Tarot Thursday Three – Round 23!

Julia brings on the deeper questions this week for Tarot Thursday Three and I fell even more in love with tarot answering these!

What is the greatest lesson tarot has so far taught you?

Oooh… Hard to answer! Especially since I’ve worked with tarot for more than a decade.

But two important lessons come to mind:

Balance: In the tarot there is a lot of symbolism showing us the balance between light and dark, masculine and feminine, doing and being etc. And that is definitely something I have struggled with through life, as have many of us! As humans we tend to be success-driven and we tend to get obsessed with DOING, and I have received countless messages from the cards (both in readings and during studies) showing why (and how) this needs to be balanced to live a harmonious life.

Soul connection: Again, as humans we are so busy with the external world because it’s so tangible, and we’re taught to ignore “woo woo” stuff like meditation and journaling. But listening to, and connecting with, our inner world is key for a joyful life. We can do hundreds of pros/cons lists and listen to hundreds of teachers/gurus/therapists – But what truly is needed for us is to listen to our own Soul. Going inwards, tuning in with the inner truth, with our TRUE desires, wants, needs, dreams, dislikes, yearnings… So important if we want to feel “whole”. And tarot has always encouraged me to tune in and listen to myself. Not that I have always followed that piece of advice hehe… But overall I find tarot to be a tool that brings us closer to the Soul and further from outside pressure, influence, and chaos.

What is the biggest way tarot has so far changed your life or added to it?

It has definitely brought me closer to my spirituality. And what I mean by spirituality is belief in a higher power, that there is meaning to being on Earth, that my life and my Soul matter and are really meant to be here. It has helped me explore healing practices/tools/methods and thus explore myself and my Soul further. It has helped me get to know myself and that is a huge deal.

I grew up in an environment that wanted to change me drastically from a very young age. At the age of 5 I was told I had to be thinner, I was too fat, and forced to go on a diet. At the age of 6 I was told I had to be more social, I was too introverted, and was forced out of the house to talk to other kids. I was often laughed at and made fun of and you can imagine what that does to a natural empath! Around the age of 20 I started to realize that I for years had tried to cover up my true self, had forgotten my true self, and had become whatever they wanted me to be. Tarot has helped me remember my identity and personality. I can’t say how grateful I am that I came across such a deep and healing tool.

On a lighter note I also feel tarot is so much fun to have in my life since I rarely can make hobbies and interests stick. I often grow tired of it all and stop doing it, but tarot has now been around for many years and I can’t see myself ever getting rid of all my decks. It’s a fun and important part of life now.


What keeps tarot interesting and fresh through the years (or months if you’re a newer reader)?

I have gone through months when I have not touched my cards, I can admit that! And it’s okay, it’s important to remember that tarot is only ONE tool for healing, self-development, etc. There are many more ways we can connect with Source or our Soul. It can even be healthy to try other methods and take a break from the cards sometimes. So I don’t fear those times I find tarot redundant or boring.

But of course, I have to say as a bit of a tarot shopping addict, that sometimes a new deck can really spice up your tarot interest again! I had a bit of a longer tarot break a couple of years back, and when I wanted to come back to tarot my decks felt a bit “outdated” and boring to me. I ordered the Ceccoli Tarot and Ludy Lescot and it was exactly what I needed to feel passionate about card reading again!

It’s also important to keep in mind that the card meanings are NOT static. They change with every question, situation, life stage, person… With every reading basically. And that for sure keeps it fresh and interesting.




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