You don’t need a guru who lets you down. Your Soul alone will do.

Oh my, the tarot/spiritual community is buzzing about Doreen Virtue and her latest announcement of not using those evil tarot cards anymore, now that she is an Episcopalian Christian. I’ve written a little something about DV before by the way, click here if you missed it.

But I’m actually going to take this moment and stay positive and let myself be inspired by her. Now, you all know I don’t give a shit what DV does or does not do, I wouldn’t touch her products with a 10 feet pole, and I have on several occasions said “Thanks, but no thanks” when someone has tried to give me her decks… So I have zero feelings about her recent announcement.

But I understand and honor that her fans are sad, disappointed, angry, hurt…

And I want to take this moment for us to find inspiration in DC and her new path. When reading what I am saying below we need to assume that DV is sincere, honest, and for real this time around when finding the right path… I can’t read her mind so I don’t know, but let’s assume this is actually what is true and right for her, okay?

What she is showing us is the importance of dancing to the beat of your OWN drum. She’s listening to what is going on within her, what deity is guiding her to do, and she’s decided that no matter how many fans she loses she will follow her heart and truth.

Isn’t that what we all should be doing?

In this community we see so many teachers, gurus, mentors and leaders selling expensive (often over-priced) courses to others, promising them a new life, to let them in on “the truth”, and teach them how to communicate with their Soul, guides, angels, Source, how to manifest, on and on and on…

Sometimes I can see a bit of “fast food mindset” there. Instead of doing research online, reading books, going into meditation to see for yourself if your Soul says yes or no to a new teaching, we take the easy way out with an 8 week course where everything is served up and we just have to swallow it.

I’ve myself been a bit of a course junkie every now and then, but I am really realizing that my truth is only to be found in me. If I want to “level up” spiritually I need to DO THE WORK. I can’t sit back just eating up everything some guru says, we can’t be spoon-fed wisdom, inner peace, and deeper spiritual connection. This is not like studying chemistry or mathematics in school – it’s so much bigger, it’s a lifestyle and a journey into the Soul and things that really cannot be explained.

(Quick note: I am not against courses per se, there are amazing ones out there, and I mention some in this post. But some moderation is needed, right?)

People have spent hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dollars on courses that DV now deems “bad” and “untrue”. She has certified people as ”angelologists” and ”faeryologists” as if she is the all-knowing queen of angels and faeries… Of course fans are now sad and upset! Their certifications aren’t worth anything when the queen no longer approves of them.

Now imagine if those people had sat down at the library instead, and for free researched angels, and spirit guides, whatever DV teaches… Then went home, with new knowledge, sat down and meditated and tried out for themselves how to communicate with angels, how to be guided by them, and taught things by them. Cheaper for sure! And their new-found spiritual practice wouldn’t rely on what one woman says is true or untrue, it would be their own truth and their own journey.

In the long run it would’ve saved them more than their money, right?

Let’s go within. Let’s listen to what is going on in the inner realms of the Heart and Soul. Let’s meditate in nature. Let’s listen to what is being said when no human is talking to us.

Find your path, and don’t let it rely on another human being anymore. You will enjoy it so much more, I am sure of it.


2 reaktioner på ”You don’t need a guru who lets you down. Your Soul alone will do.

  1. Hi Ania. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are amazing when it comes to tarot. It does warm my heart to see another tarotista from sweden ❤ Hope you dont take me as a creepy stalker or something, just think it would be nice to have you as a friend. We are not that many tarotsouls in sweden.

    With Love



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