About Ania and the Blog

This is a blog to gather my thoughts about my soul’s journey, healing, tarot and oracle cards, intuitive messages, and basically anything that comes to mind in written form about divination, spirituality and soulwork.

I was born a seeker, and for as long as I can remember I’ve been on the search for connecting with the Divine. I’ve always felt my soul yearning for that.

I have worked with tarot cards since 2004, and with oracle cards since 2013. On my own I have explored working with crystals and stones, Moon energy, shamanism, and meditation. I believe that spiritual ritual is a very intuitive and personal practice, and that each one of us has to find our own truth and path.

I have been attuned to Reiki level 1 and 2 in autumn 2016, and it was truly a life-changing experience.

The journey continues and I am more than eager to continue growing and evolving… Currently I am on a journey of learning about, and healing/balancing my own, 7 chakras. It’s something I look forward to sharing with my clients and soul sisters during 2017. I find myself digging deeper into how crystals can heal and guide us, and that will also be incorporated into my practice during 2017.

If you want to book a reading with me, please visit my Etsy shop.

To contact me, write an e-mail to: mystictarotgirl@gmail.com



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