Tarot Thursday Three – Round 13!

Another round of the fun prompts of Tarot Thursday Three by Spiral Sea Tarot. Yay I’m actually doing them on a Thursday for once!

How would you refer to yourself as it relates to your practice? For example, I am a…”tarot reader”, ”witch”, ”intuitive”, ”tarot practitioner”, ”mystic” etc.

Hmm. I would say tarot reader first and foremost, and it’s what I’ve said ever since I started my little business on Etsy. I do like the simple approach to tarot that Camelia Elias stands for, where she says we read the cards, we don’t judge the client, we deliver what we see in the cards. It makes sense to me.

A lot of people out there call themselves ”counselor” in their tarot business, and to be honest I almost find that a little bit offensive. That is since I am actually a counselor – I have a University degree. So using counselor just because it sounds like a good professional word and you dislike ”psychic” and similar – not right. Just don’t. Unless you’re actually a counselor. 😉 Not even I call myself a counselor in my tarot business, they’re two different things, though of course I am influenced by my degree and training I’ve had.

I really like the word intuitive, and I might describe myself as an intuitive reader every now and then… But it’s a watered down term these days. Again, everyone who is afraid of the big words (”psychic”, yeah and I also don’t like that word) calls themselves an intuitive. But aren’t all people intuitive to a certain degree? Aren’t all tarot readings intuitive no matter the method?

And last, these days I do call myself a healer also. I was a bit intimidated by the word before, it felt so overwhelming and huge. But since I am now trained in Reiki 1 and 2 I can’t avoid it anymore haha…

Stalker alert! What is one card that keeps making itself known to you, either presently or in the past? Why do you think it keeps presenting itself?

Currently I am stalked by the 9 of Swords and 9 of Wands. They make a lot of sense seeing what’s been going on in my workplace. Dealing with a manager who is out to get people has been hard on me, I’ve felt anxious about the future, and I’ve felt like I’ve had to keep my guard up constantly.

On the contrary, what is a card that you rarely pull for yourself in a reading? What do you think its absence is suggesting?

Hmm. I haven’t seen Death for a while? I am going through very big changes in my career lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised by Death, but I guess I’ve been so conscious of these changes the whole time that being warned by tarot would just be excessive?

I haven’t seen much of the air courts either. I’m closest to the elements of water and earth so not very surprised about that…



En reaktion på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Round 13!

  1. I haven’t answered these yet but I imagine my response to question one would be quite similar. I’m repelled by both ”intuitive” and ”psychic” for different reasons…All these terms seem to have lost all meaning to me these days! And totally…Don’t call yourself a counsellor if you aren’t qualified. Perhaps I will refer to myself as a tarot doctor …Sounds good, ya?



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