Are we really manifesting or running errands for the capitalists?

A while back I wrote this blog post about not wanting to be involved with the hardcore Law of Attraction crowd. But I notice I keep going back to discussing this subject time and time again, because I am not afraid to speak up about my own beliefs on the matter, and I notice others are also passionate about it.

The other day I posted an excerpt on Instagram from a fantastic book I have just finished reading: The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook:

“I know we can make a good world. I trust in the divine plan. Yet, I see too, that people can pick up from writings such as these which emphasize a positive ’you can have it all’ attitude that this means they can and should have every frivolous fantasy and wordly tinket. This is not the case. For every thing you take without thought of the giver whether that be person or planet, you perform an act of greed. Greed destroys you and this planet.”

So eloquently put and so needed in this capitalistic world. I think a lot of people enjoyed the quote, but some questioned it a bit (in a respectful way, thankfully!), so I thought, perhaps it’s time to bring this up again?

First of all I must say I personally don’t believe that anything and everything is possible. People keep saying that, that your mind can achieve ANYTHING. Okay, so there’s no limit? At all? Can I manifest Michael Jackson to come back to life and create new music? Can I manifest all weapons in the world disappearing into thin air? Can I manifest pregnancy without any involvement from a man and his semen?

I just honestly wonder if people think that is the case, because I personally think there are limits, otherwise we’d see a lot more crazy stuff going on in the world, wouldn’t we?

I’ve said it before; you can manifest a new you, but as soon as other people get involved (which they are in this global era!) things get tricky.

What I can’t shake when it comes to the “you can manifest anything!” is the victim blaming that naturally shows its face. Why are you poor? Homeless? Raped and beaten? Why aren’t you manifesting a better life for yourself? That’s when it gets ugly if you ask me.

I was shown this fantastic article by a lovely woman on Instagram: Why White Lady Sisterhood Needs to Evolve. Here is one of my favorite parts:

”There’s also a military fuckton of Law of Attraction stuff that’s basically repackaged Christian Prosperity Theology for new agers without critical thinking skills. […] It’s an entitled orientation towards the extraction of resources because ‘I deserve it and the Universe is waiting to bestow wealth upon me’ with little regard for how those resources were accumulated and are distributed. Wealth is de facto proof of being ‘in alignment with your soul’s purpose’ irrespective of how grossly stratified wealth actually is.”

The spiritual/new age community has by tradition always been anti-capitalistic in the past. The hippie movement in the 60’s was about minimalism, enjoying life instead of working your ass off for a big corporation, living in tune with nature, taking care of Mother Earth, and so on…

But where have we landed today? White privileged people preaching about being in alignment with The Universe since they have a “6 figure soulpreneur business”, looking down on anyone with a “regular soul-killing office job”.

To simplify both the Christian Prosperity Theology and the new age Law of Attraction cult, this is what they are saying:

New age privileged person: If you are successful, meaning that you have a lot of money, you are in alignment with your Soul’s purpose, and manifesting this with the help of the Universe that wants you to be happy (rich…). If you’re not successful then you’re doing it wrong – you have psychological blockages, you are lacking faith, you have self-doubt and self-hate.

Christian: If you are a good Christian – going to church, praying a lot, and truly believe in and love God then God rewards you with wealth and success (money). If you’re not successful then you’re not doing it right and you need to pray more, love God more, etc etc…

It’s the same thing, just a different package. Privileged people patting each other on the back, without feeling guilty for how they’re abusing Mother Earth’s resources, since after all, “God/Universe gave me this, so you can’t question it!”.

I ask you to go search your own heart for answers when it comes to these money matters. Do you think you deserve more wealth than others? Why? Why are you desiring a mansion, two cards, and a crazy fat pay check? Do you really think your happiness will overflow once you’re rich and have a “6 figure heart-centered soulful business”? Do you think if everyone just subscribes to the Law of Attraction that everyone worldwide will be rich? And Mother Earth can then magically handle everyone living the same luxury life as rich Western people do today?

I strongly recommend you sit down and read the before mentioned article. I will end with some wise words from it:

“Can we look hard at how our magic has been colonized, how our hearts beat for the sensation of owning things that have not been freely given but have been stolen from others and from the land — crystals, ceremonies, superfoods, words…that the very land we stand on was stolen? Can we imagine doing more with less?”


2 reaktioner på ”Are we really manifesting or running errands for the capitalists?

  1. You make some really good points and they are things that I think about too when I discuss and work with manifestation techniques i.e. law of attraction.

    Part of my philosophy is such that sometimes we think we want things, but those things aren’t always in our best and highest interest. This is why I like to really examine the ”want” before seeking to manifest it. I don’t think things (money whatever) make for a happier life, but rather may be vehicles to achieving other things such as ease or time or comfort. But mostly, my primary practice lies in gratitude – getting good with what I have, which in effect naturally calls more of that to me.

    It’s about focus and perspective – you could be the richest person in the world and have relatively very little or you could be the poorest person in the world and ”have it all”. But whoever you are, you need to approach these things with a sense of authenticity and clarity. It’s easy to get caught up in the fairly tale of it all, but that would be losing sight of the point. ❤


    1. Thank you for your comment, Julia! You are so right, as humans we sometimes imagine that little things (like money or being thin) will create happiness, but that’s just not true, and that’s for sure something that The Universe knows about lol.

      Manifestation can be so beautiful and actually make happiness grow (manifesting gratitude, just an example!), but these days of course capitalism makes sure to make such a wonderful thing into something so material and shallow.



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