You’re not ethically superior.

Ethics – a hot potato in the tarot community, isn’t it?

I support how a lot of groups and readers are trying to bring tarot into the mainstream eye, spreading information on how it works, and throwing away all those old myths built on fear. I love how it’s now more common to understand that tarot can be a very transformational tool, helping you grow internally, without letting the cards’ advice be in complete control of your life. The realization that tarot does not predict a fixed future and is rather a guiding light is now spreading, and that makes me a very happy tarot reader!

At the same time I’m seeing a new kind of fixed ethics spread around that rubs me the wrong way. Ethics being forced on every tarot reader out there, and if you DARE breaking them, you don’t have an ethical business or whatever…

To put it simply, right out there on the table: You do not tell me how I may or may not use my cards.

You create your ethics, go by them, swear by them, print them out and put them all over your office… But you do not push them down someone else’s throat.

It is simply rude and inappropriate.

There are no universal ethics, please understand this. What makes you cringe, makes me smile, and what makes me cringe, makes you smile… Sometimes that is how different two individuals can be.

Let me share two things many readers find unethical, that I will gladly do:

– Not read the cards for someone with a psychiatric problem

To me this ”rule” sounds built on fear of what is unknown to this person, and pure discrimination. People with psychiatric disorders are NOT little children that cannot take care of themself! They are independent individuals who should never be shut out of spirituality. As a person who in the past has suffered from insomnia, depression, self-harming, and an anxiety disorder, I can tell you one thing: I wish I would’ve turned MORE to tarot and/or oracle cards during these moments of difficulty!

I wish I would’ve met a wonderful tarot reader who read the cards for me, giving me loving advice on how to step out of my negative thoughts, and my worry about the future and things I had no control over. And you know what for sure would’ve made me sad and upset during this time? A tarot reader saying to me ”Oh you have been diagnosed with depression? Sorry, I can’t do anything for you, it wouldn’t be ETHICAL.” as if I was a danger to work with, as if I was a person without a functioning brain. Now, that would’ve made me go home and cry for several days. Not a tarot reading that is done in a healthy way (a healthy reading to me means a self-reflective, guiding reading, not one of those old school doom-and-gloom-readings)…

Second point that annoys the hell out of me:

– Faking not reading the cards for any third party

See, there’s a reason I write ”faking” this, and that is because it’s really hard to read the cards and not get into a third party situation, if you’re actually doing a thorough reading for an hour or so. Why? Because: No man is an island.

If we live a ”normal life” we will have so many people influencing us. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, maybe a partner or a date, an ex, a partner’s children, steph siblings… We’re surrounded by people in life, we interact with someone else almost every day of our life. So how do you even do a thorough reading on someone’s life (covering love, career, home situation, etc) without mentioning someone else? Please, tell me, because I find it ridiculous, if not impossible.

And when you go around yapping about how you are ethically superior because you ”do not do third party readings” you are lying and trying to trick others. How ethical is that? 

Let’s say a part of the spread deals with ”Obstacles”. With a court card and a minor crossing it you understand someone in your querent’s life is upsetting them. How can you bring this up without making it a third party reading? How can you help this person solve his/her issues with this person if you don’t look for clues on why this person is being difficult towards your client? Because let’s face it, we’re all there quite often, not understanding why someone is being rude. I mean, subconsciously we usually do understand it, but on a conscious level we might need some help to get it to the surface…

When is the line crossed? Can you tell your querent ”It seems like your co-worker has been verbally sharp around you and now you’re avoiding her, thus making the whole office suspect you two are not getting along”? BAM! You’ve got quite a few people involved there, don’t you?

Stop pretending. Stop faking. Let’s all admit this: No man is an island. No man.

(And the man who IS an island will damn sure not consult a tarot reader)…

For more information on this subject I recommend ”Towards the Art of Reading” by Camelia Elias. Wonderful book!


6 reaktioner på ”You’re not ethically superior.

  1. Not entirely sure I agree with your frustrations here. Yes, in a reading, it may come up that my quêtent is in conflict with a coworker, but I will only talk about that conflict from the querent’s perspective. I will not guess at the intentions, motivations, or subjective emotional experience of anyone who hasn’t requested a reading from me, nor will I make predictions about a specific third party’s actions.

    Please note that I’m not trying to claim ethical superiority here, but am simply responding to your claim that readers are ”lying and trying to trick others” if their codes of ethics restrain them from third-party readings.

    There is also another point, which you haven’t mentioned: performing readings on medical or legal questions. I, at least, have no qualms about saying that doing so is highly unethical and that no professional Tarot reader should perform such readings. Regardless of whether one believes Tarot can answer such questions, to charge money for a medical or legal reading is the unlicensed practice of medicine or law, and it is a felony.


    1. I believe it’s very difficult to stick 100% with only talking about one person’s perspective when the focus area involves others.

      What I didn’t include here is that I always advice my querents to have the reading focus on them, because it’s impossible to get feedback from someone who is not present (so how to know we’re on the right track and not just wasting our time?), and if that person has his/her mind set to be secretive about the matter I personally believe that kind of energetic shield will stop information from coming through, thus the querent has just wasted their money…

      I think the difference in our views is the question of who is responsible. A lot of tarot readers feel responsible for their clients’ choice of asking something appropriate or inappropriate, but I actually don’t. An adult can decide for themselves if they want to ask this or that, if they want to ”snoop” on someone they know, and so on. I feel more like a conduit of the messages coming through, not a filter.

      I did not mention those matters because I can very much understand why one would not read law and health. And considering American laws it can be a big problem for readers, from what I understand. I would personally read on those subjects (depending on the question), but of course first having said that I cannot replace a lawyer, doctor, and so on. Just like when I work with reiki healing – it is not to replace what a doctor would do. Healing, tarot readings, and an appointment with a lawyer or doctor are all very separate from each other, but I don’t see why someone would advice against going to all three of those practicioners if they want to…

      Thank you for your comment, Jack, I don’t love diversity and exchanging opinions, it makes us all think and see different perspectives.

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      1. I agree and stand mostly along those lines, who am to say and dictate what a querent should ask. Of course, I don’t replace a professional lawyer, doctor, etc., but in general, I am pretty open with readings.


      2. Thanks for commenting! 🙂
        I sometimes feel we dumb down our clients when we don’t trust them knowing their own good… I also feel some readers don’t trust their cards, but that’s another blog post. 😉

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      3. Yeah, I see what you mean. I view cartomancy and divination in general much along these lines, a person asks me a qiestion and I read, simple as that. I agree with Camelia Elias’s take on all this too. Who am I to say what a person does and does not ask, I am just a reader, I read what the cards show me, I trust the cards and my ability to see what is in front of me. There is a really good article by Camelia Elias on patheos’s section The Cartomancer about this, reading for the secret. Such a gem. Nowadays, if you think along these lines you are sort of looked differently upon by the community, especially if one doesn’t read the tarot esoterically.



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