About boycotting certain products.

These days people often market themselves in a much more personal way than I feel people did many years ago. Basically everyone has their own corner on the internet, whether this is a website, blog, Instagram page, tumblr or whatever… It’s very easy to find out a lot about a person today just by doing a quick google search.

I’ve sometimes expressed that I personally choose to boycott Doreen Virtue, among other deck creators. I don’t like many of the things she has said publically, and I don’t vibe with her greedy ways. When I’ve made this clear a lot people have done the whole ”Oh but do you really research the creator of ALL of your decks?!” and roll their eyes. As if the only person I’m “out to get” is Doreen Virtue. But you know what? Yes, I do! I do research the people behind the decks I am interested in.

Now why is that so weird? So hard to believe? No, please tell me, I’m wondering.

A quick google search can reveal a lot about an artist or writer. Of course gossip and rumors are dangerous, but say a deck creator has made a blog post about loving and supporting Donald Trump. Would that make me boycott that deck? You know, probably yes

I also unsubscribed from at least two different mail lists in the past two years because I did not like the opinions expressed by the tarot people running those lists. One was very verbally aggressive saying that people who don’t express political opinions on their spiritual sites are cowards and need to be more active politically (this is ridiculous because she has no idea what we do out there in THE REAL WORLD. I’d rather go demonstrate than post a photo on Instagram stating I’m not a racist). The other one compared the holocaust to eating meat, and I’m just not even bothering with explaining why that is extremely inappropriate and offensive.

I digress… So yes, I actually care about who is behind a product that I am somehow including in my life.

It sucks sometimes, because idiots can also create nice looking decks or write good books, but I try to support people I personally find have a good heart and wise opinions, and boycott the people I see as not vibing with me.

In a world with a lot of pushy opinions and subliminal messages I try to keep good vibes around me and not let in energy I find destructive. I like to keep both my home and soul clean and shiny.

So can we just please stop assuming that everyone consumes decks at the speed of light? Can we just understand that there is a way of shopping for decks in a more mindful and aware way? I don’t care what decks someone else buys, if they choose to research the creators or not, but I have made my choice and I’m happily sticking to it.


2 reaktioner på ”About boycotting certain products.

  1. Yet another excellent post from you. This stuff IS important and who should be aware of it if not people who consider themselves to be spiritual? The rate at which we (as humanity) consume products is not sustainable for the planet, so it’s really worth it to take a while and consider where we could minimize our consumerism. And the easiest way to do that is to do some research and stop supporting financially those who we don’t agree with. And if we’re really desperate to get a deck from a creator that we don’t love, at least get it second-hand not to support them directly and to ”recycle” instead of producing more waste.
    I can’t believe people have rolled eyes on you for being a conscious customer. Thanks for writing about this and making people stop and think.



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