Opinions, hate, and you get what you give.

The spiritual world is full of different authors, deck creators, public speakers, and so on and so on… Especially the ones that are viewed as celebrities get the biggest pieces of the cake. Well, the cake of success, money, fame, love, and also hate.

People wonder why Doreen Virtue gets so much “hate” online. Well, do you know why? First of all, because she is one of the most famous new age authors/deck creators out there! If you walk into an esoteric little shop, I bet you will see at least one deck or book by her, and that’s something that cannot be said about every author/deck creator out there, right?

She really does reach out to a big crowd, and I acknowledge that she has been meaningful to a lot of people out there, because otherwise her books and decks would not be sold in such large quantities! But it also makes her a target, because she is “everywhere”.

And the second reason she receives “hate” is that she is herself a very opinionated person. If you watch some of her videos you will notice that she herself has strong opinions about certain subjects. She has bashed other deck creators for making ”negative” decks, said that her tarot decks are the ONLY safe tarot decks, and very recently she even said that card reading is not approved by Jesus and encouraged people to get rid of their decks (the video was later deleted).

And I have to say: If you’re gonna dish it out you’re also gonna have to take it!

Look at Alana Fairchild and Colette Baron-Reid, they’re almost as famous as Doreen Virtue, but they don’t get half the “hate” that she does. Huh?

My theory is that it’s because they don’t voice their opinions the same way she does. Doreen is eager to say that tarot is not safe, or not good, because of this or that and Jesus and bla bla… She also has other controversial opinions, if we look at her recent controversies we see this clearly, we see her saying that Jesus doesn’t approve of working with ascended masters – but apparently faeries are okay?! For someone who is a fan of Doreen, or a Christian, this is quite a controversial and strong opinion to share out there – so naturally it will be met with questions and critique!

Butthurt people out there get upset when I openly say that I would never recommend a Doreen Virtue deck or book to anyone, saying that I am “not familiar with her work at all” and I’m only “judging and making assumptions”. Hehe. Now that’s an assumption though, isn’t it? That I haven’t researched her enough…? But okay, what is enough? I have watched through quite a few of her videos, as you notice above I know what she’s been preaching, but if someone means I need to spend MONEY on her courses, books and decks to voice an opinion? Umm no, of course I won’t do that! I’m not going to financially support a person I can tell by her free content does not appeal to me and my beliefs. I’m not swimming in money ya know.

I’m not out to bash Doreen Virtue, but this subject gets discussed sooo freaking often so I just had to share with you why I think she receives a lot of “hate” (sometimes it’s real hate, other times it’s just differing opinions). I understand that the big fans get offended sometimes, but I’m gonna say it again: If you’re gonna dish it out you’re also gonna have to take it.

Strong opinions will always be met with other strong opinions. And I think you’re underestimating Doreen if you think it hurts her to see people negative towards her content, I suspect she expects it and can handle it really well. So have some faith in her, people…


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