Breaking up with greed.

They are visualizing, drawing and painting artwork showing their ”dream life”. Putting notes with their money plans in special jars. Making themselves turn blue in the face from mentally working so hard on believing that they are deserving of more money.

Often they disguise this as a strong self-loving act. If you love yourself you see yourself deserving of that fancy car, right? Or that paycheck from the last month working only part time but still getting 5 000 dollars, eh?

No effort, but lots of money.


That’s the dream.

You’d think I’m describing the average random person out there in the western world. Well, I’m not. I’m describing a lot of people in the so-called spiritual community. They claim to be healers, true lovers of all humans, and lightworkers wanting to spread good vibrations all over Mother Earth and her creatures.

They pop vitamins to stay vegan because they love ALL creatures THAT much. They post daily reminders of how we must take care of everyone and everything on this planet. They create cute memes to show this off inbetween advertising for their overpriced courses and services.

But at the same time… They crave money, so badly. They want to travel the world, relax on warm beaches, with a pretty mala in one hand and a drink in the other (no alcohol of course! That’s almost as unethical as eating cheese, ya know.)…

And I wonder how this works out logically in their own confused minds? If you’re flying all over the world in planes dumping crap all over our Mother Gaia you’re not doing anyone a favor. If you spend hours wishing for, and dreaming about, cold hard MONEY… Is that time well spent? Really?

How dare they try to disguise it as self-love and “for a good cause” because every now and then they heal someone through a reading?!

If you have an apple and you’re three people having to share it for a meal. How do you make it so that everyone gets a whole apple to chew on?

You can’t. Because it’s impossible.

You need to split it in three for all three people to get as much apple. If you only give them one tiny slice each and take the rest, their pieces will not grow out bigger magically. They just won’t, you know this.

And that’s how money works.

If you have a wallet that is overflowing with money, it means that your fellow sisters and brothers are getting less of it. If there are rich people in a town, in a country, in the world – it means there are also poor people in that same place.

Cold hard money. Cold hard facts. Cold hard truth.

Stop hiding behind self-love and self-care, and “deserving” this or that, and “filling your own cup first”. Are you filling your cup with clean water to live? Or with champagne to get that luxurious feeling?

I stand by that manifesting more than you need is pure greed. And I’m NOT talking about working hard to get more clients and thus make more money, or charging for your services. I’m talking about sitting around doing spells and manifestation work to gain more money while doing basically nothing, while thinking you deserve it. There’s no exchange of energy there, it’s just manipulating The Universe and its laws into bringing your lazy ass fancy gifts.

I just cannot agree that this would be a lifestyle of someone calling themselves lightworker, healer, a lover of people. It just doesn’t make sense. It harms others, indirectly.

I made this video a while back, being skeptical towards the Law of Attraction and manifestation. But with this blog entry, a couple of months later, I now completely wave goodbye to those methods/philosophies. I don’t want to be associated with it in any way because it doesn’t stand for how I live my life and who I am.

Manifesting a better YOU is an amazing thing to work on, just like manifesting money if you need it to stay alive, to keep the roof over your head, to keep yourself fed while going through whatever crisis it is causing you to have no money… I even recommend that form of manifestation, for growing your soul, for surviving.

But manifesting cash because you want a prettier car, or to afford a cool birthday party, is bullshit.

I will start unfollowing people who do this, who stand for this, and I’ve slowly started already. And yes, I realize some people might feel offended by this (please ask yourself WHY this personal decision offends you, you can learn a lot by answering that…). But I cannot care about that at this point, because I feel so strongly about it. We should surround ourselves with good vibes, and I don’t want the greedy vibes. If I offend you, please remove me, and if you offend me, I will remove you. It’s simple logic.

I feel like me and the greedy world of manifestation/LoA were on a short break after a weird first date. But I’ve now come to the conclusion that it will never, ever, work out between us.

I feel good, I feel clean, I feel relieved. I feel authentic. I wish the same for you, whatever path you choose to walk on.


5 reaktioner på ”Breaking up with greed.

  1. I know of good people who have faith in the philosophy of making more to give more – when you make a lot of money you can decide who/what to support with it. Some people do it to make good changes in this world and that is praise-worthy. That said, I think the way we approach money says a lot about us and about our morals and values. Doesn’t matter if we have a lot or little. If we live with this ”lack mentality” we’ll always feel like we need more and more while remaining empty inside. If we’re actually living this life and fulfilling our call then we’ll always feel like anything more than that is an overflow that could be shared with the world. This could be applied to both rich and poor folks, except the rich are the ones with more decisive power in the grander scheme, of course. Some choose to cling to this power, others give it away where it’s needed most.
    Those who cling to it, no matter what kind of disguise they do it under, are walking corpses and shades of humans they once were. Screw these people, they’re not fun to be around.


    1. I agree, of course it’s wonderful if the money is put to good use, that is to help and support good causes and people who really need it.
      I find it quite immature to put so much energy and thought into wishing for a fancy car. And I don’t want to judge here, but the people who call themselves spiritual are the ones who surprise me the most when they wish for that. You’d think they have deeper wishes but… Nah.
      Yeah, those vibes aren’t really welcome in my life these days… Thanks for commenting, you always express yourself so eloquently.



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