Tarot Thursday Three – Round 17!

Do you have certain decks that you only use for specific purposes?

Hmm. No, not really? There are decks I tend to use more often for a specific purpose, like the Ludy Lescot that I mostly use for shadow work and inner child healing, but I can definitely use those decks for other purposes too.

During very rare occasions I will do what you’d call spells, and so far I’ve stuck with my good ol’ RWS for that. It has a magical feel to me, and knows me so well. But I use that for any kind of reading too so it’s not only when working with “magic” or rituals.

There are some decks that I find it very unlikely I’d use when reading for someone other than myself though. Nicoletta Ceccoli, Mary-El, Tarot of the Sidhe come to mind here… But for the longest time I thought I’d never use the Starchild for someone else, but then I offered an online friend a reading, and since she loves the Starchild and uses it a lot herself it kind of made sense to try it out on her. And it worked beautifully! So sometimes it’s worth a try.


When reading for another, in person, do you have them shuffle the deck at any point? Why or why not?

Yeah, sure! I don’t often do face to face readings, but when I do I like them to shuffle. It’s not super important though, some people are very uncomfortable with how big tarot cards are and don’t want to mess up the deck lol. But I do insist they cut the deck in whatever way they want before I start to draw the cards.

As a reader, what would make you (or why do you) seek intuitive services of another?

I have on several occasions purchased readings from other readers online. There are many reasons for this! I want to support the community and small businesses, I want to learn from others (you can learn a lot by seeing someone else read for you!), and I find it important to come out of my own head/heart sometimes, especially when it comes to certain subjects.

I think I purchased my first online reading 3 years ago (I had done exchanges before that though of course) from Kelly-Ann Maddox. And since then I’ve done it every now and then. I had kind of an uncomfortable reading experience a while back though, so I can admit I’m a bit turned off trying new readers at the moment. I have a couple I’d go to if I really needed a reading from an outside perspective, but yeah, right now I feel like I want to rely only on my own intuition and Soul.


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  1. Oh I still so need Starchild why oh why don’t I have it. That made me think too, I rarely use the Zombie Tarot with others. I had this chat with someone else recently too. It’s not that I consider it a personal deck, but I’m worried the images might freak people out. Lol – is that valid?



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