Tarot Thursday Three – Round 15!

A bit late to the party this time, but hey, Easter was busy. I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, whatever you may celebrate! So let’s see, another set of tarot questions by Julia…

What is the deck that you’re using the most these days?
I must say this one is tricky… I have a tendency these days to switch decks very often. But I’ve been into the ”oldies but goodies” lately, so when it comes to tarot I’d say perhaps these have been coming out more often than others: good ol’ yellow box RWS, Golden Rider, New Palladini, and Aquarian.

How did you primarily learn to read tarot i.e. mentor, books, trial and error, online etc.?
I would say that a big part of my first tarot years was the crowd over at Aeclectic Tarot Forum. There were not many good Swedish tarot books around (unfortunately this is still the case 13 years later) and the English ones were a bit hard to get a hold of for me, since the esoteric shop in my hometown didn’t have many of them.

So I learned a lot from the discussions by really wise AT members like Thirteen, Umbrae, and so on… They always made me think for myself and consider ”Does this ring true for ME?”. I’m very glad they encouraged me to stop trying to memorize all the keywords/meanings I had found somewhere. I say this often; but building personal connections with each tarot card is very important to get the most out of the art that reading tarot is.

When you’re reading tarot, what, if any sources, do you believe you’re connecting with?
You got me thinking long and hard here haha! Okay… I would say, when I read the cards I think I am connecting with my Soul that carries my intuition, and the conscious/subconscious/unconscious parts of my psyche (for me Soul and psyche are separate). Also with Source/God/Universe (or whatever you want to call that energy) and sometimes other energies from other realms. And last but not least with the collective unconscious energies.

It’s really hard to give a clear answer I guess, because it also depends on what type of reading we’re talking about. To talk tarot like Benebell Wen does it I’d say that sometimes it’s as ”simple” as using the cards for intuitive creativity, and other times it’s my most powerful tool to connect with all the before mentioned energies. Sometimes it’s just like ”Hey, let’s see how I really feel right now” and I pull two cards, journal two sentences, and feel like my mind is cleared. Other times I put on meditative music, light incense, turn the phone off, sit with my 10 cards spread for an hour, connect with The Universe, journal until my hand hurts, and ask something more along the lines of ”Why am I here on this Earth?”… Needless to say, those two are very different types of readings!




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