Tarot Thursday Three – Round 14!

Oops late as usual haha but here we go, time for Tarot Thursday Three by Julia!

What is your favourite type of inquiry to address for others?
Definitely questions about spiritual matters, shadow work, and healing. The people who ask those are often open to discover new things about themselves, and to actually take accountability and be consistent working with the messages from the tarot reading. With that said I actually do enjoy love questions, which I know some people in the community can be quite snobby about hehe. I find them interesting since for most of us that is a big part of life.

Tarot certification – is this necessary? Would you pursue it (or have you) and overall thoughts on the matter?
No, no, no. To put it bluntly I find it absolutely ridiculous. Who can certify that I have a good connection with tarot? With my intuition? And let me tell you something. If you pay someone 500 dollars for a diploma, they’re not gonna flunk you, because they want the money and if they flunk people they will get a bad reputation… So a certified reader is for sure not better than an uncertified one.

When I look for a reader I think in the opposite direction! Someone who is a certified angel reader, angelologist, fairyologist (LMAO!) etc turns me off big time. They come off desperate, naive, and like sheep to me. I know I’m harsh, but I feel strongly about this. It’s just a scam and a money maker. I do know some people want a course, to gain knowledge with a structure behind them, and that I can understand, but the certification part needs to come last then.

Self-appreciation time! What, in your opinion, is your greatest strength as a reader?
Ahh man I want to just copy + paste Julia’s amazing answer haha! But okay, yeah, I do feel that I have a good flow and I see the big picture. I think it’s super important to read the cards as a story and not chop it up as individual cards. The tarot is meant to build stories. I also think I have a strong inner connection with tarot and its system, and my intuition has been built up through the years. I don’t really talk about this often, but I have actually felt that I’m more intuitive than the average person is, since childhood basically, and that has really grown with the help of working with cards.


2 reaktioner på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Round 14!

  1. Omg you crack me up, but you also raise an interesting point. Can anyone actually flunk a certification? I admit the spirit guide course I took ages back was a certification, but I always feel ridiculous when I say that. That’s why I generally leave it out of things and mostly just lead with ”uhh, I like spirit guides…”. I took the course not because of the certification but because the topic is such a passion of mine. And the word coach…can we just retire that one now? Everyone’s a damn coach these days, aren’t they? lol


    1. Yes haha I’m doing some courses for Moondaughter right now, and they’re soooo freaking good! I just love the way she writes and gives wonderful exercises to work with. And it does end with a certification… But for me it’s just about learning from her, not showing off how I’m certified later lol
      Omg yes, coaches! So silly. And how about ”life coach”… That’s a pretty big title to give oneself isn’t it? lol ”I can couch you through LIFE” or what? 😉



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