Tarot Thursday Three – Round 22!

Another round of fun tarot questions from Julia, and this time we’re talking books!

What was the first tarot book you read or owned?

Gerd Ziegler’s Mirror of the Soul in Swedish! It makes me giggle… It’s a book that for some weird reason is translanted into many languages, so it’s sold everywhere. Since it was kind of cheap I bought it together with my first tarot deck in a small esoteric shop – but quickly discovered that it did not go with my deck, which was the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. The Goddess Tarot is heavily based on the RWS and Ziegler’s book is about the Thoth deck. So yeah, that was a mistake… I read a couple of pages and then I tossed it. I can’t remember which one I purchased after that, but probably 78 Degrees of Wisdom or Tarot for Yourself. To be honest I never liked 78 Degrees of Wisdom. It felt dry and boring to me. Quite rambly, she just goes on and ooon… Tarot for Yourself is wonderful though, it taught me a lot! I was quite good at looking up information online and participating in Aeclectic Tarot Forum, so I’m grateful for learning from those sources also!


What is your most referenced tarot book currently?

Hmm. Honestly? I would say – none? I go back and forth with my tarot studies. Sometimes I read tons of tarot books and soak up new information like a sponge, but other times I don’t touch the books. For a while now I’ve been very much into spiritual books, but not really tarot books. With tarot I’ve been more focused on developing my intuitive connection with the cards.

If I were to look up a card right now I would probably go to Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot or Tarot for Life by Paul Quinn. The last one is quite an underrated book in the community! I love his writing and he actually connects the cards very well to more self-developing aspects, and doesn’t ramble about history and esoteric symbols.

If I wanted to work with a card in a deeper way I’d go look it up in Tarot 101, she gives great prompts and exercises.

If you could recommend one tarot book for beginners, what would it be?

First I would ask what kind of student the person is. In short what I want to know is if they’re the type A, very organized, student that loves to plan and make to-do lists and deadlines, or the more go-with-the-flow, bohemian, pathworking with the cards and then journal freely with them, intuitive typ of student. Left-brained versus right-brained so to speak.

For the first strict student type I’d recommend Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen. It contains so much good stuff! And the thing is that Benebell is actually a really good writer (which cannot be said of many tarot book authors unfortunately) and knows how to explain things.

For the more bohemian flow type I’d recommend Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens or Psychic Tarot by Antenucci. Huggens’ has great exercises in her book that really make you tune into what each cards means for you, and helps you build personal bonds with tarot. Psychic Tarot is even more free so to speak, it will help you with exercises on how to develop your intuition.


En reaktion på ”Tarot Thursday Three – Round 22!

  1. I feel like holistic tarot will be a lot of peoples number 2 and 3 – it’s definitely mine, though like you, I don’t necessarily reference my tarot books often. And the Aeclectic tarot forum – what a great answer. I used to take part in that forum in the 90s but haven’t really touched it since, except for when it comes up in a search result. But ya, that was definitely a great place as a learner in that era.



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