We are not born teachers, we become teachers by LIVING.

I see so many people living in fear around me. Fear of life. They sometimes choose to project that fear onto me, bringing up “mistakes” I made many years ago, calling them “stupid” or saying I “wasted time”.

I just laugh. Or sigh. How can they not see that life is made up of those situations that might seemingly look like mistakes?

Who would I be if I had never made a mistake during the almost 30 years I’ve been in this body, in this life? If I had been afraid of taking a leap of faith? If I had not followed my heart? If I had never been hurt?

I can tell you because I know: I would’ve been a stupid child.

Immature. Childish. A bit spoiled. Confused. Shallow. That was me before all those ”mistakes”.

That ex of mine they laugh at and make disgusted faces at asking “Oh he was such an asshole, and ugly {because that matters…?}, how could you stand him for 6 months?!” – he hurt me in so many ways. But that relationship taught me how strong I am. That I can heal, even when my body, mind and heart have been shattered. He taught me boundaries and I taught him boundaries in return – all because of a situation where I was the victim and he was the perpetrator. The Power of our roles were almost switched many moons later when he apologized. Yes, he did for real actually, and I could forgive. And I could move on, knowing how it feels to be the victim of, and later forgive, sexual assault.


That career I let go of in 2011. They see it as failure and think I should’ve persisted and kept trying. Huh, to completely burn out and destroy my mental health I had worked so hard on restoring? To end up on sick leave for years? Stepping out of that destructive occupation taught me how important my health is, and how important my happiness is. And that I really don’t give a fuck about money.


That man I broke up with two years ago. Oh he was so good on paper! Tall, blue eyes, dark hair, proper, well-educated, and made lots of money. “All couples end up just being friends sooner or later! You won’t find someone better you know!”… Oh dear. Again I was taught about how happiness, love, and a true bond is on the top of my list. Again any mention of money would make me think “Fuck off with the money crap!”.


So yes, there are so many moments in my life that someone might see as mistakes or failures. Someone looking in from the outside. But the thing is; I look out from the inside. I know how my inside has been filled up with wisdom, knowledge, healing, guidance, enlightenment… I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

And is anything truly a mistake if you would not want to be without it?



2 reaktioner på ”We are not born teachers, we become teachers by LIVING.

  1. I’ve made some of those mistakes, myself. You live, you learn.

    ”I can tell you because I know: I would’ve been a stupid child. Immature. Childish. A bit spoiled. Confused. Shallow. That was me before all those “mistakes”.”

    It’s funny – so many people I grew up with are exactly the same 15 years later. It’s ridiculous… Great post.



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