Blog reply on what 5 decks I’d bring with me.

So Kelly-Bear on YouTube asked us to list our top 5 tarot decks, either to imagine we’re going abroad for a year or longer, or that we can only work with 5 decks for the rest of our life. Very interesting challenge! And I must say my answer varies depending on which of the scenarios I am imagining. But let’s start with the easier one out of the two…

My 5 decks if I’d go abroad for a longer time:

– Fountain Tarot
Simply because it’s a new deck in my collection that interests me a lot, ”everyone” loves it, I’m so curious if I’ll love it too, and I actually suspect I’m gonna like it a lot. It does feel like the perfect deck for client readings, it just has this professional look about it, doesn’t it?

– Japaridze Tarot
This is my go to deck since a couple of months back and it’s so beautiful, clear and I love the connection I have with this deck! Wonderful both for my own readings, and for client readings.

– Ludy Lescot Tarot
Well, I would need to bring a darker deck too, the honest, ”dig deep” deck…

– Prisma Visions Tarot
Another brand new one in my collection, which I’m yet to use. But I’m very curious how I’ll like it, and I found it much more appealing in real life than from what I’ve seen in videos and photos. It feels like it has its own unique thing going on, and I like discovering those decks and seeing what my intuition makes of them.

– Starchild Tarot (Akashic edition)
To me this is my most ”spiritual” and meditative deck. It always gets me in that certain mood, thinking about my role on this earth, karma, the Universe, how spirituality plays a big role in my life, how I can heal, etc… It just gets me thinking and daydreaming. And ya know, it’s absolutely stunning! I love just looking at this deck!

So there we go, I’d take these decks with me if I left home for a year or so. Two of those are really risky, Fountain and the Prisma Visions, because I haven’t tried them yet and they might just disappoint me and not connect when used in readings. But since I’m going to reunite with all my decks after my long trip, it might be worth taking a chance. 😉

Worth mentioning, because they almost made the list:
Lumina Tarot
I’ve connected really well with this deck recently, but it IS still very new to me, so it’s hard to know if it will become a permanent top 10 deck for me or not.
Nicoletta Ceccoli
Love this, so healing and feels like it really knows my darker corners. It’s like the darker version of the Starchild Tarot for me.
Wild Unknown Tarot
Simply because it’s a deck I would like to study deeper and really get to know well. It’s so well done and just carries so much wise energy.

I’ll post my ”If I could only work with 5 decks for the rest of my life”-list in another post. Now, that one is really challenging ugh…


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