Tarot Thursday Three – Fifth round!

Time for the fifth round of Tarot Thursday Three by Spiral Sea Tarot and the questions are created by the lovely Alaina this time, yay!

What is your favorite tarot card and why?
It depends! I’m such a traditionalist so I’m like ”They are all equally needed!” lol But okay… I do really love The Moon card. I’m naturally drawn to The Moon, as I have A LOT of Cancer and Moon in my natal chart, so of course it’s a card I connect well with. I tend to see this as a positive card, though I am aware that many readers view it as “false illusions, manipulation” and so on.af483153416c97c22563378893fff9c0

I also love The Star just because it’s such a serene and beautiful card, often depicted in a very soft and pretty way.

In the minors I very much like the Nine of Pentacles, the Six of Swords, and the Eight of Cups. They’ve meant a lot to mean in the last years so I always notice them quickly when they start to show up for me.

What is your least favorite tarot card and why?
Again, they’re all needed in a tarot deck hehe… I often don’t like The Sun, simply because the naked baby on a horse freaks me out somehow lol. There are lovely other depictions though, like the Lumina Tarot (first edition), love that card!

Judgement and The Chariot are both cards that feel a bit vague to me. When they show up I find it hard to get a lot of substance out of them, at least in readings for myself. I guess I lack a deeper connection, and I’ve really tried! Again talking about astrology it has never made much sense to me that Cancer is connected to The Chariot?! But I haven’t studied the astrological associations too deeply since they seem meaningless to me in readings…

In the minors I dislike a lot of Nine of Cups depictions! Creepy chubby guy looking drunk? Hmm. The Eight of Wands has a clear meaning and such to me, but it’s often a bit boring compared to other cards, isn’t it?

If you could be a tarot card (live in/personify/experience), which would it be and why?
Maybe The Hermit to not have to interact too much with others? Hehe. Or perhaps the High Priestess? I can totally see her reading tarot and meditating and drinking tea all day long… I also wouldn’t mind being in the Three of Cups, dancing around with my friends! Lots of fun cards… Can you tell I’m having trouble making decisions today?




4 reaktioner på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Fifth round!

  1. Loved this! I also considered picking the Sun as my least favorite card because of the naked baby……… and same thoughts re: nine of cups haha. The nine of pentacles, six of swords, and eight of cups are all pretty similar, aren’t they? Love how they been such strong guides for you. tbh, I am having a hard time with these decisions too! haha….. I also love the card depictions that you picked for photos!



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