Tarot Thursday Three – Round 16!

Oops a bit behind again… Oh well, some interesting questions regarding cards and dreams for round 16 by Julia från Spiral Sea Tarot. Reminds me that it would be fun to start analyzing more dreams with the help of tarot/oracles… 🙂

Do you/have you ever used tarot for dream interpretation and if so, do you have a go-to spread?
Yes, but only very few times. I usually just need to sit and think about/analyze the Dream for myself to find out the messages. So no go-to spread for me. But if I remember correctly there were some good dream interpretation spreads over on Pinterest that I have tried.

Have you ever had a strange dream about the cards? Share your wildest/weirdest one!
I very rarely dream about the cards which is actually weird since I use them on a daily basis! I remember that a couple of weeks before the release of the Divine Circus Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, I was seeing some card images online and felt like “Nah, not my thing”. But then I had a very vivid dream when I was invited into the process of how the deck was created, and saw the “circus people” preparing for posing for the deck. It was kind of fun, and made me really interested in the deck, so of course I ended up getting it haha!

Do you keep cards or other tools close to your bed? If so, do you believe they have any impact to your sleep experience?
I nearly always sleep with a crystal under my pillow. I try out different ones to see how they affect me. I have insomnia since many years, and I am a light sleeper, so I’m looking for ones that are calming and help me sleep! Moonstone has been surprisingly calming and nice to rest my head on. Amethyst, ametrine, howlite, and blue chalcedony are also great in my experience!

Sometimes a deck ends up on my nightstand, but no I haven’t noticed any effects of that.

Oh and every night I drop some lavender essential oil on a porcelain small seahorse on my nightstand, since it’s a lovely scent before going to sleep. So comforting.

Haha ah man, can you tell I’ve been looking to improve my sleep?



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