Separating your business and spiritual energy.

Let’s just be honest here, fortune tellers/psychics/tarot readers do not have the best reputation when it comes to business. A lot of people out there believe we are all scammers who just want to trick people to get money and perhaps fame too.

I know it’s important to not let yourself be judged by what other people have done wrong, but at times I personally feel responsible showing others that a tarot reader can be a very “normal” (whatever that means…), logical, reliable person with a business that has no interest in tricking anyone.

Of course the biggest scams, that make me really angry, are the readers saying that they see a curse and to have it removed you must pay an additional — USD and then you’re guaranteed to find love or whatever you were asking the cards for. It’s a horrible way to trick people off their money.

But something I’m reacting to lately is the small tarot businesses that aren’t scammers, but that still don’t seem to take their business seriously. Two things in particular have been on my mind:

  1. The readers that use book meanings.

I’ve seen mentioned on forums that some readers don’t mention to their clients that they use meanings from books because they “don’t know this particular deck quite well yet” or some other excuse. I think this is very problematic. Because ANYONE can buy a cheap second hand tarot deck, draw some cards, and then go online and find general meanings to apply and ta-da they have their own reading and they can use the cards plenty of times to get new readings. When approaching someone who claims to be a tarot reader online, this isn’t what is expected. The seeker expects, and is purchasing, a reading that is adapted to the seeker and her question, to the unique context that the cards show up in, and that results in a personalized reading that can not be found by googling “Hierophant tarot meaning”!

  1. The readers that don’t give you what is promised because of a “bad day”.

Now this is something that has happened to me a couple of times actually. I purchase a reading, where it is clearly stated that it will be delivered in say, 6 days. I wait patiently. On the 6th day I am expecting an e-mail with a tarot reading. Instead I get an e-mail saying “I’m sorry, your reading will be delivered tomorrow instead, I’m feeling quite affected by Mercury Retrograde today so I’m not up for reading the cards.” Or something similar.

I understand. Umm kind of…? People have bad days, they feel down, they feel tired, they don’t feel like reading the cards or doing tea leaf readings or scrying or whatever… I’ve been there too! Sometimes I haven’t touched my cards for weeks because I’ve felt like I just can’t get in the zone or whatever.

But with clients?! That are PAYING me!? No, honey, that is NOT how it works.

I feel strongly about this because if you want to be taken seriously you have got to deliver what is promised! If someone purchases a reading consisting of 500 words, one photo, 5 card spread, and that is delivered in 5 days – That’s what they should be getting. Not 400 words, no photo, 3 cards, and delivered in 8 days. Because then you have not given them what they purchased! You have tricked them! It doesn’t matter that you didn’t “mean to” not give them what they purchased, you’ve still done them wrong.

Do you think that Amazon would have clients all over the world if they constantly shipped everything 10 days too late? Of course not. And of course we sometimes get late deliveries from those huge companies also, but they would never have lasted if they constantly screwed up with prices, quality or late shipping.

There’s no reason to see a tarot reading business in any other light. Yes, it’s a spiritual thing to read the cards, it lowers your energy, it forces you to be grounded and have a clear mind – But if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen! If you find yourself constantly having to delay readings because your energy just isn’t there, or you can’t get grounded, or you can’t connect with your spirit guides or whatever it may be – Then you are not ready to take on paying clients.

Always be clear with what you’re selling, and then give exactly that and nothing less! If you can’t deliver what you have promised – You’re ruining this business for all other tarot readers also! You’re just helping maintain the bad reputation spiritual business owners already have. In a business that people laugh at and shit talk constantly this is the last thing we need.

In my next post I’ll tell you what I do when I have a reading due but I’m feeling like shit…



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