Ethony’s tarot challenge, day 17-19.

Day 17. Do you do readings using reversals? Why or why not?

No. I’ve tried it many years ago, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t see the point of reversals. I’d never grab a panting, turn it upside down, to see it from another perspective, so why would I do that to a tarot card? For me a tarot card is a small piece of art, just like a painting or a poem.

Each card in a tarot deck has so many layers of meanings, both dark and light, that I don’t feel I have to add anymore by turning the card upside down or sideways or whatever.

Instead of reversals I let surrounding cards and spread positions decide whether the card meaning is light or dark. Let’s say The Sun turns up in the position ”What’s an obstacle when you go to job interviews?”, I wouldn’t read that as the ”typical” meaning of ”You’re happy, there’s no obstacle!” but rather look at what many readers would consider a reversed meaning, perhaps that the person seems obnoxiously perky to the point of being annoying and not believable lol just a simplified example…

Day 18. Do you feel a “connection” to your cards?

Yes, I do. I guess I feel a connection to the artwork, since it evokes feelings, thoughts and emotions in me.

Day 19. Do you read for yourself and/or for others? Why or why not?

Both. I’ve always read for myself and loved it. I know my limitations, when something is too emotional/close to my heart for me to read about, I go to another reader to not let my own feelings get in the way of interpretation. And I read for others because they seem to appreciate my readings and get help from it, and it’s a great feeling to help someone.



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