Now for the difficult list…

I’ve posted my list of decks to bring abroad, and now we’ve come to the ”5 decks for the rest of your life”-list. Oh dear… How difficult is this, seriously?! Ugh.

But okay then, my 5 decks if I could only own 5 decks for the rest of my life;

– Standard RWS
People say that the centennial edition is the way to go with the RWS nowadays, but I would not trade it for my RWS deck. First of all I just love it, I love the card stock, the coloring and yeah, even those backs haha. This deck carries a lot of my energy and memories in it. And it carries someone else’s energy also.

It was gifted to me 10 years ago, in 2006. I was looking for a RWS deck with the English hand written titles, that for some reason I found so beautiful, while I found the computerized font dreadful. But it was hard finding this version in Sweden! A kind, beautiful, soul from the US sent it to me, for free, and even made a handmade box for it, with a nature winter photograph I had taken decorating it. I was thrilled!

This is what he wrote me when I told him it had arrived: ”I am so happy that you like the box too, and remember~the cards are now special to you~and freely all they can be to you. They have come home to you… and the wonder of it all is yours.”. We didn’t really stay in touch after that, and from what I’ve heard this beautiful soul has since passed on. I am forever grateful, and it remains my most treasured tarot deck. I connected instantly with it and it has never let me down.

I do not believe in any way that you have to be gifted tarot decks, like the old tarot myth says, but for me gifted decks do have a special place in my heart.

– Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot
This deck has been with me through tough times. Some people find it dark, but I’ve never seen that. This deck has comforted me so beautifully when I’ve needed it. It really brings out my intuition and makes me let go of any ”standard meanings”, which I think any seasoned tarot reader needs sometimes.

– Ludy Lescot Tarot
This deck is so honest, tells me the truth, kicks my butt, and knows what I have to know about life and certain situations. I love the images, and I love its darkness and sad women. This on speaks to my core feminine inner energy, the one that was kicked around too much for a while, but struggled her way out of there. I still need to be reminded what path to walk to not start going back to that dark place, and it’s funny that this deck’s darkness manages to do that. I just need this in my life.

– Japaridze Tarot
Well, it hasn’t been in my life for THAT long, but there is something about it… I suspect it will stay with me and continue to be one of my go to decks for a long time. It has the perfect mix of RWS and then something more personal/unique added to it. I think it’s a deck I won’t ever feel bored using, there’s just so much there.

– Wild Unknown Tarot
It was so hard deciding on the last deck! Ugh! But mainly because of its originality this deck made it. It just has a completely different look than all other decks, it’s stunning, it has depth, and it works so well for both myself and for client readings.

But let’s do some honorable mentions so I don’t feel terrible anymore…
Lumina Tarot
This didn’t make it because I haven’t had it for so long. This is another gifted deck though, which warms my heart so much, and the artwork appeals a lot to me. I like the mix of people and animals. So far it has given me lovely readings. But I can’t tell quite yet if it’s a ”lasting” reading deck for me…
Starchild Tarot
I love this deck, but again I feel it’s too new to take the risk… The connection isn’t 100% there yet, even though I love the artwork!
Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot
(Yes, despite the last days of controversy). This is bright, fun, colorful and when I use it I always get the feeling a friend made it by hand only for me to use. It read so well for me, and I like how it would add that ”colorful fun” factor to give my little collection of 5 decks more variety.
Hudes Tarot
One of those decks I find myself always going back to every now and then. It doesn’t leave me breathless to be honest, but it has a gentleness and kind energy that I just love. When it has something to tell me I just feel it so clearly and rush to it… It’s a trustworthy old friend I guess.

There you go! That was so difficult haha! I’m glad I’m not forced to get rid of my 35 other decks, I would cry for weeks…




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