Moon Musings… Full Moon in Scorpio.


On the 10th of May, Wednesday, the Full Moon will be lightening up our night sky…

We associate The Moon with water, and Scorpio is also associated with water. So this is a Full Moon that might get your emotions amplified!

I’ve found Scorpio to be a very fiery sign despite having its roots in the element of water. Dramatic, intense, passionate, and magnetic… But at the same we need to keep that water in mind! So a balanced Scorpio also brings qualities of being perceptive, resourceful, therapeutic, and loyal.

You might not automatically notice that your intuition is sharper during this Scorpio Full Moon, but know that it is, and make use of it. It’s a good time to dig into new spiritual territory, or go deep into meditation, journaling and of course; shadow work.

Cards drawn for us with this Scorpio and Full Moon energy in mind


Queen of Rods + 13 Death
Why do you tell yourself that your emotions are not real? Not true? Not worth expressing? Throw away those harmful thoughts, please! It’s time to step up your game of self-love. It’s time to step up simply being YOU.

Let this Full Moon cleanse you, charge you up, encourage you to really get out of your insecure shell and show the world who you really are. Let their IDEAS of you die, let their assumptions and shit talk die, and just let their words echoing in your head die. You are the one living your life, and if you let someone else control it – then you’re hardly living at all… Seriously, it’s time to shine and stop hiding. The Full Moon in Scorpio marks the first day of your new life.

Medicine for the Soul

Horse – Strong will and seeking freedom.

Clear Quartz – Opens up the Crown Chakra.
Selenite – Connects you to The Moon and Source energy.
Smoky Quartz – Protects and gives you a feeling of mystery.

Ludy Lescot – Dramatic scenes and all about the shadows.
Vision Quest – Healing imagery, and brings out the shamanic qualities in you.
Sacred Rebels Oracle – To help you tune into yourself.

Journal prompts:
How can your ego be balanced during this Full Moon?
Think of a recent moment you’ve been moody or lashed out on someone. What transformation is needed to deal with a future similar situation in a better way?
Where is your energy overflowing and where is it better needed?
Who can you connect better with, and how?



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