Tarot Thursday Three – Tenth Round!

Wow is it already the 10th round of Tarot Thursday Three?! Can’t believe it, I feel like we just entered February?

Anyway, another round of awesome questions by Julia!

Does Spellwork have a place in your practice and if so, how?

No, and I don’t see myself as a witch, pagan, wiccan, or similar. I’ve dabbled in spellwork, especially as a teenager, but these days… I think I’m not that drawn to affecting reality in that way? I think I’m much more of a zen person, drawn towards going with the flow, appreciating what I have and not always longing for MORE. No disrespect towards anyone who does spellwork a lot or so, but for me in my heart it doesn’t feel necessary and not always right.

What is the element you most identify with and/or enjoy working with and why?

Ooh now elements I like! Hehe. I would say I work with all the elements, and try to connect with them, but it’s extra important for me to try connecting with earth and fire. Earth because I live a lot ”in my head” and tend to be an emotional dreamer. Fire because I can be lazy and tell myself compulsively that I have no creativity in me lol so I need that fiery energy to get me going sometimes.

For me the elements are very symbolic. I feel at home with water because I am super emotional, Cancerian… But in real life I am a lousy swimmer and uncomfortable in water! I get very nervous when there’s a storm going on, and I hate flying, so air nope… Fire makes me nervous and I hate when it’s warm. Earth… Walking around barefoot… Okay, kind of like that.

Besides the cards, what are you favourite tools for divination and/or ritual?

Hmm. For divination I only use cards: oracle and tarot. And my dreams I guess, but dreams aren’t a tool really, right?

My spiritual tools include crystals, incense, candles, essential oils, paper and pen, books, and music.

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3 reaktioner på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Tenth Round!

  1. I nearly made one of the questions ”do you identify with the label of witch?” or something to that effect. I know so many in the community use the word but it doesn’t resonate with me and I’m good with not trying too hard to make it fit 🙂

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