Day 8 – 11 Ethony’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 8: What were the first three Tarot Spreads that you learnt.

Probably the one carder, the past-present-future, and the Celtic Cross. I’m not that fond of drawing just one card (it fits oracle decks much better, in my opinion), but I still love the past-present-future, and I still dislike the Celtic Cross! 😉

Day 9: What would you say is your favorite Tarot Card right now (cause these things change) and why? Is it the artwork, the meaning or both?

I’ve had the Six of Swords pop up in my own readings during the last 2-3 months so that one has stuck with me a little. In the decks I’ve used it’s a quite still, serene, calming card that shows the process of leaving something behind, wounded, looking to heal and get stronger again. I love the message and the image (especially Nicoletta Ceccoli’s version comes to mind right now, and the Japaridze).

Day 10: What is the card that you don’t want to see pop up in a Tarot Reading? Why?

Oh my I try to not think like that… The cards all show up for a good reason, not to scare us or freak anyone out. But I admit that I do sometimes feel that ”Ah no!”-feeling when I see the Three of Swords, or The Tower show up. I’m not concerned about Death or the Ten of Swords though… This summer I actually had a positive thing happening, that showed up in the form of The Tower in my own reading, just because it was something that surprised me so much, a very unexpected event. It made sense afterwards, and opened up my eyes a little more to The Tower and what it means.

day 11: What card did you pull the most in 2015, why do you think this is the case?

Oh gosh I have no idea, I do so many readings in a year, and I’m too lazy to go back and check. 😉 But if I were to guess a little I’d say I think I’ve seen the Queen of Wands, and the Six of Swords a lot.

I’m very much guided to follow in the Queen of Wands’ footsteps lately. I’m getting a strong message of needing to embrace her personality, her power, her independence, and passionate/creative nature. And with the Six of Swords it’s just that 2015 was very hard on me. I went through a separation, my father got seriously ill, I almost fell into depression again, and things felt very dark for a while. The Six of Swords has kept saying to me ”Your wounds will heal. You will slowly leave your tears behind you, moving towards healing and light. This too shall pass.”.


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