Making tarot plans, pros and cons…?

In September I made a video about what decks I planned on using during autumn 2016. I felt it was really well thought out and well planned. And now I look back, and I admit… I used about half of the decks! Oops?

Some of the ones I did not feel very drawn to work with:
Impressionist Tarot
Steampunk Tarot
Hudes Tarot
Cheimonette Tarot
Tarot of Transformation
Native Spirit Oracle
Journey of Love Oracle

I adore most of them, but I just weren’t in the mood. One thing to consider is that I had an accident on September 15th, and I fractured my collarbone. One might think being in bed for two weeks equals lots of tarot studies, tarot readings and reading books… But hell no! I was in so much pain most of the time that I couldn’t concentrate on reading anything. All I did was watch old episodes of How I Met Your Mother, while half asleep… When I was on pain killers (ugh I hate pills) I was so off that again I could not concentrate… So a lot of my usual tarot study time did not happen for around 6 weeks actually, because I was in pain and the little energy I had went to surviving work and physiotherapy! So that was a bummer.

Now, the decks I actually did use a lot:
Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Goddess Tarot
Tarot of the Sidhe
Starchild Tarot
Divine Circus Oracle
Ceccoli Oracle

The two that stand out for me are the Starchild and the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. It’s almost been a year since I got my Starchild Tarot in the mail and I am still really surprised that I have come to love it as much as I do! It is a lot more versatile than I first thought. I’ve actually started reading with it for clients and friends, and I always imagined it would be one of those personal decks I’d save for my own reading. But no, it reads beautifully for others!

The Tarot of the Hidden Realm has been a lot more nurting, comforting, and healing than I could ever imagine. When I’ve felt down, hurt, stressed, hopeless, I’ve turned to this wonderful deck, and every time it has given me such important messages. Not fluffy and sweet, definitely not, but it delivers messages in a way that makes me feel like I have the power in me already and I just need to bring it out, it gives me that little push so that I’m able to do so.

I’m now working on a list for winter, since December is fast approaching! And it will be fun to see if I work with all of those decks…

I love making lists, and I love planning, but I for sure never force myself to follow these lists like a slave. During november I have felt very drawn to working with traditional/basic decks, so even though there is no RWS or New Palladini on my autumn list – they have been my main reading buddies for 3 or 4 weeks.

It’s fun to plan things, but anything can happen (like a fracture sigh…), so I always make sure I really go within to decide on what deck I need to work with. I’ve tried before to stick with one deck for a week, or even a month, and just… No. I can’t! As soon I decide ”Okay, now for a week I will ONLY use the Steampunk Tarot.” I’m instantly drawn to another deck! It’s like my own psyche is resisting authority from myself… Go figure… So plans, yes, but rules, no!




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