”Tarot doesn’t work, you were wrong!”

At one point I believe any tarot reader doing readings for others will come across the client who is not satisfied. Now, sometimes they have a right to not be satisfied. Like I’ve stated before, if a reading is delivered very late, doesn’t match the description (500 words instead of the promised 1000 words), or uses book meanings – the client is right about being upset and disappointed!

But what about the people complaining about ”You told me this and that would happen, but it didn’t! Why were you wrong? Are you a fraud?”? What’s that all about?!

I haven’t had many of those clients, but it has happened once or twice. I’ll be the first to admit that I get quite upset by critique! I start to question myself and all my insecurities just grow and wash over me in an instant. Ugh! But we all want our clients to be happy, pleased and content, don’t we? We don’t want to fail.

I think this is where clarity comes in. Because when I’m over that ”Oh no, I’m a bad reader!” I start to think and ponder – Why did the person see me as some kind of magical psychic?! I am not Sylvia Brown, and I certainly don’t make myself out to be anything like Sylvia Brown. I am very honest and open about my readings giving ”potential options about the future”, and ”showing you how the past and present will most likely affect your future”. I also state clearly that I do not believe in a future set in stone that cannot be changed – no, that kind of ”fortune telling” is not what I do.

In every listing I have in my shop I tell the potential client to go read my ”About me” page to see what my tarot readings are all about, where the above is stated.

Am I responsible if someone does not read that description of the product/service they are buying? No, of course not! I don’t go buy a cell phone, shower with it, and then come back to the store yelling at the clerk.

”You sold me a lousy phone! I can’t even shower with it without it breaking!”

”Uhh mam, on the box it clearly says the phone is not protected from water and should be kept out of contact with water…”

”Well I did not READ THAT! So the phone was not a good phone!”

Does that make sense to anyone? But of course not.

As I’ve said before, we as tarot readers have a huge responsibility taking our business seriously and not scam anyone. But we cannot forget that our clients also have a responsibility. You cannot purchase a reading from someone who clearly states they’re not psychic fortune tellers, and then complain that the so-called predictions were not 100% correct! You don’t go to a masseuse wanting a haircut, do you? Or go to a bank trying to buy milk and eggs?

My piece of advice to anyone looking for a good tarot reader is to research what kind of reader that person is and figure out what they want from a reading. Don’t just fall for a pretty facade (nice website) or many followers on social media etc, but rather find out what they believe about tarot and how they use it. There are plenty of readers out there stating they are psychic and that they make predictions – Awesome! That’s the clarity I’m talking about. I don’t look down in ANY way on fortune tellers or psychics, but I simply cannot see my own work being compatible with that, and I’d love it if potential clients did not assign me with titles (”psychic”) that I myself do not want near my name.


So those were my late night (well, it’s not that late but whatever) tarot thoughts for today… Wishing you all a happy full moon tonight, and hoping for more clarity in the future! For both tarot readers and tarot clients.




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