Tarot Thursday Three – Round 21

Ooh it’s the Oracle edition of Julia’s wonderful Tarot Thursday Three prompts!

1. How do oracle cards fit into your practice?

I’ve really fallen in love with oracles in the last three years! Before exploring oracles I was always wondering why I would need anything more than tarot, but somehow oracles beautifully complement my tarot practice. When reading for clients I always go with tarot first and foremost, and might draw additional oracle cards for clarity or extra messages. When reading for myself I can often use only oracle cards, but it’s an intuitive choice that is hard to explain, and doesn’t depend that much on the question asked. I think I tend to lean more toward tarot when the question is of a very practical nature.

2. What is your most used oracle deck?

Right now I’m using the Connected and Free Oracle daily! Amazing deck that really has a lot of depth. I am also very into the Spirit de la Lune Oracle right now, it has almost become essential to my Moon practice.

3. How do you select which oracle deck you’ll use for any given reading?

I am very selective with what oracles I use with clients, I really want to be sure that I can get clear messages from the cards and definitely not use a book in conjunction. But otherwise I go by intuition hehe boring answer I know… But let’s do some quick lists just for fun!

Oracles that ground me, are earthy: Medicine Cards, Earth Magic Oracle, Earth Power Oracle, Spirit of the Wheel.

Oracles that connect me to Source, open my crown chakra: Chakra Mindset Oracle, Crystal Mandala Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle, Vibrational Energy Oracle.

Oracles that connect me to my SoulSelf: Gaia Oracle, Sacred Rebels, Rumi Oracle, Ceccoli Oracle.

Oracles that lift my spirit and comfort me: Soul Trees Oracle, Seeds of Shakti, Animal Kin Oracle.



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