Day 1-3 of Ethony’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 1: What was your first introduction to tarot that made an impact?

To be honest… I can’t really remember?! As a young teenager I was very much into Wicca and witchy stuff. I borrowed a ”how to be a witch”-book from a friend and did some spells and such, and I remember eyeing the parts about tarot, but I had no idea where to get a deck so I just forgot about it back then (this was like 2001!). I also remember my mother telling me around this time that she had once went to a tarot reader, and the reader had predicted how many children she’d have, and that she’d first have a boy, then a girl, which was correct. That also made me fascinated.

I’ve always been drawn to the occult, witchy stuff, etc (though I don’t consider myself a witch, pagan or wiccan today) so in a way it felt kind of natural I’d get into tarot at one time or another.

Day 2: What was your first Tarot deck? Was it a gift or did you buy it for yourself? Do you still have it?

My first deck was the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, pocket size. I bought it for myself in August 2004, and even though I liked it I found that the goddess associations confused me a little, and I think I didn’t connect 100% with it. A year later I gifted it to my boyfriend’s younger sister, so no I don’t know where that deck is today! I am planning on getting a copy of the regular sized decks though, I feel it should be in my collection.


Day 3: Are you a Tarot deck collector, hoarder or exclusive betty? How do you use these decks in your readings? Multiple decks in one reading or just one all the way? Does it aid your practice?

I am definitely a collector! I will never be neither a hoarder or an exclusive betty… I’m picky with what decks I buy, but I could never stick to one! Sometimes I will commit to one deck for a week or two, but most of the time I just go with the deck that calls on me, whether it’s for clients or for my own readings.

Multiple decks in a reading? No, I don’t understand that practice really. A tarot deck and an oracle, sure, but two tarot decks?! I’ve seen people do it, but how does that make sense? Is there an ”extra strong” Tower event approaching if both decks’ Towers show up? Then why not use 10 decks and you will FOR SURE know that Tower event is gonna come if they all show up…? No lol sorry, just that it doesn’t make sense to me.

I find it definitely aids my practice to own several different decks. Each deck has something new to teach me, shows me a new layer of a card I thought I already knew so well, and can make me fall in love all over again with tarot! I sometimes envy people who own just one deck, that truly is their ”the one”, but I’m just not that kind of person I guess. I need new decks and new boys every now and then to feel alive. 😉



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