tarot interest again! I had a bit of a longer tarot break a couple of years back, and when I wanted to come back to tarot my decks felt a bit “outdated” and boring to me. I ordered the Ceccoli Tarot and Ludy Lescot and it was exactly what I needed to feel passionate about card reading again!

It’s also important to keep in mind that the card meanings are NOT static. They change with every question, situation, life stage, person… With every reading basically. And that for sure keeps it fresh and interesting.


Tarot Thursday Three – Round 22!

Another round of fun tarot questions from Julia, and this time we’re talking books!

What was the first tarot book you read or owned?

Gerd Ziegler’s Mirror of the Soul in Swedish! It makes me giggle… It’s a book that for some weird reason is translanted into many languages, so it’s sold everywhere. Since it was kind of cheap I bought it together with my first tarot deck in a small esoteric shop – but quickly discovered that it did not go with my deck, which was the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. The Goddess Tarot is heavily based on the RWS and Ziegler’s book is about the Thoth deck. So yeah, that was a mistake… I read a couple of pages and then I tossed it. I can’t remember which one I purchased after that, but probably 78 Degrees of Wisdom or Tarot for Yourself. To be honest I never liked 78 Degrees of Wisdom. It felt dry and boring to me. Quite rambly, she just goes on and ooon… Tarot for Yourself is wonderful though, it taught me a lot! I was quite good at looking up information online and participating in Aeclectic Tarot Forum, so I’m grateful for learning from those sources also!


What is your most referenced tarot book currently?

Hmm. Honestly? I would say – none? I go back and forth with my tarot studies. Sometimes I read tons of tarot books and soak up new information like a sponge, but other times I don’t touch the books. For a while now I’ve been very much into spiritual books, but not really tarot books. With tarot I’ve been more focused on developing my intuitive connection with the cards.

If I were to look up a card right now I would probably go to Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot or Tarot for Life by Paul Quinn. The last one is quite an underrated book in the community! I love his writing and he actually connects the cards very well to more self-developing aspects, and doesn’t ramble about history and esoteric symbols.

If I wanted to work with a card in a deeper way I’d go look it up in Tarot 101, she gives great prompts and exercises.

If you could recommend one tarot book for beginners, what would it be?

First I would ask what kind of student the person is. In short what I want to know is if they’re the type A, very organized, student that loves to plan and make to-do lists and deadlines, or the more go-with-the-flow, bohemian, pathworking with the cards and then journal freely with them, intuitive typ of student. Left-brained versus right-brained so to speak.

For the first strict student type I’d recommend Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen. It contains so much good stuff! And the thing is that Benebell is actually a really good writer (which cannot be said of many tarot book authors unfortunately) and knows how to explain things.

For the more bohemian flow type I’d recommend Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens or Psychic Tarot by Antenucci. Huggens’ has great exercises in her book that really make you tune into what each cards means for you, and helps you build personal bonds with tarot. Psychic Tarot is even more free so to speak, it will help you with exercises on how to develop your intuition.

Tarot Thursday Three – Round 21

Ooh it’s the Oracle edition of Julia’s wonderful Tarot Thursday Three prompts!

1. How do oracle cards fit into your practice?

I’ve really fallen in love with oracles in the last three years! Before exploring oracles I was always wondering why I would need anything more than tarot, but somehow oracles beautifully complement my tarot practice. When reading for clients I always go with tarot first and foremost, and might draw additional oracle cards for clarity or extra messages. When reading for myself I can often use only oracle cards, but it’s an intuitive choice that is hard to explain, and doesn’t depend that much on the question asked. I think I tend to lean more toward tarot when the question is of a very practical nature.

2. What is your most used oracle deck?

Right now I’m using the Connected and Free Oracle daily! Amazing deck that really has a lot of depth. I am also very into the Spirit de la Lune Oracle right now, it has almost become essential to my Moon practice.

3. How do you select which oracle deck you’ll use for any given reading?

I am very selective with what oracles I use with clients, I really want to be sure that I can get clear messages from the cards and definitely not use a book in conjunction. But otherwise I go by intuition hehe boring answer I know… But let’s do some quick lists just for fun!

Oracles that ground me, are earthy: Medicine Cards, Earth Magic Oracle, Earth Power Oracle, Spirit of the Wheel.

Oracles that connect me to Source, open my crown chakra: Chakra Mindset Oracle, Crystal Mandala Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle, Vibrational Energy Oracle.

Oracles that connect me to my SoulSelf: Gaia Oracle, Sacred Rebels, Rumi Oracle, Ceccoli Oracle.

Oracles that lift my spirit and comfort me: Soul Trees Oracle, Seeds of Shakti, Animal Kin Oracle.

Tarot Thursday Three – Round 20!

I’m a bit behind hehe but here we go, I’m doing round 20 and 21 today… As you all know, Tarot Thursday Three is hosted by Spiral Sea Tarot.

1. If you could read for anyone in the world (living or dead but not fictional) who would it be?

Then I would probably read for Lana del Rey. I’m a big fan, go figure! Hehe. But I think she would be open to the depth of tarot, and we’d have interesting conversations about the reading. Hey, maybe she’d be inspired to write a cool song about tarot…?


2. On the flip side, if you could have your cards read by anyone who would you choose (assuming money, time and location are no issue)?

Aleister Crowley! Haha! You didn’t expect that, did you? I mean, he seems to have been quite cray cray so that’s always interesting… I’m guessing he’d either be a fantastic tarot reader, or mostly just talk jibberish… Either way fun times I think.

3. Is your tarot practice something you openly share with those around you? Are there some people in your life who would be surprised by your use of it?

Both… My friends, boyfriend, and co-workers know. I’ve never told my family though, mostly because we’re not very close so I kind of figure it’s none of their business. Certain family members have a tendency to have strong opinions about anything and everything, and at almost 30 I feel like I don’t need to hear that crap anymore. So it’s easier to just stay a bit secretive around them. I don’t think they’d be surprised if they found out though, I’ve always been interested in occult/spiritual stuff and as a teen I had a lot of new age books at home. Besides, they just love to search through my stuff (yeah, healthy isn’t it?) so they’ve probably seen a deck or two already.

Moon musings… New Moon in Gemini.

May 26th

New Moon in Gemini

Gemini is an air sign that can teach us about balance, and also communication. Entering this Honey Moon it’s important  to watch out for mood swings, confusion, unbalanced feminine and masculine energy, and being too much of a ”gossip girl”.

With this Moon I feel we are entering summer and leaving spring behind, at least in my part of the world. Life energy is truly waking up and shining, the scent of lilacs is in the air, the days are longer and brighter, and our clothes start to come off! This is Moon month that might bring out the need for fun and games, and a bit of intimate fun too.

But don’t lose your head! Don’t make it all about the drinks, parties, and skimpy outfits. Your Soul is still yearning for a spiritual practice and being fed soul food to stay healthy and balanced.

Cards drawn for us with this Gemini New Moon energy in mind


Four of Pentacles + Two of Swords
How do you feel about the word responsibility? Are you sometimes tired of being a ”good adult”? Do you miss those days in your early 20’s when life didn’t really demand much from you? We’ve all been there, wanting to run away from all responsibilities, wanting to let our heart lead the way and only think about ourselves 100%…

But hey, some things are actually meant to stay a daydream, isn’t that so? We’re all into mindfulness these days, staying present in THIS moment… But at the same time, if we act irresponsibly never planning for the future we’re just going to mess it all up. Are you ready to sacrifice what you’ve built for years just to go nuts with a shopping spree? Kiss the night away with a hot latino guy without your husband knowing? Burn all your belongings to free yourself from materialism? Maybe start with one step at a time, don’t just throw the baby out with the bath water, eh? Heart and mind. Not always easy to balance, but that’s part of this funny human journey…

Medicine for the Soul

Rabbit – Reminds us to let lose in the Sun!

Citrine – Brings in the sunny energy into your Soul.
Carnelian – Amplifies creativity and creative passion.
Petrified wood – Grounds you when you’ve let loose a bit too much.

Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot – Perfect deck to bring out in the Sun and to the first beach visit of the year.
Animism Tarot – Connects us to fun animal energy.
Serpentfire Tarot – To bring in some magic from desert landscapes and bright, bold, masculine colors.

Journal prompts:
In what situations do you feel torn between your heart and your mind?
How can you act in a more balanced way when the above situations occur?
What are you passionate about right now and how can you bring more of that into your life?

Do you want to know more about working with Sister Moon? I recommend these courses: Lunar Flow by Moondaughter, and Moon Energy by Laura.

Tarot Thursday Three – Round 19!

For this round of Tarot Thursday Three I sent in three questions to Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot. I’ve been thinking about deck collections lately and I’m excited to see how other people answer these questions!

What feelings and thoughts does the concept of a ”tarot deck collection” evoke in you?

Mostly happiness! I’m a person that is rarely bored, I can basically entertain myself just sitting down in a sofa and daydream lol, BUT I do tend get bored with things and hobbies. I feel like I need a variety to stay interested – so for me it has nearly always felt natural to own more than one deck. In the beginning I mainly used the Goddess Tarot, RWS and Robin Wood. All three are kind of similar, but still add to the variety that I enjoy so much.

But I must say I sometimes get a slight feeling of guilt when I think about my deck collection. I have around 50 tarot decks and 30 oracles. And I can sometimes be like “Do I really need that many?” and I will feel guilty about not being able to use them all on a regular basis. Okay, we’ll get to that below…

Is there such a thing as owning too many decks, or not enough decks?

I can see two sides of this coin, especially when it comes to owning too many decks. I mentioned this above, is it a problem to not be able to use all of them on a regular basis? Honestly, no. If you have the space for them at home then it’s not a space issue. The decks don’t care if you use them or not so that’s not an issue. If it doesn’t financially cause a problem then it’s not a money issue either.

I think the problem can be a psychological spoiled need and craving for new decks. I think many people look for that “soulmate deck” and therefore acquire deck after deck always ending up disappointed. That’s not healthy if you ask me. Other people have a need for a new, shiny, fun things to keep their interest up, and after a few honey moon weeks they need something new to not get bored. Also not the best idea if you ask me, and especially for a beginner it can hinder learning tarot.

But really “too many decks” or “not enough decks” is an individual choice. For me, if everything I own somehow disappeared, I would go out and buy myself a RWS Centennial deck and it would probably take me a long time before I started to re-purchase decks in my current collection. I don’t NEED my 50 decks, I just find it fun to have that variety. Just like I don’t need a copy of my 10 favorite books, but I still have them in case I’d want to read one of them in 10 years or so.

The biggest problem is if someone cannot pay rent or buy food because all their money is spent on decks! Now that’s truly problematic.

But something that needs to stop is how some people imply that if you’re “truly spiritual” you have X amount of decks (whether this is 1000 decks or 1 deck). That’s just bullshit and dogmatic beliefs that does no good in the community.

Do you think the prevalence of deck images and sharing online creates a desire for more decks? Are you affected? How do you handle it?

I see two trends when it comes to this, and it also ties into question number 2. On one hand you have the people who will be loudly offended if someone brings up the subject of consumerism + big tarot collection. They will do the grumpy child/Donald Trump/Eric Cartman thing, stomping their feet, shouting “It’s MY money, I do what I want! No one can have opinions about what I do, it’s MY life and MY choice!!” and so on.

On the other hand I see people really bringing up the subject of how hard it feels to be tempted and enabled to buy more decks in some groups and forums. They long for less consumerism in the groups.

I guess I’m somewhere in between… Consumerism when it comes to anything is a big problem in this capitalistic world where we value things more than lives, and where some people think that spirituality means manifesting a fucking car or pool.

I do want to live in a modest way, I make a choice to not go by plane very often, use my bike, buy locally produced food, recycle trash, and don’t shop too much. I can honestly tell you that I, a 29 year old woman, own FOUR pairs of shoes. But I do have a big love for tarot decks and books, so the money I choose to spend does often go to those two things. I do try to stop myself from mindless deck shopping though. For a while I’d buy any deck that was pretty and I had seen two cards from, and I found that wasn’t healthy for me. It did not feel right.

I used to look through plenty of reviews of decks before buying them, but now I find that pointless. Someone else’s love for a deck won’t say anything about how well I will connect with it. So I put the videos on mute and just study the images myself before I decide if it’s worth my money/energy. I try to ask myself “What do I think and feel?” and I think everyone active in the tarot community should work on doing that more often instead of buying into what the tarot celebs on YouTube say.

I like seeing people share and gush over decks, but I find the purely consumerist comments to be off-putting. In some groups I’ve seen people who own tons of decks say things like “Oh no I have nothing new coming in the mail! What do I do?! Any suggestions on what deck to get? Hurry!”, and “Shit my wishlist only has 10 decks on it! I’m worried it will be empty soon!”. I find that very problematic and unhealthy. That’s not tarot love, that’s a shopping addiction.