Sharing my journey…

As you know I have been going back and forth on what I want my ”online presence” to look like, for me to feel comfortable and also a bit more organized. I’ve done some thinking and this will be my intention with my social media platforms:

Etsy shop
Well, obviously my shop where you can see what readings I offer. Pretty basic hehe.

I will continue making videos on my channel, but the focus will be to talk about and show cards, and keep it kind of light-hearted. I’ve noticed I am comfortable sharing deeper spiritual insight, and personal stories, in written form, but not on video. So I’m thinking I’ll be sharing seasonal decks, current favorites, and tarot tags on my channel.

This blog
I love writing, and I love sharing insights about life and spirituality. So the blog will be the place where I do this, without censoring myself much. Here you will see me write about everything from rants, poetry, spiritual insight, personal thoughts and opinions, and so on… The focus will be on spirituality, so there won’t be like food posts or similar, but I will keep this kind of open for anything that might pop up in my head when I feel like writing.

I will keep sharing photos of my morning draws, spreads, pretty cards, and other spiritual tools. What’s new is that I want to start sharing intuitive insights prompted by a card draw. I will use the cards as a muse or prompt to share whatever comes through at the time. So it’s not really meant as a reading for someone/everyone, more as a message I’m called to share. To separate it a bit from my other posts on Instagram I want to find a little name for these posts, so we’ll see what I come up with…

So there we go, that’s the plan! For the deeper stuff and if you feel like reading, come see me at the blog. For the more light-hearted card stuff go see Instagram and YouTube. And for a reading go see my Etsy shop (I have a coupon code that is active until 20th of May: SPRING2017 so don’t forget that if you want to save a little bit when purchasing a reading).


En reaktion på ”Sharing my journey…

  1. Interesting, I recently had a similar epiphany around personal experiences and video. While recording video recently, I began to tell a story I very easily shared in written form – but speaking it out loud made it seem clumsy and uncomfortable. I kind of tucked it away in the ”hmm, new facts about me to check on later” file lol.



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