Ethony’s tarot challenge, day 20 – 22.

Day 20. How do you feel when you do readings?

Hmm I feel focused and kind of in a meditative state. Especially after a bigger reading I can feel very calm, serene, and grounded.

Day 21. Do you charge money (or other ways of compensation) for your readings/services?

Yes, I opened my Etsy shop for readings in October 2015. I had done A LOT of free readings for people e-mailing me and also for the Biddy Tarot Network and felt like I was ready to start charging. I also felt like I wanted the seekers to actually value my readings. Unfortunately a lot of people only value what they pay for in some way. A free reading can sometimes be skimmed through, and if the seeker doesn’t like it he/she just deletes it, if he she/likes it a smile might be put on their face and then… Delete.

In Sweden a lot of people have in the last 20 years started to put a price on kittens they sell. When I was very little a kitten would cost like 1 dollar! Today a kitten can cost about 60 dollars, and I know this practice has started to grow so that people who get an animal don’t just ”throw it away” (that sentence break my heart but idiots literally do that as you might know… Ugh.) but actually value it a bit more. I feel like the same goes for my tarot practice. I spend my time, energy, and knowledge doing a reading – I want something back. I already have a day job, so it’s not at all about the money, it’s just so that energetic exchange gets done, for both people to show that they’re serious about either getting a reading or doing a reading.

Day 22. What question do you most often ask the deck (or, ask on behalf of another)?

Oh my… I honestly don’t know! I try to ask ”deep” questions, as in not asking yes-no-questions but rather ”What do I need to know about…?” or ”What potential does this situation (relationship, job hunt, etc etc) have in the future?” or ”What energies surround this and that?” etc. I try to think of a GOOD question, because if you just throw out a sloppy question the cards will answer the question in the same way.




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