Reading for the broken. Or breaking from a reading.

Another thing that was often discussed in the closed discussion group for free readers was if it’s ethical to read for someone who seems to suffer from psychiatric illness. This is interesting for a lot of reasons!

  • The readers who don’t read for depressed people are often the ones claiming ”I am not a doctor, so it would be inappropriate.”.

Well, it’s true they’re not doctors (neither am I) yet they have no problem assuming someone is suffering from a psychiatric illness?! Questions some of us received revolved around being ”sick and tired of my situation. This and that isn’t working, I cry all day, I get nothing done… What’s in my future? Will I ever get better!?” and these querents were then diagnosed (?!) with depression by some of the free readers.

”No, tell her/him to go to a psychiatrist! They need PROFESSIONAL help!”

How does medical help erase the potential benefit of a tarot reading? Why would it not be possible to both go see a doctor and get a tarot reading?

I think the problem is that the reader both mistrusts the cards and also the seeker. The reader is probably scared of so called bad cards. ”How would a depressed client deal with Death, The Tower and the The Devil showing up?!”.

Well, don’t ask yourself that because you do not know! You don’t know the seeker so why do you judge him/her? As a person who has suffered from depression, at least twice in my life, I get offended when people treat me as a porcelain doll. Just because I am sad, depressed, down, full of anxiety, it does mean I cannot also be strong.

And if a reader is terribly scared of some of the tarot cards in the deck… My opinion is that he/she should not read for anyone else before dealing with being so scared of what isn’t shimmery and positive in life. Or you know, they could also take the easy way out and just get a Doreen Virtue deck! Problem solved. Helping clients? No, forget about that when you’re using a phony unicorn deck, but hey, no need to be scared anymore, and that’s all that matters, right?

Stop, rewind, push play. Ask yourself, why do you read tarot for others? Is it only to comfort them? Then put away the cards and just use good ol’ kind words. Stop misusing tarot cards and stop making the rest of us seem like we’re too rough. If you truly want to HELP others, give advice, heal and guide them, then you must never ever be afraid of the cards that don’t show 100% happiness. Fooling oneself will never lead to growth, happiness, and moving forward. Not seeing makes you blind, makes you passive, makes you stand still.

Telling someone to stand still with covered eyes and ears is not helping. In any way at all.

Trust yourself, trust your seeker, trust your cards.

Do not assume that people with psychiatric problems are unable to make smart decisions and handle life. If you want to empower someone who is ill – Trust them, treat them as adults, and agree with the fact that life isn’t all roses and glitter.



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