Discovering core values.

I have experienced a lot of resistance towards the Law of Attraction and the new agey kind of manifestation that goes around right now, as you see me expressing in this video.

We’re all influenced by external forces, unless we live alone in a cabin in the woods with no TV, papers, internet and so on… So I don’t pretend that social media in particular doesn’t affect me. The hype gets me too sometimes.

I have considered trying out manifestation exercises. I have considered buying a book about the Law of Attraction. I have considered signing up for a course revolving around how the mind shapes the reality… And so on.

And I have prayed and received, visualized what I have wanted, and then seen it come to fruition, which is very much similar to what a lot of manifestation methods revolve around…

But I’ve stopped myself before signing up for that expensive course, ordering that popular book, and wishing for an overflowing bank account…

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am, in my core soul, much more zen than what is popular today. You know, trends come and go, always. Mindfulness and to a certain extent also zen meditation, was VERY popular in my country around 10 years ago. It still has its popularity, but the huge trendy vibe has mellowed down from what I can see.

But my heart is still there. Around 2006-2007 I started buying books on mindfulness, and started to grow the thought of how meaningful it is to live in the present moment, and pay attention to what is going on right NOW. I did not live up to these ideas back then, because quite frankly, I was young and stupid, and it was much more fun to party, and to get my heart broken by gorgeous men with piercing blue eyes and dark hair…

But lately I’ve found myself pondering on what direction to take. And I find myself very uninterested in how to manipulate the world around me to gain more luxury, more things, more shiny stuff… It has become more clear to me how separated from my core soul and my core spirituality that kind of philosophy is.

I don’t want to spend hours on visualizing, journaling, asking for, and then (potentially?) manifesting 1000 dollars. I’d rather spend hours on growing spiritually, detaching myself from material possessions through meditation, learning new techniques to connect with the Divine, healing my heart’s scars, and letting love grow stronger.

That’s how I want to spend my time and energy. It’s what I’ve understood now from pondering my soul’s desires, needs, and wishes. I’ve asked myself what has TRUE value, to me, and I’m finally approaching a true answer. It’s both scary and exhilarating.

It might not sound like a big deal to come to the conclusion that “this kind of practice is not for me”, but I take my time pondering the core values in my life, so when I find answers it means that I’ve walked a long way to get there. And uncovering my own truths, well, to me that is a big deal. I’m enjoying putting the puzzle pieces together.


4 reaktioner på ”Discovering core values.

  1. So, I definitely think it would be odd for someone to sit down and meditate on manifesting a ton of money – is that what people do?!?!!? I think what is so important about manifestation/law of attraction is the intention behind it. Why would the universe give someone tons of money just because they were ”manifesting” it? Huh? That doesn’t make much sense to me, and goes against the entire principle behind meditation and all that. I think it’s more important to focus on the things you listed – spirituality, detachment, healing – and then the ”abundance” (another great buzz word, heh) will come afterward.

    It’s so important to know, recognize, and live our core values. Keep doing the work, girl!


    1. The shit I’ve seen online lately lol seriously… Google ”Queen of manifestation” and you’ll get one example of this craziness sigh… If one can manifest so much amazing stuff, why not sit down and manifest world peace or something? :/ I agree, why would The Universe not give a crap about truly poor people in third world countries but give some privileged person even more money from nowhere? It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m really more fond of the philosophy of flow. Go with the flow and not try to manipulate and control everything… Haha yes abundance might just follow. 😉

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      1. Oh I’m scared to google it haha! Might just upset me too much :P. You’re so right, manifest something worth while! I heard someone on a podcast once say she’s ”so good” at manifesting she could manifest a boat in her front yard, and like breezily laughed. And I was like….wtf. Like, to me, manifest is like set your intention, let the universe know, and WORK for that intention (so, basically manifestation is basically just working hard). Of course, a boat isn’t going to POP UP in your front yard out of no where, but that’s how she made it sound. Like, this woman wasn’t going to build that damn boat. Ugh. Needless to say, I never listened to that podcast again.

        I like the idea of flow, but also of working hard for what you want, which, like I said above is basically my understanding/idea of manifestation haha.

        Also, I would never say I ”manifested” something – have you heard people say that? It’s like, what does that mean? Surely you didn’t actually ”manifest” anything out of thin air, it came from SOMEwhere……. Ugh. I guess I have more thoughts on this topic than I thought haha.



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