About Ania And The Blog

I find it hard to describe myself, or any human being really, in a simple and short way – We just have so much complexity and depth. But I will try to introduce you to my way of thinking (being/feeling/living), and why I do what I do.

I am a seeker, a healer, a card reader, a friend of crystals, a guide, and a Sister of the Sacred Moon.

I am passionate about my spirituality and my metaphysical studies. I have studied and will keep studying: Tarot, oracles, chakras, crystals, Moon energy, astrology, psychology, meditation, philosophy, religion, yoga, dreams, shamanism, Reiki healing, and energy work.

I honor the wisdom in all faiths and refuse to label my eclectic mix of different truths and philosophies. It remains without label or name. Instead of being stagnant while staying loyal to one single belief, I choose to be ever-evolving and growing, letting new ideas and beliefs find me as the years go by.

I believe it is of utter importance that we all find a deeper meaning in this life. I believe in everyone gaining wisdom and joy from stepping out of the rat race to discover the true depth and sacred spark of life. We are not only here to eat, sleep, procreate and die. We are here to shine, share, learn and teach. To live.

When we connect with our own Soul, with Source/God/Universe, and each other, we are able to experience what it’s like to live an authentic, free, loving, and meaningful life. I want to inspire you to go on that journey of discovering the depth and breadth of life. And I believe that small changes, opening up to inner messages, and an honest intention is all that is needed.

Unfortunately many spiritual leaders of today will have you believe that you must be a famous motivational speaker and well-known angel healer psychic invited to the Oprah Winfrey show to be ”truly spiritual”. I call bullshit on that! Some of the most spiritually rich and wise people I have met have been living the simplest of lives, not craving any sort of fame, luxury, or attention, but rather just living in the moment making the most of it, being true to themselves and letting their inner Soul messages lead the way.

I believe that our own Soul, with its pure ever-lasting connection to Source, can lead and guide us in a way that no “guru” on the outside can do. I hesitate to call myself someone’s guide or healer, because what I help you with is to find your own Soul connection within you. If you’ve been a part of the cold materialistic world out there for a long time, your intuitive muscles will feel weak, almost non-existent. But I assure you that everyone is intuitive and is able to connect on a deeper level. I hold your hand on the way towards that core of love and wisdom within you.

Through my reading services, blogs posts, videos, and photos I wish to inspire you to get to know your Soul better and find your own unique ways of deepening the connection to Life. Together we stay awake and help each other to not be tempted to fall back asleep.



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