Tarot Thursday Three – Second round!

Another round of Tarot Thursday Three with questions by the lovely Spiral Sea Tarot! Yay! I’m a bit late this time, but hey, better late than never? Hehe.

What do you do with a deck you don’t connect with?
Most of the time when I discover I don’t instantly click with a new tarot deck – I take a break. I let it sit on a shelf until I’m drawn to it again, and give it a second chance. I am actually a bit hesitant to get rid of decks I haven’t had for a long time, because it has happened many times now that the timing simply has not been right for me and a deck! I’ve let it rest for a couple of months, and then I’ve come back to it again suddenly getting readings that make sense and give clear messages, and I’ve started to adore the deck!

I really believe we’re sometimes not ready to receive a certain deck’s lessons, and subconsciously we know this. I don’t get stressed these days if a new deck isn’t giving me “accurate” readings, because it can take many months before I am ready to accept that decks messages. One of my favorites, The Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot, did not click with me instantly, but after we did I think we will be working together for maaaany years!

At times I will connect better if I study a deck, as in reading the guidebook or posts online about it, to understand the artwork and perhaps the creator’s thoughts behind it.

How long do you give yourself to connect with a new deck?
Hmm. It really depends on what feelings the deck gives me. I quickly got “yucky” feelings from the Wisdom of the Oracle by Baron-Reid, and just knew it was not a deck I was meant to work with, ever. So after a few readings I quite quickly traded it. I’ve had a few decks for almost a year now, and I’m yet to connect with them well. But it is also a question of having the time and energy for it! I have quite a big collection (50 tarot decks and 30 oracles), so sometimes I just don’t have the time to work with a brand new deck until my schedule calms down a little, and that of course prolongs the process of connecting with it.

What consecration ritual(s) do you use with new divination tools?
I have no set rituals. I know many people spend a lot of time and energy on saging, interviewing, blessing, full moon bathing, etc their decks… But I’m not one of them. I can be a bit of a non-woo woo person when it comes to this lol. In the end I don’t see my decks as alive (they hold energy yes, but they do not have a personality, feelings or opinions), I think the “magic” happens inside of me when I read with the cards, so I don’t feel the need to consecrate them since they are simply tools for my soul, subconscious, and my connection with Source. It’s more useful for me to sit and meditate or to sage myself, instead of the deck, before starting to get to know a new deck.

I have done the occasional deck interview and saging though. Simply because I felt like it! These days I do infuse my decks every now and then with Reiki energy, simply because I find it to be such an amazing energy to put in anything really, and I’ve liked how it has charged and programmed my crystals.

Everytime I get a new deck I do look through it though, to get some first impressions, and to see that no card is missing or is damaged.




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