Day 4-7 Ethony’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 4: What would be your favorite tarot deck if you had to pick? Three favs for those of us who have a Tarot Deck addiction problem.

I have a huge addiction so I’m picking three! And three feels soo difficult! Oh gosh. Well, for me, my favorites change during the seasons and current moon and just… A bunch of reasons I guess. But okay, right now:

Favorite tarot decks: Japaridze Tarot, Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot, Wild Unknown Tarot.

Favorite oracle decks: Art Through the Starstream Oracle, Gaia Oracle, Sacred Rebels Oracle.

So those are the decks I tend to reach for the most lately, and that have given me the most important messages during the last few months. One deck that has really been healing for me has been the Nicoletta Ceccoli. It really helped me when things were shaky during October and November especially. The funny thing about the Wild Unknown is that I often read with it for others, and get amazing massages, but when I use it for myself I get well, great messages, but not AS amazing?! Odd. But I still love it and connect well with it. It almost got pushed off the list by Ludy Lescot, but hmm Ludy hasn’t been so talkative lately. 😉

Day 5: What Tarot Decks are you looking forward to getting to know better in 2016?

Well, of course the two decks that are right now being shipped to me but I’m yet to receive; Alchemist’s Oracle (Connected and Free), and the Starchild Tarot (Akashic Records version). I have no idea how well I will connect with them, but I’m hoping to get to know them well when they arrive.

I went on a bit of a tarot deck shopping spree late summer and autumn, so I’d love to work with Swietlistej Drogi Tarot and Mystical Cats Tarot. They’re barely opened… Oh and Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg! Another one I haven’t had the time to use so much yet.


Day 6: Tell me about the time you gave your first Tarot reading? (That you can remember)

Ugh I can’t tell you in detail because it was a long time ago! If I remember correctly it must’ve been in 2004 and probably I did a reading for my boyfriend at the time. He was quite supportive of my new ”hobby”, but definitely not a believer so to speak. But he was very kind and acted as my guinea pig for a while.

Day 7: How long have you been reading the Tarot for? Do you feel you will ever stop?

Since 2004 so that’s a bit longer than 11 years… BUT, I must admit I’ve had breaks! My longest break when I didn’t touch a deck must’ve been a whole year at least, maybe even two years. Then I’ve also had ”slow years” when I’ve occasionally used my decks, but not at all to the extent I use them today.

I really cannot see myself stop using tarot or oracle decks. I’m so used to turning to my cards that I’d feel a little lost without them. Not saying I’m addicted to getting advice from them before I act on something in life, but there’s just something about the whole process, shuffling, seeing the artwork, understanding the message… It’s important to me. And I’m 28 years old now and I’m starting to feel like I know what I want in my life and what I don’t know. But hey who knows, maybe I’ll get sucked into some cult that hates tarot one day? 😉



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