Day 12 – 14 Ethony’s Tarot Challenge.

12. What is your go to Tarot Spread right now? Extra points for sharing it. 

Right now I’ve been very much into just drawing three cards and reading them in a row. No specific positions or anything, just kind of reading them like a story. I also often use past-present-future and quite often body-mind-spirit. Yes, I like three card spreads, at least when I do readings for myself.

Sometimes I get creative and create a spread based on a theme I want to explore myself.

13. Do you create or modify Tarot Spreads?  

Absolutely. When I read for clients that have a specific question I almost always create a custom spread. When someone purchases a reading from me I want it to be personalized and I really want to answer their question, that’s why I find it easier to just create a very specific spread for them and get to the bottom with whatever they’re wondering.

14. What card confuses the heck out of you when it shows up? Why do you think this is?  

To be honest I don’t think any card in itself confuses me that way anymore, after reading tarot cards for quite a long time. But the court cards can take a longer time for me to interpret sometimes, depending on how many of them there are and what positions they show up in. So they can feel a little tricky? Oh and to be honest the aces can sometimes feel a little bit vague in readings.

I think the court cards confuse a lot of us because it takes a strong intuition and a good knowledge of surrounding cards to figure out whether they represent the seeker and his/her traits, someone else in the seeker’s life, or a situation. So there’s a lot to choose from and that can create some insecurity when seeing them in Readings.

The aces probably feel vague to me because well, I feel like they ARE vague in their core meaning?! An opportunity, pure and raw energy, strong energy… To me that seems more vague than a lot of the cards that actually show situations in their imagery.








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