Tarot Thursday Three – Fourth round!

It’s time for another round of Tarot Thursday Three by Julia!

What was your first time like giving an in-person reading? Where were you? How did you feel? Spill the deets!
Oh I actually don’t remember because it was hmm 12 years ago or so! It was probably a reading for my boyfriend at the time or my best friend? I do know I had been reading for myself for a couple of months, and I had decided to start reading more intuitively and not go with memorized keywords and such. Kind of proud of that, I know many people get stuck in that pattern… I must say honestly I was probably a better face-to-face-reader back then than I am now lol! I very rarely give in-person readings (simply because my friends and acquaintances are not interested in tarot!) so it makes me a bit nervous. When I do written readings I almost find myself in a trance state and just type away – it’s a flow I don’t always find with in-person readings.

Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings? How did they react and why? How did you respond back?
Nothing super negative, but I did get an e-mail implying that the reading was “not accurate”, because things had turned out differently than it had suggested. I already clearly explain in my “about me” section that there is no such thing as 100% accurate predictions, and I believe in free will and taking action instead of life passively happening to you… But I assume this client had not read that section (although I strongly and clearly recommend they do before purchasing a reading, sigh…). I responded explaining this, and recommended that he/she would read through the reading again, not getting stuck about the parts implying a specific outcome, but rather embrace the advice given about self-love, self-focus, growth etc (which was a much larger part of the reading anyway). I don’t think I got any negative response back so hopefully the client found something useful in the reading anyway.

I believe that expectations often get in the way of a positive reading experience. The client WANTS someone to tell them “Do this and all will be well” so they ignore the descriptions saying “I am not a psychic. This is not a predictive reading.” etc. They WANT to believe that tarot readers are like in the movies (or like shady fake mediums describe themselves); able to predict everything and let them in on all of life’s secrets. With an open mind and actively deciding that I am the right reader for them, they would really enjoy the reading so much more. With that said, I think I’ve had the above negative response maybe twice? So I’m happy the majority of my clients have been positive (or just quiet?) lol!

Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot? What was your experience like?
No, but I’m good at staying away from debates I find pointless. I don’t like to engage in discussions starting with “That cannot possibly work and it’s all a scam!” because it just sets the wrong tone from the beginning.

I’m very good at explaining my tarot philosophy and as soon as people hear I’m not any kind of fortune-teller or psychic medium they calm down. I think most skeptics I’ve met are very uninterested and simply don’t care about my tarot practice, so the conversation dies down quickly. I’m personally a sports skeptic btw! Hehe. I find sports extremely stupid and pointless, but do I point that out when I meet a person who is happy her favorite team won the Olympics or whatever? Nah, why would I? And I think most tarot skeptics are that way – they simply don’t care that I “waste time” on something that is “not real” or similar.

My ex was quite a skeptic, but VERY respectful and always supported me, encouraging me to start my Instagram page and so on. But every now and then he’d come to me for a reading, again respectfully, just saying it was for fun and such. After a while he’d start saying “Hey! This is exactly like that tarot reading last month!” lol so he kept officially being a skeptic but found every one of those “just for fun readings” to be very helpful and accurate!





3 reaktioner på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Fourth round!

  1. A couple things… I TOTALLY feel ya on the trance and flow that you described when writing out a reading. I find more information comes out during this process and for that reason, even in person readings I scribble in a notepad. It just helps shit flow.

    Also, I agree with the expectations bit. It’s very hard to satisfy someone if they want to know step by step what’s unfolding for them. Or, I almost get the sense that people think that if they get a tarot reading, they will find out some big life changing secret about themselves and it’s like, no, probably things will be as they’ve always been, but here is some advice to work in that climate. 🙂


    1. Oh notepad, that’s a good idea, can’t believe I haven’t thought of that before. 🙂

      Yes, if they think it’s gonna be super magical and they will get the key to success/true love/happiness, they will absolutely be disappointed lol. A tarot reading is about guidance, and potentially the reader can hold space for the client to heal herself/himself, but it’s not the key to all of a sudden live the dream ya know 😉 I’m hoping in the future it will be seen more like a counseling session or similar – you come out of there with new ideas, new feelings and thoughts, knowledge and then you choose if you want to apply it into your life or not.



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