The tarot closet…

Sometimes I think about the famous tarot closet. And where I stand; in it or not?

I have slowly started to come out of the closet, but I can admit that my family doesn’t know anything about me using tarot and oracle cards. Would they mind? To be honest, I think some of them would be curious and want a reading. Would anyone freak out and yell “That’s Satan’s cards!”? Hehe. No, I’m very sure that would not happen!

So why do I keep it a secret?

Simply to avoid nosy questions. Not all families are super tight, share everything, and talk for hours on the phone every day… We keep our distance, and we like it that way. So I choose to let my cards be my own little private thing.

Could they find out by googling? Yeah, probably. Do I care? Obviously not since I have chosen to reveal my real name and my face to the tarot world! It would be easy to just go by an alias and not say anything private, but I really find I’ve bonded so much better with the community since I let my real persona and identity come out, and I just love that.

When it comes to coworkers and friends I actually let the secret out fairly easily these days. Thankfully it’s rare in Sweden that people would judge a tarot reader to be a devil worshipper, evil, or similar. The only judgement I’ve noticed is that some people might view a tarot reader as one of three things: Gullible, plain stupid, or a scammer who does it to become rich.

When I tell people about my tarot hobby I keep it simple and actually do quickly add “I don’t see it as fortune-telling, I don’t believe everything in life can be predicted, but I think it can give good advice, connect me with something bigger and my own soul, and it’s also a great psychological self-development tool.”. It can be positive that Swedes often don’t know that much about tarot really, so usually they just nod and go “Oh okay, cool”.

I’m hoping that the people I tell see me as a normal, smart, person and understand that tarot isn’t something super out there and weird. That’s something to think about when coming out of the tarot closet – maybe it will help others understand the concept better!

My dream would be to rub off on a friend and get her to buy a deck and start studying the cards… Sigh. But it probably won’t happen. My friends are either Christians, huge skeptics, or honestly only interested in clothes/make-up/shoes/chick TV-shows… I might be one of few tarot readers who actually is glad to hear a friend want a free reading!

How much out of the tarot closet are you?


3 reaktioner på ”The tarot closet…

  1. I only have one insta account and talk about tarot openly (obviously) and I’ve had people from real life ask me about tarot, but I don’t ever bring it up in conversation. My close friends and partner ask about it (to a certain extent) and I do readings for them, and I’ve had a friend buy a deck because of me, but it’s nothing like my interest in it, of course haha. While it’s not a totally taboo subject in my experience (most people just don’t know what it is), people just don’t care about enough to really make conversation haha.


    1. Yes I agree! Most people just go ”Oh ok” and then ask two questions and then they’re done. Something I hide is the fact I actually have a deck collection lol. I don’t know why but people freak out when I say I have 50 tarot decks…

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