Ethony’s tarot challenge. Day 23.

Day 23. How accurate do you believe your readings are (or, do they accurately convey messages from spirits/deity)?

I don’t want to put down what I do, but I also don’t want to sound cocky? LOL! This is a difficult question! For starters, what does accurate even mean? Is it doing readings like ”in two months you will meet the man you will marry” or ”in a week you will get in a car accident, but you will not get wounded.” and then exactly that happens? Because no, I don’t do readings like that. I don’t believe the future is set in stone, so it makes no sense to do readings like that, FOR ME. I don’t believe anyone can do readings like that all the time, every now and then, yeah maybe, but all the time? Eh nah…

But I have done readings for myself as well as others where the cards have closely reflected different situations and people. I guess the best example is when reading for others, describing perhaps their past relationships and some personality traits, and the seeker replies that I’ve described the situation/person ”exactly accurate” or ”spot on”. So if you want to see that as accurate, sure! I just find the word vague at times…

I think all readings, as long as the reader is quite acquainted with tarot and the connection is there (as in the seeker isn’t blocking his/her energies, etc) are accurate. But sometimes the future does change, because the seeker decides to adjust and change things in life, and at other times we’re not ready to face the truth. I will give you an example of the last thing, involving myself, a very honest and raw example actually.

A while back I was faced with my ex, with whom I’ve lived with for three years, telling me out of the blue he had met someone else and was in love. This was only a couple of weeks after moving out from our flat, and I was in no way ready to even start dating anyone else. I felt like he had forgotten about everything we had shared in a heartbeat and I was devastated he could just throw away those three years that had meant so much to me. I was heartbroken.

After some time I was naturally starting to feel a bit better. The worst heartache had calmed down and I was almost feeling like I could go through this situation without getting TOO hurt so to speak. I did a reading, asking how the situation would develop in the near future. I used the Housewive’s Tarot, which has never been a favorite of mine, but I want to give it another chance… I digress. I drew three cards, and the Ten of Swords showed up, I believe this was a past-present-future spread.

(Here is the reading, and here is the caption I posted on Instagram: ”Hmm I keep trying to use the Housewives Tarot but it doesn’t quite vibe with me. I love the idea and artwork but we’re not very compatible at the moment. I’m thinking I’m gonna do what I did with the Shadowscapes when we didn’t get along: put it away and wait for it to call on me.”)

I was pissed off! I got angry with this deck! I thought ”ugh this deck doesn’t make sense to me!”, how could things even get worse in this situation? No it doesn’t make sense, whatever!” and I put the deck away and forgot about it.

Two days later I woke up, a Saturday morning, just scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feed. And maybe the story gets a bit immature and silly here… But I’m just being honest, so forgive me for being a little silly/dramatic…

On Facebook it hit me right in the face, a picture of him, and his new girl (of course prettier than me, life is cruel!) and that God damn ”Is now in a relationship with…”. His friends, who had of course basically become my friends during our three years together, were congratulating the traitors. People were posting hearts as comments. People thought they were CUTE together… Meanwhile I was alone. Hungover. Sad. Pathetic. Left on my own. Trash.

And I hit rock bottom. The Ten of Swords. Just as the tarot had predicted, the message was ”accurate” no matter how much I wanted to deny it and forget about it when it had shown up. I could no longer hide from the Ten of Swords, and while crying like a little girl, for a short while I smiled, and remembered once again to always trust the cards.



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