Tarot Thursday Three – Eight Round!

Time for more tarot blog prompts by the wonderful Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot. Yay I love these!

If you could have your likeness immortalized on any one of the 78 cards, which would it be and why?

Ooh fun question! And hard haha… Well, High Priestess feels kind of obvious, don’t all female tarot readers connect really well with that card?! I can kind of see myself as The Empress though. I’m very curvy and have a very feminine look, though on the inside I’m not that much like her. You know what, I can see myself as a fierce Justice so I’ll just go with that! Would love to see myself with that sword and all around power look!

When reading for yourself, are you able to remain unbiased and if so, what tips can you share for others?

Oh yes! I mean, there will always be subjects that are harder to remain unbiased about. When I’m very emotionally involved it can be difficult, but on spiritual matters, everyday subjects, and similar I am very good at reading for myself.

I find it a big problem when someone says they cannot read the cards for themselves, ever. A person like that probably NEEDS to read the cards for themselves more, because he/she probably has a very weak sense of identity and would benefit from getting to know oneself better. If we plan to be healing tarot readers (opposed to just telling fortunes) we need to work with self-discovery. So that’s my tip for people who can’t read at all for themselves…

Struggling with certain subjects I think is natural, and it’s healthy and supportive of the community to now and then go to someone else for a reading. I sure do! For me I remember having a hard time reading about love related subjects when I was single a while back. I was very interested in a guy I knew and tried to read the cards on what was going on between us, and it was hard! I really wanted him to be interested so I would either see the cards as too positive because of my own hopes, or too negative because of my own fears! So I was simply way too emotionally involved at the time.

What is your least favorite deck in your collection and why?

Hmm. I have cleaned up my collection really well during the last couple of months, so I wouldn’t say I dislike any of my decks. But okay, I have three decks up for trade/sale and they are the Dreams of Gaia, Fanuna’s Tarot, and Cat’s Eye Tarot. Let me tell you why I want to re-home them:

Dreams of Gaia: We simply don’t click. I admit, I fell for the hype, everyone was so nuts about this deck so I wanted to try it too, but it taught me a lesson to not fall for hype… I really enjoyed reading the book (yup, read it all!) but the images themselves remain quiet and numb for me. I think the artwork is “too perfect” for my personal taste. The people and environment are so flawless, sterile, clean, and I like artwork to be a bit more rough around the edges. I haven’t used it many times at all, but every time I want to give it a new chance I just feel like “Ugh nooo…” and pick another deck instead.

Fanuna’s Tarot: I got the Yoga Tarot but didn’t like it at all as much as I thought I would. So I traded it for this one, also OOP, on a whim. It’s well done, cute and original. But it just doesn’t do much for me. I think some of the artwork is a bit too cartoon’ish for me to appreciate.

Cat’s Eye Tarot: I love the LWB that comes with this! Small, but awesome. This is a really lovely deck, but two things make me want to re-home it. 1. No calicos and tortoise cats in it! They’re my favorite and the only reason why I prefer the Mystical Cats Tarot to this one, it has quite a few. 2. I really don’t “need” more than one tarot deck hehe. I’ve recently somehow acquired a lot of animal decks in general and I’m trying to keep my collection varied and balanced.


3 reaktioner på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Eight Round!

  1. That’s another great tip about bias I wish I’d mentioned. If you’re TOO involved and invested in the outcome, avoid those topics and stick to those more neutral. Like your example with the love situation. Those cards will just mirror back whatever you’re feeling for sure.

    That cat deck is just strange….

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    1. Attachment to anything often ruins a reading I’ve noticed hehe.

      Haha cat decks are overall really strange! I love cats, and love tarot, but them two together took a long time for me to get used to. 😉 I really love the Mystical Cats Tarot though, it’s so beautiful and well done, and reads like a dream!


  2. I like what you wrote about bias. I read for myself all the time, but sometimes just don’t feel a message come through. That’s when I go to someone else in the community.

    I’m happy I didn’t fall for the Dreams of Gaia hype. I held it in my hands a couple times at my local shop, but I feel the same about the art. Krystal of Power Femme Tarot said it reminds her of Lisa Frank for adults, and that both attracted and repelled me hahaha. Looking at it, I felt like I wouldn’t ever make a true connection with it.



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