Learning tarot – guidance from within.


When we are beginners and just starting out with a new hobby or whatever it might be, we are often very insecure and unsure of doing it right. I bet we’ve all been there… Learning an instrument, learning how to drive a car, learning a new language…

And of course learning tarot can make anyone doubt themselves! 78 freaking card meanings?! And spreads? And symbolism? And numerology? Whoa!

But in a tarot group I’m a member of on Facebook I’ve been seeing so much doubt and fear lately, and I’m a bit worried. The tarot is a tool that is VERY versatile and can be used for tons of different things… But I do think most of us can agree that it’s a tool meant for us to tap into our intuition and psyche. So the irony is that people get a tool for tapping into their intuition – and start out asking everyone but themselves how to handle the cards!

Irony, I tell ya.

So why is there so much doubt for people when they’re told to use their intuition? Why are they so afraid they will “do it wrong” when there are no scientific instructions that come with a tarot deck?!

I mean, I know, one problem is that a bunch of whack jobs run around spreading myths and superstitions. I can’t tell you how many people have me on their block list just because I’ve told them off when they’ve spread stupid shit like “You need to follow the instructions!”, “You MUST connect with spirits!”, “You can NEVER buy your own deck!”, “Only you must touch your own deck or the magic dies!” etc etc… I just can’t with those people.

So okay, listening to those crazies is a big problem… And that’s something I really think we need to be more careful about in this day and age. Again, please remember that the tarot is a tool to get in touch with your own intuition! So why not start using that intuition as soon as you get your first deck?

Does it feel right to sage each card, clear the deck with 10 different crystals, sleep with it under the pillow, wrap it in silk and talk to it before the first reading? Then do it!

Does it feel right to just open the box, give the deck a good shuffle, and then try out a 3 card spread? Then do it!

You will yourself feel if something isn’t comfortable and feels wrong for you. Trust that feeling, it is what will teach YOU the beautiful language of the tarot. Eventually if you keep doing things that feel wrong you will either get sick of it and throw your deck away (and sadly miss out on the true healing and guidance that tarot can bring!), or you will feel like you can’t fake it anymore, start doing it the way your intuition calls you to, and you’ll need to change everything you’ve forced yourself doing for many years.

Don’t waste your time – Your Soul knows what the tarot is and how you can be tuned in with this beautiful tool. Trust yourself, you’re wise beyond words – don’t let anyone make you doubt that.


En reaktion på ”Learning tarot – guidance from within.

  1. Thank you for sharing. I purchased a deck recently and although I haven’t complete a reading I did what I felt was right. I reviewed each card and studied the images. I set a date to complete shuffle Sunday.



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