Praise and love to the good readers out there!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I get readings from other tarot readers every now and then. The reasons are mainly that I want to support people in the community, and of course that sometimes I also need a more objective reader in my life!

Most of the readers that I’ve bought services from have been amazing, sweet, wise, and helpful. But I can say that I’ve come to a point where I’m starting to know who I feel comfortable working with – and I will probably be sticking to those people…

I have noticed that certain things are not fine with me when I’ve purchased a reading. For the sake of everyone learning I would like to list a couple of things that personally turn me off when getting a reading, something I have learned from the past couple of 2-3 years when I’ve explored other readers’ services.

– Quality, and delayed readings or refunds
I’ve noticed that you get what you pay for. It may feel a bit sad if your finances are strained right now, but believe me on this one… I admit that I was drawn in by a very young, eager, reader quite a while back. She had just started reading professionally and obviously wanted to build a following online. She constantly had huge readings up for sale, and it was very tempting to get a 10 page reading for like 10 dollars.

But every time I purchased a reading from here there was always a delay or problem! I’d get a message from her about being ill and needing some extra days to finish the reading. Well, okay then, happens to the best of us! Then after those days had passed I’d get another message saying her job had booked her for extra shifts. Hmm. Another 5 days passed by… And then she ended up refunding the reading because ”personal stuff had made life too busy”.

Sometimes I’d get a reading, that I must say was low in quality, probably because she had so many people buying readings from her, but other times the delays and refunds were back. So watch out for the people who charge next to nothing or constantly have sales.

– Getting personal details wrong
Please make sure to check an extra time that you’ve actually got the details right regarding your querent! I received a reading a while back where my name was either very misspelled, or I might’ve actually gotten someone else’s reading since the name was so off. Instantly seeing my name so misspelled was a huge turn off and I immediately felt very disappointed. Needless to say the reading was not fun and exciting to read after that, I felt so blocked from everything in it. The same applies to getting things like the querent’s sex wrong, or the querent’s astrological sign, etc. If you want to hold space for someone you have to put your heart and soul in it, not rush things so they turn out wrong.

– Readings full of fluff and no substance
I am not afraid of the darker aspects of life, and the shadows we have inside of us. But some readers seem to be… Again I was a bit tempted by a reader having a sale. I had a feeling we were quite different as people, but I still wanted to give her a shot and figured that maybe I’d be pleasently surprised. But oh my, this was one of my worst tarot readings ever…

First of all it came delivered as a regular e-mail, and I just hate that because it’s harder to read than a word or pdf document. It feels rushed. And the reading itself – it answered NOTHING. It was full of fluff and happy little affirmations, and actually ended with the reader asking ME the question I had asked her from the start!

Let’s say that my question was ”I’d like to know what a fitting career would be for me”, then she ended up writing to me ”So now you should sit down and think about this, Ania – What is a fitting career for you?”. I actually burst out laughing becuase this is a person who charges a lot for her readings and is a quite well known name in the tarot community. And I simply expected a little bit more for my money. I’ve learned my lesson though, if someone seems like a fluffy cuddly ball of rainbows – they probably don’t meet my expectations.

Now, I don’t want to be Negative Nancy here. So I want to give some LOVE to the AMAZING readers out there I’ve had the pleasure to work with in the last 2-3 years! Maybe I should be a smart business woman and say ”Hey, I’m an awesome tarot reader, come to me!” haha, but I like spreading love and praise, so I can very much recommend the following readers/healers if you need a reading!

Elyse from Wild Moon Tarot
Elyse is intuitive, has a lot of knowledge about tarot and spirituality, and really gives you something to work with. And also, her voice is super pleasant! I usually love written readings, but with Elyse I love to listen to her!

Kelly-Ann Maddox
I purchased one of my first online readings from Kelly-Ann around 3 years ago. She is exactly as good as you’d expect if you watch her YouTube channel! Her shadow reading for me was so spot on I was a little bit freaked out actually. Just like Elyse Kelly-Ann always gives you something to work with and bring with you into your journaling or other practice.

Julia from Spiral Sea Tarot
It was a while since I got a reading from Julia, but again we have a woman who is so spot on with her readings that I went ”WHOA!” seeing it! Julia gives great advice, explains the cards in a very practical way, and just knows her stuff. She is not afraid to just say it like it is, and I love that.

Avalon Cameron
I’ve had one reading by Avalon, and I must say it was a very different and cool experience. Avalon is very respectful, thorough, and has an amazing connection with other realms.

Flying Fox Tarot
I’ve had one reading with Rachel and I can say she’s a new name that has really impressed me! She is very good at giving practical advice, saying it like it is with no sugar-coating, and also explaining each card and message in a very comprehensible way.

Kelly from The Truth in Story
Kelly gives her all, always delivers on time, and is just all around very reliable. It’s clear that Kelly is passionate about tarot and astrology, and that she does her research well. I find her readings very grounding and comforting (but not fluffy for sure!), and as a very ”watery” person I find her earthiness much needed!

All these ladies make an EFFORT to give a thorough, helpful, reading and I really appreciate that seeing how many readers out there are hmm not as skilled and engaged in their practice…


4 reaktioner på ”Praise and love to the good readers out there!

  1. I was so happy that you mentioned me in your post! I really enjoyed working with you for your reading. I also agree with the rest of your reasonings. Tarot readings are a lot of work, and I don’t mind paying someone for their work. Which is why it’s even more frustrating when people don’t put the same level of care and professionalism in the readings they sell. It cheapens every tarot reader when someone blows off a client, and reinforces the stereotype that tarot readers are scam artists or flighty, unpredictable people. I wish you the best of luck in your future tarot purchases!


    1. You’re a wonderful reader, Rachel. 🙂
      I agree, tarot readers already have a really bad reputation! So we don’t need more people spreading a bad image sigh…
      Much love!


  2. Damn girl I totally missed this post, but I’m so humbled and grateful for your kind words. Seriously, it means a lot to me I’m not sure I can articulate. Sending you love and lots of fluffy balls of rainbows or whatever – haha ❤



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