A crooked alien path…

At times when life has been rough for me, and there have been many moments believe me, I have wished that my dreams and aspirations were of a more simple nature.

I’ve seen friends dream about a 9 to 5 job with friendly co-workers, a husband who treats them well and let’s them be a stay-at-home mom for a couple of years, and a cute little house that is just the right distance from the city. They dream of two children, a son and a daughter, with big smiles and clean clothes on them. And maybe a playful golden retriever that makes the family laugh daily.

For the longest time I felt like an alien for not sharing that dream with ”everyone else”. Approaching 30 I roll my eyes at people asking if it isn’t my turn to be pregnant soon. Or to buy a house. Or stay at a job for more than a year…

I’ve been resisting my path for so long, just waiting for my soul to catch up with everyone else and for my so-called biological clock to start ticking. Waiting for myself to feel so at home with a job that it doesn’t bother me to spend more than 8 hours there every day. I’ve been switching careers and changing appartments as often as others change sweaters… ”A restless soul” they say.

All along not wanting to admit to myself what I’m truly meant to do. But clarity is coming over me. I’m feeling a strong calling to heal myself, heal others, develop my spiritual gifts, writing and journaling, to share the wisdom the Universe shares with me regularly…

Perhaps that’s why I had a sudden urge to wake up this blog that has been resting for a while now. Sometimes it doesn’t fit neither YouTube nor Instagram. Sometimes it’s just a quick, simple, word document that does it.

I’m not a fool. I won’t quit my job. I won’t burn myself out spending nights and weekends doing readings and other spiritual work, I won’t move to an ashram in India, and I’m for sure not gonna start wearing tie-dye…

But I have realized that I must somehow accept this calling. I must take further baby-steps towards a life more aligned with my spiritual needs, or I will always wonder why I didn’t take the chance. Again, this isn’t mainly an outer shift, it’s an inner shift. My life looks the same on the outside, but I will start sharing more with you, not only what is going on with tarot and oracle cards, but also other parts of my spiritual journey, and I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve already started a little on my YouTube channel, sharing some thoughts about working with the moon recently…

An inner shift can be just as powerful as an outer shift, that’s a lesson I’ve learned recently.


3 reaktioner på ”A crooked alien path…

  1. I soooooo feel you on this. I’m in a long term relationship, and even my boyfriend gets freaked out when I start talking about quitting my job and traveling and stuff – like, he should know me right? *sigh* it’s a struggle, I’m happy that I’m not alone. But I would like to wear more tie-dye (that line made me giggle) hahaha



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