Tarot Thursday Three – Round 12!

Oops I’m late as hell to Tarot Thursday Three by the beautiful Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot. But hey, I blame the flu! Haven’t been able to get out of bed for four days… Ugh.

Scenario: You’re reading for another, but your mind goes blank. None of the cards seem to ”match” the inquiry and you’re having a hard time interpreting what you’re seeing – tips or strategies to overcome the situation?

Hmm. I always tell my clients before a video reading, or a face-to-face reading, ”If I go quiet for a while it’s just because I’m gathering my thoughts and tuning in with the images, so don’t worry about it.” just so they know it’s nothing weird or dangerous if I turn quiet all of a sudden. 😉

A piece of advice I got a long time ago was to start describing what is going on in the cards, and that can be very helpful and often make things fall into place again. Also making a connection back to the question can help, say it was about the client’s career, then keep it in mind and start thinking about what element is the most present. Is it water? Not too good with career. Is it pentacles? Could be very good, unless it’s like 5 of Pentacles lol…

If you were going to get a Tarot inspired tattoo, what would it be? Bonus points if you know where you’d get it!

Oh fun! I like tattoos, but I don’t LOVE them. I know that’s insane because everyone says that if you get one then you’re addicted for life and will get 50 lol. I have two, done six years apart. But I’m honestly not planning more of them, my latest one was done almost 10 years ago. I guess I don’t see the point? I’m very neutral to the two I have.

But okay, if I were to get one I think I might get part of The Moon card from one of my favorite decks. It’s a card that means a lot to me. Perhaps from the Sun and Moon Tarot? Love that card! Where? Probably on my left shoulder blade. It would look nice. I already have one, a small moth, on my right shoulder blade.


What are your thoughts on PIPs or scene-less suit cards? Love them, hate them – I want to know what and why!

It depends what kind of reading I’m doing! If it’s short, practical, and I just want a clear honest answer then yes, Tarot de Marseille and its pips can be excellent! I do love the historical aspect of the Tarot de Marseille for sure, and I’ve learnt to appreciate the artwork.

But when it comes to deeper soul work and a more meditative tarot practice I always go for the modern decks with scenic minors… I just get so much more out of them, and they also give me more poetic and soulful readings. It’s probably a matter of practicing and what decks you use the most though. I mean, Camelia Elias writes up beautiful readings on her blog and she almost always uses the Tarot de Marseille or other pip decks.

But for me, it is what it is and I’m okay with it. Something I’m really starting to like are kind of semi-scenic minors?! I don’t know if that makes sense lol but if you look at the Starchild Tarot (photo below…) she has some minors that aren’t exactly pips but they’re not fully scenic either. And I love those because they leave more room for the intuition, while still giving a beautiful visual. Tarot of the Hidden Realm also comes to mind here, beautiful minors, but some are more sparse than the RWS, less action-based at least.



2 reaktioner på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Round 12!

  1. Yes, the Starchild definitely teeters the edge, doesn’t it? Same as the Pagan Otherworlds and Haindl Tarot…plenty others I’m sure! I prefer full scene as well though and have never read with Tarot de Marseille , is that crazy? Lol



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