Tarot Thursday Three

The lovely Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot just started a fun blog exercise I’m definitely gonna be following in the future, she will post three blog post prompts every Thursday. I honestly find it a bit difficult at times to think of blog topics, so this is excellent! Here’s the first round:

How do you know when to stop shuffling?

Intuition haha! It usually feels like the deck all of a sudden gets much easier to shuffle, and then that last shuffle just comes naturally. I almost wish I had learned a certain amount of shuffles, and then stopped, because sometimes I feel I take too long shuffling the deck… And I don’t even like shuffling! I am the worst tarot card shuffler EVER, I swear. I often have several cards flying across the room and down on the floor sigh… Some people say they shuffle to calm themselves and they find it comfortable – I admit, I do not!

Have you ever had a spooky or supernatural experience while working with the cards? 

Hmm. To be honest I’ve sometimes found it a little bit spooky when the cards have been extremely accurate about a certain specific situation. Many years ago I predicted that a friend’s friend would make a woman pregnant, and about a week later he found out this was indeed true (well, technically she was already pregnant when the reading took place, but no one knew, not even the woman herself), and two weeks later told me about it. I don’t exactly strive to predict situations or uncover “secrets” so to speak, but sometimes the cards have a message that will come through anyway, so what do ya do?

I know some people say they feel like spirits live in their deck, or that faeries hide their decks, etc… But I’ve never had anything like that happen to me.

Is there a card that you still struggle to interpret at times (maybe even dread when it pops up!)?

Hmm… In certain readings I can have trouble with Judgment. It has a quite abstract and big meaning for me. The Five of Wands and Seven of Wands can feel quite similar to me, so seeing those two next to each other throws me off a bit.

Since most of my readings are written via e-mail I don’t get nervous if I don’t instantly understand what a card means in the reading. I just sit with it and make sense of it in my own time, eventually it always ends up making sense, especially after connecting it with surrounding cards and the question the reading revolves around.




6 reaktioner på ”Tarot Thursday Three

  1. Thank you for playing along, Ania! I am fascinated by how others shuffle, personally. I also feel like my method takes a long time but it didn’t strike me really until doing live periscope readings where you have multiple people waiting. I was like …Um…This could take awhile folks lol.


  2. Ooooh Judgement/Judgment! Yes, I didn’t even think of that card. Hmmmm, it does have quite a big meaning. And that’s a funky Judgment card, to be sure. I’m a terrible shuffler as well. Yikes.



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