Tarot Thursday Three – Third round!

Time for Tarot Thursday Three started by Spiral Sea Tarot. And this time I have made up the questions! Yay! So let’s go…

If you could design your own tarot deck and have it mass-produced, what theme would it have and what would it look like overall?

I don’t think I ever would try to publish my own deck, I’m not an artist and I can’t see myself giving directions to someone else to create what is in my head (Virgo Moon here so I’m too much of a perfectionist sigh…).

But playing with the fantasy of creating one… I think it would be a very feminine deck (sorry dudes!). I love female empowering decks! And I do think women esthetically are more beautiful than men, in general. And I do love beauty and “pretty” overall…

No modern stuff in it like phones and computers (I hate that ugh), but definitely not a very dated theme either (like Marseilles style clothes!). I would make sure to have some diversity when it comes to body type, age, and skin color. Even though I’m no barefoot-in-the-grass type of hippie girl I do think there would be a nature theme to it, because I adore the colors of lush forests, deep lakes, seasons changing, plants, and so on… And some animals here and there, perhaps an animal companion to each court card? Yeah, I like that. No collage or photo-manipulation, even though I do love the Starchild Tarot… But I’d much rather see something hand-drawn/painted. And definitely SCENIC imagery! I want things to be happening in the cards, not just static portraits of people!

Okay, enough haha!

I’m sure “my deck” sounds like nothing special, and maybe that’s the reason I don’t dream of creating one? Hehe. I’m already very happy with the Lumina, Ludy Lescot, Nicoletta Ceccoli etc…

How do you feel about the Celtic Cross spread?

It has grown on me during the years I’ve worked with tarot. It started out being this magical pretty unicorn I wanted to tame… Beautiful layout, looks advanced, quite a lot of cards – everything a newbie sees as magical, isn’t it? But let’s face it, for a beginner it’s a difficult spread! It took me many years to find positions I personally felt comfortable with (you can see my own version here), and for many years I just ignored the spread altogether, it just didn’t feel practical to me. And I do feel that it’s no “must” to know and use the Celtic Cross! It’s just a spread among thousands of spreads, you know?

With that said, I use it every now and then, for myself mainly. It’s a good way to check in with my life, how it’s going, and where it’s going. I prefer to let it be an open reading, and rarely ask a specific question when using it. So I do like it, but I understand why some people aren’t crazy about it! I myself would rather make up specific spreads regarding the question I have, or that my client has.

If you could have any deck in the whole world (that you do not already), which one would you pick and why? 

Probably the first tarot deck ever created, in decent condition, so that I could sell it and become rich?! Haha! Hey, why not?!

Otherwise the hard to get decks on my wishlist are two: Tarot of the Crone, and the Tori Amos Tarot. Both OOP and very expensive if I would find someone willing to sell their copy. It’s okay though, I’m honestly really happy about my current collection and if I desperately wanted them I would somehow have hunted them down already because I’m stubborn like that! (PS. If you’re also drooling over the Tarot of the Crone rumor has it that it’s being re-printed in the foreseeable future!).



7 reaktioner till “Tarot Thursday Three – Third round!

  1. As I was reading your deck description, I thought it sounded pretty similar to the Lumina! Haha! I’m happy that you enjoy that deck. We did not connect at all.

    I will reserve my thoughts on the Celtic Cross for my post haha.

    The Tarot of the Crone would be lovely to have. I’m not dying for it, but would definitely buy it if it gets reprinted.


  2. I agree with you, Ania. I can’t stand when modern technology is illustrated in a deck! I personally feel it takes away from the antiquity and mystery of the tarot!

    Tori Amos Tarot?! What! That is amazing – never heard of it but will be doing some research tonight!


    1. Vanessa, yes it was done by someone who called herself ”Galactic Cactus” on Etsy, but her shop is gone and I cannot find anyone selling the deck. 😦 There are some reviews on YouTube if you search for it.



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