Tarot Thursday Three – Round 20!

I’m a bit behind hehe but here we go, I’m doing round 20 and 21 today… As you all know, Tarot Thursday Three is hosted by Spiral Sea Tarot.

1. If you could read for anyone in the world (living or dead but not fictional) who would it be?

Then I would probably read for Lana del Rey. I’m a big fan, go figure! Hehe. But I think she would be open to the depth of tarot, and we’d have interesting conversations about the reading. Hey, maybe she’d be inspired to write a cool song about tarot…?


2. On the flip side, if you could have your cards read by anyone who would you choose (assuming money, time and location are no issue)?

Aleister Crowley! Haha! You didn’t expect that, did you? I mean, he seems to have been quite cray cray so that’s always interesting… I’m guessing he’d either be a fantastic tarot reader, or mostly just talk jibberish… Either way fun times I think.

3. Is your tarot practice something you openly share with those around you? Are there some people in your life who would be surprised by your use of it?

Both… My friends, boyfriend, and co-workers know. I’ve never told my family though, mostly because we’re not very close so I kind of figure it’s none of their business. Certain family members have a tendency to have strong opinions about anything and everything, and at almost 30 I feel like I don’t need to hear that crap anymore. So it’s easier to just stay a bit secretive around them. I don’t think they’d be surprised if they found out though, I’ve always been interested in occult/spiritual stuff and as a teen I had a lot of new age books at home. Besides, they just love to search through my stuff (yeah, healthy isn’t it?) so they’ve probably seen a deck or two already.



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