Soulful learning…

Okay, so like I’ve said recently, I really do believe that we have the truth in us and need to go within to find our own beliefs, feelings, opinions, etc… But I also see the pros of every now and then pick up a book, see a movie, listen to a podcast, or participate in a course.

The inspiration those activities give us can be very beneficial, especially when we find ourselves in a spiritual slum and all around spiritually lethargic. Signing up for a course isn’t always the answer then, of course, but sometimes it can give our practice a little more spark and a much needed kick in the bum!

I am finishing up three courses before I fully go within for the rest of the year, probably longer… I’ve really had around 2-3 “study years” now, when I’ve researched spiritual practices a lot and tried to find what fits my path the most (the medicine wheel and chakras are quite new to me!). And I can say I’ve found a spiritual practice, finally, that for now feels perfect for me! The spiritual path is in constant movement and growth, naturally, but sometimes we reach a point when it’s just time to let it flow and not frequently introduce new rituals, practices, beliefs, teachings etc…

So here are the three courses I am finishing up and LOVING at the moment:

Moon Energy by Laura of Moonhouse Tarot

(Please note that the links to Laura’s website are affiliate links, I want this to be clear. And I want to say I would never advertise anything I do not truly feel is of high quality and helpful for my followers. I paid myself for the Moon Energy course btw.)


This is an audio course, which I am not naturally drawn to, but I decided to give it a shot because Laura truly knows her Moon stuff! Laura works with Sister Moon the old school way, and she gives a perspective that I wish would gain more popularity out there! We keep hearing about “New Moon wishes”, that the Full Moon is for releasing, and other modern myths that have seemingly come from no source at all… If you want to work with The Moon the way people have for hundreds of years, Moon Energy will really give you all the information needed! The audio is high quality, Laura’s English is very pleasant to listen to, and everything is easy to understand and follow. I am so glad Laura is spreading the word about the more traditional Moon rhythms!

Laura also has tons of other fun courses on her site, and it’s nice to see her share what she has learned for many years about spiritual decluttering, meditation, and connecting with Goddesses.

Esoteric Healer Course + Lunar Flow Course by Moondaughter

(I paid for this course myself and I don’t get anything for ”advertising”, I’m just a very pleased student!)

The Esoteric Healer Course actually is a 2 in 1 course, it’s Marissa’s Stone Medicine + Chakra Rhythms combined, with live classes every Sunday for 8 weeks. My work with stones has really developed and deepened since I started this course. I’ve been a bit stagnant working with crystals in the last couple of years, but Marissa introduced crystal elixirs and medicine bags (and more) to me and it has been an amazing discovery! The thing is that Marissa really gives you a lot of exercises to try out and experiment with, and they’re neither too simple nor overly complicated, which I appreciate a lot.

I was happy to see that Marissa’s Lunar Flow doesn’t stray too far from the above mentioned Moon Energy philosophy, and thankfully she doesn’t buy into the silly “make 10 wishes at the New Moon!” thing going around right now. I love the way she writes about The Moon and encourages you to build a personal relationship with Moon energy. Filling out her Moon Compasses have become a daily practice for me, which I love, and it really helps me tune in with my Soul and how Sister Moon affects me.

Tarot as a Tool for Craft by Benebell Wen

(I paid for this course myself and I don’t get anything for ”advertising”, I’m just a very pleased student!)

Of course Benebell is included here! She is a fantastic teacher, she knows how to explain things in an easy to understand way, and I really like her workbooks.

This course is no exception. What you need to know about this is that it’s up to YOU how deep you want to go. It’s up to you to do the exercises and really work with them, not just listen to the video once and be fine with that. I’m sure most tarot readers are aware of different ways of reading the cards, but seeing it presented in such a neat package, and explained clearly, really makes it easy to try out for yourself when going through the workbook. I love seeing Benebell go beyond her book Holistic Tarot, and give us something a little bit more woo woo and more playful and adventurous!

What courses would you guys recommend?


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