Ethony’s tarot challenge. Day 25 – 26.

Day 25. What was the most dramatic/meaningful reading you ever did? (Not necessarily the most accurate.) No real names and trust your intuition with sharing certain information please.

Many years ago I read for a friend of a friend. Something in the cards, or perhaps it was just an intuitive hit, made me tell him that he needed to be more careful about using protection when umm having sex. It’s quite an odd thing to tell someone you don’t know so well, but hey, I was just reading the cards and that’s what they were saying so why not? I told him there would be consequences if he didn’t become more responsible.

Later I ran into our mutual friend, who told me that he had talked to the friend I had read the cards for, and been told that the girl he had some kind of casual relationship with had told him she was pregnant and was going to get an abortion. I asked him like three times if he was trying to mess with my mind (I had only studied the tarot for about three years when this happened) but he swore it was true. Quite a long time after this I bumped into the guy on the bus and he confirmed that was exactly what had happened, but that the girl was trying to avoid telling him about her situation, and because of the reading he had been a little pushy (not something I had advised him to be, of course!) so she ended up telling him about it, and apparently he ended up being way more careful with protection in the future…

So that’s probably my most dramatic reading. The weird thing is that shortly after this reading I took a break from tarot for quite a while. Perhaps I was a bit shaken up by how spot on the reading had been? Before this I felt like my readings weren’t as specific as this one had been.

When it comes to meaningful readings it’s probably a couple of readings I’ve done for myself. Not one in particular actually, but rather a few that have helped me develop, heal and move on in life. Recently I did daily draws with the Nicoletta Ceccoli, and it was a very healing experience. A lot of meaningful readings come and go in my life, that’s why I love tarot so much!

Day 26. Have you ever regretted a particular reading, either for yourself or Another?

No, not really. Sometimes I have asked questions that I actually didn’t want answered, as in I wanted a positive message only, but ended up with a negative answer… But I find that helps me to stay realistic, grounded, and sometimes it makes me work harder for the outcome I would’ve preferred. I don’t think most of the future is set in stone so I don’t see it as a huge problem if a reading doesn’t show the outcome I want. That’s where my own power comes in.



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