Just a little bit of random stuff about ME…

I haven’t written anything personal about myself in a while here or on Instagram, and thought you might want to know some random stuff about me if you’ve recently started following me.

  • Okay basics first: I live in the south of Sweden, I turn 30 on July 3rd this year, and I’ve studied tarot since 2004.
  • I live with my cat in a studio apartment on a hill on the 6th floor. I can see the bridge between Denmark and Sweden on a sunny day! Even though my place is tiny I absolutely LOVE it, which makes it hard for me and my boyfriend to find a new place to share…
  • I’ve had big problems deciding what I want to work with. So I’m both a trained social worker and medical secretary. And oh tarot reader too I guess lol.
  • I don’t have a driver’s license, which often surprises people. The reason is that it’s very expensive , and also – I’ve always lived in the center of the city so I haven’t felt like I need a car.
  • I’m a total crazy cat lady, but I don’t like children. I am yet to decide if I ever want to try to get pregnant or not.
  • I LOVE a high quality steak, medium-rare or rare, with a glass of red wine. I’m a bit offended by people who order a steak ”well done” to be honest. Ugh just get chicken instead if you’re just gonna ruin it…
  • I’m a sucker for blonde hair and will probably keep bleaching my hair until the day I die. Prettiest women ever IMO: Marilyn Monroe and Brigit Bardot.
  • I’m a natural born healer and empath. Those who have seen my natal chart will know this to be true for sure.
  • While we’re on the subject… My natal chart contains A LOT of water and Moon energy. A well-respected person in the tarot/astrology community has once written ”you’re a very complex person”. I take it as a compliment! 😉
  • I don’t really like to travel. I know this might seem odd, but I find it very stressful and I easily get anxious when I’m abroad. Being introverted, a Cancerian, and a hermit could have something to do with it lol my home is really my sanctuary and beloved space.



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