2019 – My year card and some spiritual goals.


I don’t get very into my yearly tarot card usually, but this year it really feels spot on! In December I started to tune into the energy of 2019 and what came through for me was that I am ready to get to action and be productive this year.

2018 for me was a rest year when I needed to heal myself from burnout. But now I feel I’m back in the game ready to get shit done. And when I then found out that my year card is The Emperor (add your birth day and birth month to the current, so for me it’s 3 + 7 + 2019 = 22 = 4) it really felt clear to me what this year brings…

Now for me this is actually all about my personal life. I need to be more disciplined when it comes to some health issues and also when it comes to being disappointed with myself for wasting time very often. So diet changes, more exercise, less screen time, more meditation are all on my priority list. So The Emperor isn’t here to tell me to grow my business and make it more successful, or work harder at my day job to get a raise – it’s about my personal private ”success” which isn’t about money or online fame.


Spiritually I also have quite specific goals in mind. In the beginning of the year I will be cleansing myself from outdated beliefs and beliefs that were never really my own to begin with. I will be going within and connecting with myself, instead of consuming what others are putting out there in the form of spiritual content. And when the cleanse is done I will be deepening my connection to my own beliefs, my truth, and the practices that are authentic and true for me. I can’t tell you how good this feels! I can honestly say I’ve been way too much of a student of other peoples’ truths these past years and I’m glad my perspectives have now shifted. I want to go deeper into my own Soul now. I am so ready.

Talking about ”deepening”… I’ve felt intrigued by people discussing and joining the Depth Year, which in short means deepening the connection to what you have already, and not acquiring more new things/tools and such. I am doing my own Depth Year, and one of the most important aspects for me is to NOT join any new courses now. My intuition is screaming at me to start listening to my own inner realms instead of consuming information others have crammed into a course.

See, courses can be very useful and important, but at one point there comes a time when you have purchased 10 courses and maybe finished 5 of them not even feeling like they were very useful/beneficial for your own spiritual path… So I’ve had some problems with taking on courses in moderation, for sure.

The best teacher you can have is your own Soul. I’ve said this for years, but now it’s time for me to walk the talk fully.

I am also commited to my deck collection as it is now. I am allowing myself to sell decks, and to trade decks (my wishlist consists of like two decks lol), but no new purchases (at least not until I’ve sold the decks I don’t want to own!). And this also feels good. I have such a beautiful collection and I’m very much enjoying getting to know my wonderful decks more, on a deep level, instead of just having flings with random decks I quickly get bored with.

It feels good embracing my Self and my Soul. I just know this year will deepen my spirituality so beautifully and it excites me so much!





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